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Strange objects captured by the camera of the Perseverance rover

Strange objects captured by the camera of the Perseverance rover 5
Image credit: NASA

The landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars continues to be among the hottest news on the planet. This especially worries ufologists and virtual archaeologists, as well as supporters of the world conspiracy. 

All of them, as an agreement, see in the Mars 2020 mission of the American aerospace agency NASA a lot of inconsistencies, mysteries and omissions on the part of the leadership and scientists of the United States.

Strange objects captured by the camera of the Perseverance rover 6Image credit: NASA

Currently, the Internet is discussing the mysterious objects that the Perseverance rover captured on the third day of its stay on the Red Planet. Objects are clearly man-made (see video below), made of metal.

Of course, this could be some part of the rover landing system, for example, a heat shield. But on the other hand, independent researchers immediately refer to the official map provided by NASA, which marks these “landing debris” of the rover much further from the Perseverance camera.

Strange objects captured by the camera of the Perseverance rover 7Image credit: NASA

Surprisingly, no one has yet talked about aliens, but that the Americans did not fly anywhere, and all these intriguing artifacts are thrown in the form of bait and proof of the reality of their Martian mission, there are more than enough comments about this.

Indeed, some users of the World Wide Web argue today that Americans have never been to the moon. But remember how many pictures have been thrown onto the Web showing UFOs and other mysterious objects that accompanied this most grandiose fake of the last century! 

Today, earthlings have somehow begun to get used to the fact that they are constantly being led with the ‘carrot and the stick’ aproach, and, on the one hand, proving that there are no UFOs and aliens and cannot be, and on the other, by immediately throwing up another portion of materials with an alien theme, or even though would be the background behind it. 

This works especially well when you need a win-win proof that someone flew somewhere, where these very aliens will certainly live. And where else can they be if not on the Moon and Mars?

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