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Stanley Kubrick’s Murder and the Moon Landings!

by T.S. Caladan

People regard Stanley Kubrick as a ‘genius’ filmmaker and one of the greatest visionaries of the 20th Century.  We are not aware of how much of a real Genius this man truly was and how tortured a soul he was.  The public is largely unaware that Stanley filmed the Moon landings; was given ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ and was murdered for trying to tell us the truth in later films.  


     Thank you, Jay Weidner, for your 15-year investigations into the strange death of Stanley Kubrick and theories on the answer to WHY…  Thank you also for your detailed peek into Stanley’s films with clear eyes or Eyes Wide Open.  For years, audiences did not know what we were seeing in Kubrick’s films.  Now, we do as veils of ignorance are pulled away. 


     Certainly for many of you, these revelations will be brand new.  A huge question that is always asked concerns, ‘were the Moon missions faked?’  Most believe we went to the Moon and it is only ‘conspiracy nuts’ that hang onto the notion Apollo was faked.  Some believe that the U.S. never went to the Moon and point to honest to goodness evidence that supports the idea.

Weidner suggests a ‘third alternative’ where the U.S. truly went to our only satellite, but what we viewed back on Earth was completely staged.  The show was for our benefit only.  Governments could never tell the general public what was really found on the Moon.  There were ancient ruins and the surface was crawling with extraterrestrials!   

Well, class…we’re going to see two films today and discuss them.  The first short really opened this writer’s eyes.  Long ago, before YouTube, I believed, ‘oh, this is one Conspiracy (we never went) that ‘They’ want out there…because it was so absurdly not true.’

Over time, after giving the skeptics a chance, one realizes more and more evidence-to-proof that the lunar missions (we saw) were 100% phony.  See this amazing link where Kissinger and other prominent political faces freely admit to the Grand Deception pulled over the eyes of the world: 

Immediately, the thought strikes you, ‘yes, ‘2001’ with all those lunar sets was filmed in 1968 and directly after was the Moon landing in 1969.’  Remember, these same world leaders made people think a ‘lone gunman’ took out JFK…when the guilty parties were the very same world leaders (many conspirators were members of the investigating Warren Commission).

The ‘They’ or Illuminati New World Order are confident they can pull ANYTHING off.  The exact same mind-set executed the demolition of the NY Twin Towers in 2001, while we were told it was a terrorist attack.  The point is…those that control the media and everything else…can get away with anything and most everybody will believe the lies.  But, in time…the truth, eventually, becomes known.

As Hoagland tells us, in our psyche, ‘2001’ was supposed to resonate about the FILM and transcendence to a higher (Saturnian) realm…but it has been forever changed into 9/11!  We will not remember the future and ascension to higher consciousness.  Instead, ‘2001’ will mean a stab to our psyche; a (false flag) terrorist attack; and war; and hate; and revenge; and a giant leap backwards, etc.  ‘2001’ will stand for all the wrong things it was never supposed to symbolize because of our secret masters that control you and everything else.

We hear Donald Rumsfeld speaking about the Deception and that Kubrick was the right man for the job.  This was supported by General Walters, former head of the CIA.  The Illuminati or real, political puppet-masters had something on Stanley Kubrick.  Was he obliged to help the feds because they allowed him access to the Pentagon during the filming of Dr. Strangelove?  Could they have had private films of Kubrick in compromising positions?  Whatever the reasons, Stanley took a bite of Satan’s Apple or you could say The Industry’s promises of backing any future film Kubrick wanted to make.

We hear Mrs. Kubrick speak of how they created pinholes to the black in order to film stars.  I immediately thought of scenes in Star Trek Next Generation.  When they showed movements of star fields out of windows, the process was done with holes in black sheets.  Sorry to break trekker’s hearts, Gene Roddenberry was a 33 degree Freemason.  That fact explains various Masonic inclusions, which a bit of YouTube study can inform those interested.

‘Dark Side of the Moon’ link above will educate you of real shockers not made for public consumption.  People have died because of these dirty dealings with the ‘Devil.’  When the ‘dummy’ actors or soldiers are viewed, a requirement was expressed:  Each connected to the Project had to have no family connections and sign nondisclosure forms.  This was so they could be conveniently silenced later for what they witnessed and were a part of.

