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Star Arrival: rabbis urge to buy candles and prepare for the Three Days of Darkness

The mystics of all religions, all countries and people have been talking about the approaching event known as the “Three Days of Darkness” for a very long time. For some, the question is not if it will happen, but when.

A couple of years ago, people started having dreams. Of course, there were dreams before, but we are talking about mass dreams and visions, in which either the Three Days of Darkness appear, or something similar. No one named the date, but given the general wave somewhere in the astral plane, it became clear that it would occur soon. 

According to Marie Julie Jahenni, one of the Catholic nuns who was shown the Three Days of Darkness back in 1884, everything will come unexpectedly. There will be some riots and revolutions, because of which Europe will plunge into chaos, and then the lights will suddenly go out. This will happen on a Thursday, so the Three Days of Darkness will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Rabbis are already talking about preparing candles

Some Israeli sources warn that from the beginning of the month of Adar (12/2), the 2nd phase of redemption begins. The first phase was coronavirus and the second phase was the war. 

On February 9, another video was released on the same channel, which Israel365 News is now retelling in detail. The video, published on Tuesday, is an audio recording in Hebrew received from an anonymous person who retells the words he personally heard from Rabbi Yakov Yitzhak Biderman, who now heads the huge branch of Lelov Judaism.

The video claims that, according to the rabbi, the predicted Star of Jacob, of which many suspect is Nibiru, will begin to influence the Earth from this week, more precisely, from the month of Adar, which begins on February 12th: 

“The Rabbi said that we should start seeing the effects of the star as early as the beginning of the Hebrew month of Adar. After Rosh Chodesh (the beginning of the new month), many things will begin to happen in the world. The star’s arrival will be just one of them,” the video says.

“The Rabbi instructed people to prepare candles and other such things, because then there will be great darkness. There will also be earthquakes in all countries except Israel. In Israel, the damage will be much less. When I asked how we should prepare, the rabbi said there was nothing we could do. The only thing we can do is to believe in God,” the witness recounts the words of the rabbi.

The famous researcher of the Nibiru topic, Mr. Yuval Ovadiy, was asked to comment on the Israel365 News video. He recalled that many Jewish mystics warned about the Star of Jacob, in particular the Vilna Gaon, who said that the power of this star system could destroy the world.

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Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, a prominent 12th-century Torah authority, whose rulings are still used as law, had previously warned about the same. He said that the emergence of this pre-messianic star would be catastrophic and accompanied by extreme natural disasters.

However, the most interesting prophecy seems for us to be the Book of Zohar, where the Star of Jacob is described as “a star with seven stars revolving around it”. Why do we find this prophecy the most interesting?

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The fact is that in the summer of 2020, a young lady posted a video on YouTube, who was first shown the End of the World in a revelation, and then ordered to take pencils and draw where it would start. So she drew:

We are talking about some kind of large-scale, cardinal actions on the part of the planet’s governing bodies, namely, the separation of humanity by vibrations, a warning to people about the beginning of action. Earthquakes may start on February 20, and the peak of the junction will be in a month. 

And so, the division should take place not earlier than the vernal equinox, namely on March 20, 2021. Why at this time, but because it is at this time that both the northern and southern hemispheres will be in the same weather conditions. 

At this time, it becomes possible to maintain the same temperature throughout the planet, and therefore all people on Earth will be comfortable going through this difficult moment in time. Then, in all likelihood, cardinal planetary changes will begin, including three days of silence or timelessness, or three days of darkness and a change of magnetic poles and much more. 

According to one version, people can fall into a lethargic sleep on March 19, and wake up on the 21st, already in another space, and this will be the mildest scenario. During this time, the planet will change its dimension. All these are just an assumption, but then it was this time that would be chosen for cardinal changes, namely the transfer of the planet and humanity to new vibrations, a new dimension. 

Some also believe that The 3rd Temple of Solomon and the Karabakh war, connect these events.



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