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Bizzare & Odd

Strange Sounds Recorded from the Sky in Edmonton, Canada

Strange Sounds Recorded from the Sky in Edmonton, Canada 1

Footage of strange sounds heard coming from the sky in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on December 14, 2018 was shared by YouTuber ‘Rynelle trutq’.

Incredibly, a fellow YouTuber (Sean Feighn) who also recorded unexplained sounds over Greenville, South Caronlina commented in this video’s comment section stating:

“Hey, this is unbelievable… I live in Greenville, SC and heard the same exact thing 2 nights ago. I actually got video of it and just posted it on my channel. My mind is literally blown right now. I thought it may just be local construction or an industrial plant or something, but I had never heard anything like this before and HERE IS THIS AND IT IS THIS, THE SAME EXACT SOUND AND PITCH AND EVERYTHING AND YOU LIVE IN CANADA. I AM FREAKING OUT.”

Another person in the comments suggest it might be Geomagnetic disturbance in the atmosphere.


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