The most convincing snippet of film is during supposedly Armstrong’s stepping off the LEM in that famous moment of first touching the Moon.  LOOK WHAT HAPPENS…A BACKGROUND LIGHTING FIXTURE FALLS WITH A FLASH EXPLOSION OF THE LIGHTS…oops!  Look closely; this was not photo-shopped.  The accident happened and was caught on film.  The (not Armstrong) stand-in actor says, ‘I guess you want to do it again?’  One more joke on not only the American people but nearly everyone on the whole planet.

      Here is the most convincing documentary that will captivate all viewers and especially film fans of Mr. Stanley Kubrick; a short movie only found on Vimeo.  The film called ‘Kubrick’s Odyssey’ is brought to you by Jay Weidner.  You will go through Stanley’s films and discover what they were really about…some contained mandatory changes.  You will discover the truth to what ‘The Shining’ was actually telling us and why Kubrick’s version was different than King’s version.




(Stanley made films) ‘…that would alter the way we look at ourselves, our history and our destiny…he used the medium to reveal the darkest and lightest of the human condition…’    – Jay Weidner

It is very interesting that from the beginning to the end of filming ‘2001’ perfectly parallels the development of the Apollo Space Program.  Weidner explains (and proves with enhanced, opening primate-scenes) exactly how the effect was done in times before blue-screens and computers.  ‘Front-Screen Projection’ was the method of having real foregrounds but projected images on wide screens for distant shots that appeared expansiveScenes had to be ‘stitched’ together and we can view the lines.  Clearly, Kubrick’s cinematographic fingerprints can be seen in nearly every Apollo image.

In radio interviews and film clips, Weidner corrects Richard Hoagland.  Hoagland lectures of visual discrepancies in the black, starless, lunar skies.  He sees them as evidence of ‘structuring’ and constructions on the Moon.  (There ARE ‘cathedral-like’ structures on the Moon, towers, etc. but I tend to agree with Jay).  Weidner shows us ‘blacked-out’ lunar skies to be real scaffolding and breaks in seams of the F.S.P. screen employed by Stanley.

Stanley Kubrick died four days after showing top executives at Warner Brothers his final cut of ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’  We have reports of SK nervously smoking cigarettes and worried that he might be killed for what EWS exposed.  He refused to edit his film to please The Industry.  The title of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is an Illuminati term (as Jordan Maxwell will tell you) that means how most people go through life; blind to what is directly in front of them in plain sight.


We should remember that after Kubrick’s death, Steven Spielberg was set to complete both EWS and also Stanley’s film ‘A.I.’  We will discover that the ‘lame,’ watered-down, CHANGED versions of Spielberg’s films were drastically different than the controversy (Pandora’s Box) Kubrick had conceived.  Kubrick insisted by contract that the release date for EWS had to be July 16, 1999; a date exactly 30 years to the day of the Apollo 11 launch.


The extraordinary analysis of THE SHINING is what is most stunning (as well as vast amounts of clues in EWS).  Now, we can understand the films; only now can we understand when you consider the THEORY behind SK’s mysterious death.  Our Stephen King-type FEAR or horror we originally felt in ‘The Shining’ suddenly goes away after decoding.

Our fears are replaced by a far more sinister force, because it operates in the real world with the NWO.  Symbols of what was really happening in his personal life and what he discovered are revealed in the man’s astounding, visual art.  Investigate clues in ‘Kubrick’s Odyssey.’



The word is ‘fascinating’ that the Jack Nicholson character and his son, Danny, were both sides of Stanley; his playful, psychic side represented in the boy and a pragmatic/money-side as seen in the father.  The APOLLO 11 sweater Danny wears; rocket images; room change from #217 to #237 to mimic the Moon; car change from King’s version, etc…are simply phenomenal.  Now, we comprehend why there were odd differences from the book to the film.

My two cents is near the beginning of ‘The Shining.’  When we see the actor Barry Nelson inform Mr. Torrance (Jack) about the Overlook closed for the winter…we now notice symbols purposely placed by Kubrick to stand for America and possibly his secret deal.  Weidner tells us Nelson has a toupee which does make him look like JFK along with U.S. flag and eagle statue.

