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Aliens & UFO's

Stanford University: “We are 100% sure that aliens have been on Earth for a long time and they study us like a race of cannibals from the Amazon”

Stanford University: "We are 100% sure that aliens have been on Earth for a long time and they study us like a race of cannibals from the Amazon" 1

Stanford University professor Dr. Gary Nolan, a distinguished researcher, announced that he is “100% certain” that aliens have not only visited Earth, but “have been on Earth for a long time.”

This particular is a professor at Stanford’s medical school and during the Salt iConnections conference in Manhattan entitled “The Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the UFO Crash” he made shocking revelations, referring to interviews he had with US Air Force pilots who had “encounters” with UFOs.

“I think you can go a step further, they haven’t just visited [Earth], they’ve been here a long time and they’re still here,” he stressed.

In fact, he referred to the “Wow signal”, which refers to a burst of radio waves recorded from space in 1977.

The signal was 30 times stronger than typical background radiation and led some astronomers to believe it may have come from aliens looking for other signs of life. Scientists have since said the sound may be coming from a pair of comets.

“The ‘Wow signal’ is seen by people almost on a daily basis, it’s communication that’s already here,” Nolan said.

The conference moderator noted that such a thing would be “hard to believe” and asked him to give a possibility that this might be the case.

“One hundred percent,” Nolan said. “And that’s not just my opinion. The National Defense Authorization Act passed last year was signed by [President] Biden in December. Thirty pages of it is the establishment of an office of unidentified aerial phenomena,” he added.

According to Nolan, the Defense Intelligence Agency Office has a staff of about 25 people who are tasked with “collecting the information across the US Department of Defense, the intelligence offices and collecting it in a unified format for the first time, and providing that then to Congress.”

A whistleblower program has also been created to allow people to contact Congress and provide information.

“The most recent incident happened just last weekend,” the professor said.

Nolan studied the brains of pilots who said they saw a UFO.

He said he has tested about 100 patients who are usually people who have worked in the aerospace industry or are government military personnel.

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When asked why the aliens are not revealed to the world he replied as follows:.

“Think of it this way: If you wanted to study a tribe of cannibals in the middle of the Amazon, would you go to the tribe yourself?

If you have advanced intelligence, you will not risk life and limb by coming here.

I think the UFOs we have seen and captured are some kind of drones or objects with advanced artificial intelligence.”

Politico recently reported in an extensive article on the objects that floated over the US and were shot down.

“We have a real UFO problem. And it’s not the balloons,” he says. It’s a much more serious issue with advanced aircraft “that we can’t explain.”

The US Navy has officially acknowledged 11 near misses with unidentified aerial objects that required evasive action and triggered mandatory safety policies between 2004 and 2021.


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