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Supernova fires pulsar J0002

Supernova fires pulsar J0002 1

What can shoot a neutron star like a cannonball? – Supernova. About 10 thousand years ago, the supernova that created the nebula – the remainder of CTB 1, not only destroyed a massive star, but also threw a neutron star formed during the explosion – a pulsar – into the Milky Way Galaxy. The pulsar, revolving around the axis 8.7 times per second, was opened using the Einstein @ Home program, which searches the data obtained by the NASA Fermi Orbital Gamma Observatory. The pulsar PSR J0002 + 6216 (briefly J0002) flies at a speed of more than a thousand kilometers per second and has already left the limits of the remnant of the supernova CTB 1. Its speed is so high that it can leave our Galaxy. The pulsar trail emerging from the supernova remnant in the lower left is visible in the picture. This picture is made up of radio images obtained by the VLA and DRAO radio observatories, as well as data from the NASA IRAS orbital infrared observatory. It is well known that supernovae can act like guns, and pulsars can be their cannonballs, but it is not known exactly how supernovae do this.


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