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An Interview With James Aspey 1 An Interview With James Aspey 2

Metaphysics & Psychology

This article is not meant to push anything on anyone. It is meant to help people make a big transition in a short amount...

Consumed 9 Consumed 10

Planet Earth

Possibly the most unthinkable story of the last million years is the rise of the modern human culture. The cities we populate and the...

Facebook Activists Beware 11 Facebook Activists Beware 12


Facebook: Governments demanded information on 38K users, among them protesters and political activists  Facebook received about 26,000 government requests for information on about 38,000...

Click To Summon The NSA 13 Click To Summon The NSA 14


Want to make your afternoon more interesting? A few keystrokes online can bring a hot pizza to your door, but what about delivering stone-faced...