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Bizzare & Odd

Strange ‘shadow figure’ spotted on the moon

Strange 'shadow figure' spotted on the moon 1

 Google Moon image showing a peculiar human-like shape on the lunar surface has gone viral.

The latest in a long line of anomalous objects spotted in photographs of other worlds by eagle-eyed Internet users, the tall human-like figure appears to be standing on the surface of the moon casting its shadow across the otherwise desolate landscape.

Posted on YouTube by the user “wowforreeel”, the discovery soon went viral with close up shots of the mysterious humanoid appearing on news and social networking sites across the web.

It isn’t clear exactly what the object is however the leading theory at the moment is that the sighting could simply be a case of pareidolia, the psychological tendency for the human brain to see meaningful things in otherwise abstract shapes and forms.

Source: IB Times


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