Barry Nelson was the first actor to play Fleming’s Bond!  Ian Fleming sold the idea to live, American television 8 years before Sean Connery or the movies.  Barry Nelson played an American agent called ‘Jimmy Bond.’  Obviously, this was known to Kubrick for the casting.  In a sense, the secret project was a cool/sexy thing at first like a spy novel.  Then, the dark side was revealed as SK (same initials as Stephen King) added the naked girl that turned into an old hag; not in the novel.

[Casino Royale is a 1954 television adaptation of the novel of the same name by Ian Fleming.  An episode of the dramatic anthology series Climax!, the show is the first screen adaptation of a James Bond novel and stars Barry Nelson and Peter Lorre. Though this marks the first onscreen appearance of the character James Bond, Nelson’s character is played as an American agent with “Combined Intelligence” and is referred to as “Jimmy” by several characters].


The public controversy that swirled around ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ concerned the sex-scenes that were added by computer to supposedly wipe out spots of graphic sex.  We were misled again to not see the Rothschild influence in the film even to the point of Kubrick using the Rothschild mansion and colors.  People remain blind while their eyes are wide open.  Relatively, only a few free-spirits have come to learn hidden (occult) truths and have the courage to put on the ‘They Live’ sunglasses.

EWS exposed what basically occurs and did not show other horrendous acts performed in places of Secret Societies.  The truth of Bohemian groves will not be permitted to see the light of day.  [Did Seymour Hoffman really OD; a man that had not touched hard drugs in over 20 years?  We will never know the truth from managers of the Oscar-crowd].

Stanley Kubrick was an incredible genius and artist that the world has not fully appreciated.

Article by T.S. Caladan

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Occult Third Reich: These are the multiple times Nazis tried to use supernatural powers

The myth about the love of the Nazis in general and Hitler in particular for the supernatural is widespread and well monetized. Films about legions of mutant zombies who were taken out in secret laboratories, about devilish rituals, the search for the “spear of fate” and the like take pride of place in the lists of category B paintings.

photo: Shutterstock

And the myth has a serious factual background. There is even a special term – “Nazi occultism”. For example, the British religious scholar Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke believes that occult doctrines had a decisive influence on the formation of the ideology of National Socialism.

And although his theory has many opponents, no one argues that Hitler wanted to recreate a new race of demigods based on the “pure Aryans.” In general, the Nazis tried to resort to the help of occult forces quite often.

Hitler hired a Jewish clairvoyant to predict his future

photo: Richard Lewinsohn

In January 1933, shortly before taking office as German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler visited the clairvoyant Erik Jan Hanussen (pictured above, center) to learn about his future.

Hanussen had caught Hitler’s attention a year earlier when he published an article predicting that Hitler would become German chancellor in 1933.

During the session, Hanussen told Hitler that his future would be favorable, but an obstacle would arise in his path. The psychic promised to use some kind of magic spell to ensure Hitler’s success. To do this, he took mandrake root from the butcher’s yard and buried it in the light of the full moon in Braunau am Inn, the city where Hitler was born.

True, Hitler had no idea that Hanussen was a Jew. And Hanussen, in turn, thought he could convince Hitler that anti-Semitism was not a good idea. In general, Hanussen was not very good at predicting the future.

Hitler hired a specialist to magically detect Jews

After the end of the First World War, Adolf Hitler became friends with the physician Wilhelm Gutberlet, who claimed that he possessed the superpower of recognizing Jews from a distance.

The method used by Gutberlet was quite simple: he swung the pendulum and loudly asked to point to the Jew. They became very close on the topic of anti-Semitism, and before Joseph Goebbels came to power, Gutberlet was in charge of propaganda in the Nazi party. He probably had to rotate his magic pendulum quite often.

Hitler’s astrologer

A few days before the assassination attempt on Hitler in the Munich beer hall “Bürgerbreukeller” in 1939, the Swiss astrologer Karl Ernst Kraft tried to warn Hitler that his life was in danger.

In early November 1939 he wrote a letter to his friend Dr. Heinrich Fesel, who worked for Heinrich Himmler. In the letter, Kraft warned that Hitler would be in danger from November 8-10 and asked him to cancel all public appearances.

