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Stunned American pilots UFO “turned out” to be Iron Man

Stunned American pilots UFO "turned out" to be Iron Man 1

Internet users have “declassified” a strange object that amazed US military pilots during the exercise.

The incident took place in California: during training flights, one of the cadets from the cockpit captured a UFO on video. The strange object moved at an altitude of about 3000 feet (more than 900 meters): it passed along the starboard side of the aircraft and then continued to move until it was out of sight.

Stunned American pilots UFO "turned out" to be Iron Man

It was not possible to contact the strange apparatus (or person?) Via the radio channel used by the pilots on the territory of the training zone. As a result, the pilots reported the incident to the command, but no official report was drawn up, since the UFO witnesses could not provide any details, The Drive writes. The mysterious object reminded the cadets of a man with a jetpack, but the flight conditions were too extreme for such a flight.

“A guy flying over the ocean with a jetpack at an altitude of about 3,000 feet is, to put it mildly, a mysterious assumption, – the authors of The Drive state. “The jetpacks we have today can allow not too far travel, and even more so are not adapted to flights at such an altitude.”

Experts suggested that the American pilots encountered a drone “disguised” as a guy with a jetpack. However, the question arises – who could need such an expensive and risky masquerade?

“The object did not even fly over a populated area where it could have been noticed, it was flying over the ocean, and the likelihood that someone would notice it was small,” analysts at The Drive said.

The authors of the article invited Internet users to puzzle over this rebus and express their guesses in the comments. The strange flying object was quickly “exposed”, recognizing in him a superhero from the Marvel Universe – Tony Stark.

“I am Iron Man,” – one of the users quoted the phrase of the character Robert Downey Jr., which ends the first Iron Man film.

Indeed, the incident with the pilots and the mysterious “flyer” somewhat repeats the plot of the first part of the Iron Man saga: Tony Stark was also mistaken for an enemy drone when he tested his super suit without notifying the military aviation about his experiments.


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