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‘Stargazing Live’ producer sees UFO in England

‘Stargazing Live’ producer sees UFO in England 1

An assistant producer for professor Brian Cox’s BBC astronomy show Stargazing Live reported seeing a UFO over the town of Hednesford in Staffordshire, England.

On Friday, August 2, Keaton Stone posted the following message on his Twitter account:


Stone contacted local news site ConnectCannock to see if anyone else had reported UFOs in the area. According to the site, “No other reports have come in as yet.”

Stone posted the following description of the UFO on Twitter:


He admits that ball lightning was his his initial guess as to what could explain the UFO, but he dismisses that possibility, explaining, “[T]his thing was literally quizzing around & up & down all over the place!! ??!”  When someone suggested to him that the object could have simply been a Chinese lantern, Stone responded, “[P]erforming crazy breakneck turns & manoeuvres?!! I don’t think so!!”

A friend saw the UFO too.  But he and Stone are reportedly the only witnesses to report this UFO over Hednesford so far.


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