At first, Heinrich Fesel did not attach any importance to the letter, but after the bombing, he nevertheless informed Himmler, and Kraft was officially hired by the Nazi party. As a staff astrologer, Kraft had to analyze the predictions of Nostradamus, and, of course, in such a way that Germany won the war.

Dietrich Eckart predicted Hitler would become the German messiah

German journalist Dietrich Eckart was a huge influence on Hitler in the early days of the Nazi movement. He was at the origins of the German Workers’ Party, which later became the NSDAP, and, like Hitler, was a member of the Thule Society, an occult organization that believed that Germany was destined to become the homeland of a new messiah, who would turn it into the Promised Land.

This Messiah, according to Eckart, was none other than Adolf Hitler. In addition, Eckart convinced Hitler by all means that the Jews wanted to destroy the German state and that the messiah’s task was to cleanse the country of them.

Of course, Hitler never officially admitted that he supported Eckart’s ideas about his God-chosenness. But he dedicated Mein Kampf to him, and that says something.

The Nazis believed in the theory of the creation of the universe, which Hans Herbirger saw in a dream

The official doctrine of the creation of the universe in Nazi Germany was the Doctrine of Eternal Ice, developed by the Austrian engineer Hans Herbiger. According to her, our Galaxy was born as a result of the interaction of the super-sun and blocks of space ice. This theory ran counter to astrology, but in the eyes of Hitler it was even its plus. And Herbiger himself did not like astronomy. “Objective science is a pernicious invention, a totem of decline,” the scientist wrote.

Herbiger also claimed that in the entire history of the existence of the Earth, she had four moons. The previous three have already fallen to the Earth, and each time it became a global cataclysm, due to which the geological era changed on the Earth. The fourth (current) Moon, too, sooner or later must fall to Earth, as evidenced by Herbiger in John the Theologian.

According to the same concept, the USSR was a power of the “world ice” as opposed to the solar Third Reich. All would be fine, but this concept came to Herbiger in a dream.

Project SP used magic pendulums to find warships

There was a secret office in Berlin with the letters SP on the door. The letters stood for “Sidereal pendulum”, and inside the Nazi psychics, using magic pendulums, tried to find British ships.

The Nazis started the project because they were convinced that the British were already spying on them with the same methods. In a report received by German intelligence, it was asserted that “the British have created an institute in which, with the help of pendulums, the positions of German warships, primarily submarines, are examined.”

In fact, the British had already hacked the Enigma cipher machine and read the encoded German messages, but the Nazis did not know this.

Once the SP department was able to find a damaged German battleship using a pendulum. Someone Ludwig Staniak did it. It was most likely just a coincidence, but the Nazis were so impressed that they created an entire department that spent days swinging pendulums over maps in an attempt to locate the enemy.

Heinrich Himmler was confident that he could predict the future

According to Wilhelm Wolff, Heinrich Himmler’s personal astrologer, he not only hired people with supernatural abilities, but was confident that he could predict the future himself.

So, for example, Wulf argued that Himmler never made decisions without first checking the position of the moon and stars, and all the commands he gave to the Nazi army were based on astrological calculations.

Ironically, it was Himmler who ultimately banned astrology across Germany, but according to Wolfe, he did so because he feared astrology was too powerful.

“We cannot allow others but ourselves to engage in astrology. Astrology should remain a privilege singulorum in the National Socialist state, and not belong to the broad masses ”- these words really belong to Himmler.

SS Brigadeführer convinced Himmler that Jesus was German

The first half of the twentieth century was generally fruitful for strange ideas in Germany. The German occultist Karl Wiligut was especially distinguished, who claimed that German culture originated in 228,000 BC, when there were three suns in the sky, and giants and dwarfs roamed the Earth. Wiligut also insisted that Jesus was German and that his real name was Christ.

Wiligut was fond of occult ideas from childhood and after the First World War even spent some time in a psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. However, Karl Wiligut’s close friend Heinrich Himmler was not at all embarrassed by this diagnosis. Moreover, under his patronage, Wiligut took over as head of the Department for the Study of Early History, created especially for him within the SS. Wiligut considered himself a descendant of the ancient Germanic god, and Himmler – the reincarnation of the medieval knight Heinrich Fowler.

Among the achievements of Wiligut is the development of the design of the “Death’s Head” ring, which was awarded to distinguished SS officers, as well as the performance of mystical rituals in the castle of Wewelsburg, which he proclaimed the “German Camelot”.

Rudolf Hess betrayed Hitler because six planets were in the constellation Taurus

On May 10, 1941, Deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess made a solo flight to Scotland, where he tried, on his own initiative, to persuade the British government to make peace with Nazi Germany. This reckless step was doomed to failure, and many wondered why the hell Hess had to do this.

The answer turned out to be even stranger than one might imagine: he did it on the recommendation of his own astrologer. More precisely, it was like this: a close friend of Hess, geographer Karl Haushofer, said that he had a dream in which Hess walked through the corridors of an English castle and brought peace between Great Britain and Germany.

Hess discussed this with his astrologer, who told him that six planets will be in Taurus on May 10, and there will also be a full moon, which means that the forecast for making peace is very favorable. And Hess went to the UK.

In Scotland, Hess was captured and until the end of the war he was in an English prison, and after that he became a participant in the Nuremberg Trials, where he was sentenced to forty years in prison. For some reason, the astrologer did not mention such a scenario.

The Nazis hired a psychic to find Mussolini

After the Hess incident, Hitler banned the occultists from the Third Reich. This, however, did not prevent him and Heinrich Himmler from still resorting to the services of astrologers.

For example, when Mussolini was arrested in 1943 as a result of the June 25 coup, several occultists were promptly released from German prisons and ordered to find Mussolini. True, Hitler, as a safety net, even equipped a reconnaissance operation to search for, and also ordered to intercept radio communications.

As a result, one of the occultists, using a pendulum, “found” Mussolini on one of the islands to the west of Naples. At the same time, the Nazis intercepted a radio message that confirmed the location of the Duce.

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Dark Horoscope: What Kind Of Demon Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

It turns out that in the horoscope you can find out what kind of demon you are by your zodiac sign. Yes, according to esotericists, each of us has our own dark side, which obeys a certain representative of the underworld. And by the way, it doesn’t always hurt us. Sometimes the demon’s patronage even helps. 

If you want to know what kind of demon you are by your zodiac sign , then look for yourself in the list below. By the way, the dark horoscope begins unconventionally with Capricorn.

Capricorn – demon Dagdarion

demon by zodiac sign

It is believed that Capricorn is the most demonic sign of the zodiac due to its external resemblance to the appearance of Satan or Baphomet. Dagdarion, on the other hand, may look like a toothy fish, a satyr or a devil. This is a demon of coldness and indifference. He gives Capricorn strength of character and the ability to resist other people’s emotions, helps to reach career heights and find useful contacts. But from a negative point of view, Dagdarion can make Capricorns into insensitive, proud, arrogant, calculating manipulative people.

Aquarius – the demon Bechemiron

demon by zodiac sign

Bechemiron is not one, but many demons, similar to hippos, can also take the form of a cat, dog, wolf or fox. Such a patron demon brings clairvoyance, prophetic dreams and strong intuition to his charges. However, he can also plunge a person into groundless fantasies and illusions. Therefore, it is so important for Aquarius not to lose touch with reality.

Pisces – demon Neshemiron

demon by zodiac sign

Neshemiron looks like a skeleton entwined with snakes, or a mermaid. It helps Pisces to better understand themselves and feel other people. Empty dreams, irresponsibility and spinelessness are the vices with which Neshemiron endows his wards. A person can waste his whole life, being lazy and considering himself an underestimated society.

Aries – demon Byriron

demon by zodiac sign

Byriron is the creation of Samael, the prince of the fallen angels. This is a child of fire, who has an active, cruel and fearless character. What is the use of it for Aries? It raises their fighting spirit and endows them with determination, helps them become a leader, an insightful and firm person. But the patronage of Byriron makes Aries too aggressive, power-hungry and despotic. Therefore, spiritual practices, yoga and meditation are recommended for representatives of this sign in order to learn how to pacify a storm of emotions in themselves. In addition, Byriron makes Aries show cowardice and “hide in the bushes” when it would be necessary to express their opinion.

Taurus – demon Adimiron

Adimiron is a creature in the form of a half-lizard, half-lion. This demon endows Taurus with a strong-willed and unyielding character. It is believed that the lion’s part of the body of Adimiron gives his wards physical strength, and the part of the reptile’s body – a “cold head”, rationality and concentration. However, in addition to such gifts, this demon can make Taurus very stubborn, withdrawn and greedy individuals. Therefore, it is very important for them not to cling to the material world.

Gemini – the demon Celladimiron

Celladimiron is a Cerberus-like entity. He gives Gemini the ability to easily and quickly adapt to changing external conditions and circumstances. However, the dark side of Celladimiron’s patronage is the inability to find oneself and one’s place in life. Representatives of this sign run the risk of losing their true self, so they should engage in self-knowledge.

Cancer – demon Shehiriron

Shehiriron is a spirit of water, similar to a demonic reptile, insect, mollusk or crustacean with a human face. The most important gift that Cancers have in store from this spirit is the ability to make all their dreams and fantasies come true. But along with them, empty chores, obsessive thoughts, fears and phobias come into the life of Cancers. Sometimes representatives of this sign suffer from insomnia more often than others.

Lion – demon Shelhabiron

Shelhabiron is a werewolf-like fire spirit. It gives Leo the endurance and the ability to deal with very difficult and responsible tasks, as well as creativity. But on the dark side, Leos can be vicious, ruthless, heartless, and aggressive. Therefore, it is important for representatives of this sign to mobilize their own resources and direct all their internal forces in the right direction.

Virgo – demon Cefariron

According to the description, Cefariron is a half-living and half-dead entity. She helps Virgo see the truth, be an honest and impartial person, and also not pay much attention to public opinion. But all this, in turn, can make the representatives of this sign of people depressed and indifferent to the joys of life. Therefore, they are encouraged to practice positive thinking and not forget to devote time to what they like.

Libra – demon Obiriron

Obiriron is a demonic spirit similar to a golem or a leprechaun. It helps Libra find inner stability. Obiriron has power over time and can give as much of it as needed so that Libra can achieve what they want. However, because of this, the representatives of this sign relax and stop doing anything, thinking that everything will work out by itself. Therefore, the main advice for Libra is not to be lazy.

Scorpio – demon Neheshithiron

Neheshithiron is a demon that looks like a devil insect with a human head. From Scorpios, he makes aggressive and strong personalities. He also helps the representatives of this sign to transform and evolve. It is important for Scorpios to listen to their heart and go through life their own way, because otherwise Neheshitiron, wanting to return a person to his own path, may begin to destroy his life.

Sagittarius – demon Nahashiron

And the last demon according to the sign of the zodiac is the patron saint of Sagittarius, Nakhashiron. It is a demon that looks like a reptile with a dog’s head. He helps Sagittarius to deal with the disadvantages of their character and become a strong and whole person. Nakhashiron provides the representatives of this sign with continuous movement towards the goal, giving them energy for transformation. The negative influence of the demon is reflected in the fact that a person can not withstand such a rapid development and get sick. Therefore, Sagittarius needs to streamline their lives as much as possible so as not to waste energy in vain.

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Christian writer recorded the voice of Satan?

This week, foolishly, apparently, one author claimed to have recorded the real voice of Satan. To promote the new book, Christian author Roderick Millington published a track … of the devil himself, supposedly saying, “Come into the fire, come to me.”

The electronic voice phenomenon has been the subject of controversy in the world of paranormal research for many years. Television shows such as Ghostbusters have publicly showcased the results of EVH, often manipulating frequencies to “reveal” a free voice shouting from the great beyond.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, Millington’s “Voice of Satan” recording will make you raise an eyebrow.

“I confess right away that until recently I was one of the cynics who laughed at those who believe in the devil,” the author begins. “Then I heard his voice and everything changed.” He continues: “As I sat at my desk trying to figure out what Satan might have spoken to me directly, after a while my breath came back, my mind became clearer and I knew what I had to do. This book is the result. “

This book is titled “The Devil’s Playground” and contains 21 supposed recordings of EVP demons along with Satan himself. However, you don’t need to buy a book to hear Satan’s voice! All you have to do is click here and scroll down to the “Come on fire, come to me” web player.

Rock and metal have a rich history of audio files, with religious leaders striving to find feedback and subliminal messages hidden in songs.

Led Zeppelin was accused of hiding the message “He’ll give you 666” in the song, and Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne were put on trial after fans died.

No group was found guilty of a crime.

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