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Stanford University has proven: reptiles or mushrooms rule the world.

Even people who have nothing to do with medicine are well aware that a person’s body temperature is 36.6 Celsius, if measured somewhere at the periphery, and a full 37 Celsius directly inside the body. This standard 98.6 F (37 Celsius) was set by a German physician Karl Reinhold Augustus Wunderlich in 1851. However, as it suddenly became clear, something has changed over the past 170 years.

By regularly measuring the temperature of patients with new-fangled electric thermometers, doctors noticed for some time now that the mercury thermometers of the last century seem to be lying – the temperature of people somehow dropped and the net 36 Celsius is recorded quite often. Since people did not show any causes of malaise, all this was attributed to more advanced measurement methods.

However, as experts found out at Stanford University – Dr. Wunderlich was absolutely right, just modern doctors have become a little dumb.

Dr. Julie Parsonnet and her colleagues picked up piles of documents from data sets covering different historical periods. There were three periods in total.

The earliest recruitment was based on military service data, medical records, and retirement reports from veterans of the Civil Union Army. This is a record of the period between 1862 and 1930, and it included temperature measurements of people born in the 19th century.

The second set was taken from statistics from the United States National Institute of Health and Nutrition. It includes data collected in the years 1971-1975.

Finally, the third database was taken from a clinic at Stanford University and included a study of the temperature of adult patients who visited the clinic in 2007 – 2017.

In general, researchers have compiled a base of 677 423 temperature measurements, which turned into a mathematical model that interpolates the results over time. And the model confirmed terrible suspicions.

Researchers found that the body temperature of men born in the 2000s is 1.06 F lower on average than men born in the early 1800s. Similarly, they noted that the body temperature of women born in the 2000s was on average 0.58 F lower than women born in the 1890s. These calculations correspond to a decrease in body temperature of 0.05 F every ten years.

On the one hand, the researchers rejoiced because a scientific discovery was evident. On the other hand, when publishing the news of this discovery, it had to be somehow explained. And to explain all this is quite difficult, so scientists immediately put forward 33 theories that came to their mind.

The first theory is global warming. That is, the temperature of the Earth has increased and human organisms are struggling with this. The second theory is a change in diet. That is, the food has become more high-calorie and people no longer need to strain to digest it. The third theory is the widespread use of air conditioning and central heating. Well and so on and so forth.

Of course, it cannot be said that each of the theories is meaningless, but meanwhile, the scientists of the adepts have missed the most important theory, having forgotten about such creatures as reptiles. Their body temperature does not differ from the environment – this is how they are genetically arranged. But what if people introduce some reptilian genes? This is easy to do using the right DNA fragment and some kind of flu virus. A Spaniard passed across Europe, partly mowed, and who didn’t mowed got a new gene that produces some kind of protein that reduces the temperature.

It is not clear, however, why this is done, well, we don’t understand much about the place in which we live and the purpose of our stay here. Therefore, most likely this temperature trend reflects the fact of genetic manipulations that the owners of this world carry out with people. Well, in light of the fact that some reptilians control the world, as conspiracy theorists suspect, one must think that the owners decided to bring out a race of tame reptiles closer to themselves.

Another theory missed by adherents is the fungal theory. The fact is that a temperature of 36 – 42 Celsius is characteristic of ALL warm-blooded animals. And this is due to the laws of physics, or rather the properties of water, of which we are mainly composed. In the normal temperature range, water accumulates heat, so the temperature range between 36 – 42 degrees is convenient for warm-blooded creatures energy wise, that is, to eat less and not freeze. But apart from reptiles, mushrooms really dislike the temperature of 36 degrees, for them 35 degrees is the ceiling, the limit of survival, where somewhere on the nails of their toes they feel generally comfortable.

A mushroom that they call Ophiocordyceps unilateralis has long been known by the biologists. The peculiarity of this fungus is that it has the so-called adaptive manipulation. When an ant is infected by a mushroom, it makes the insect leave the colony, climb somewhere high on a branch and tightly dig its jaws into a leaf or into the bark. And after that, the mushroom eats the ant.

Further, since there are many such mushrooms, conspiracy theorists admit that all people are struck by some kind of fungus of the type that controls the whole world, perhaps even broadcasting some hallucinations to people about how they seem to live some kind of real life, while the victims are somewhere in a cocoon and they are being eaten there. In this case, the fact that parasitic fungi  lowered the human temperature to a comfortable level, confirms this theory.


Bizzare & Odd

Do not overlook these events: The latest strange sounds from the sky in March and April 2020

Strange sounds from the sky in April 2020.

Strange sounds sounded during quarantine in the USA on April 4

A strange noise in the sky in southern Philadelphia on April 3

Strange sounds in the sky over Satu Mare, Romania, April 2

Mysterious sounds in Slovakia on April 2

Strange sky noises in Dubai on April 1

Strange sounds in March 2020

Strange noise in the sky over England on March 31

At midnight in Jerusalem on March 30

Strange sounds from the sky on Netterey Island in Norway, Europe

Mysterious buzzing noise in Örebro, Sweden on March 24

Mysterious sounds at midnight on March 24

Awesome sounds recorded in the skies of the Middle East

Creepy trumpet sounds in the sky compilation

Strange results of shortwave radio signal oddity-UVB76 on March 22

Spooky sound of an earthquake in Zagreb, Croatia March 22

Strange Sounds in Nashville, Tennessee March 21

Strange sky noises in Singapore March 19

Strange sounds in Novosibirsk 03/19/2020

Moroni angel loses a pipe in an earthquake on March 18

Strange Sounds in Hialea, Florida at Night

Do You Hear A Very High Engine Sound In The Sky?

The mysterious sound emanating from the volcano Merapi March 16, 2020

Strange noise near the Phillips 66 oil refinery in the UK March 15, 2020

Strange backyard noise March 15, 2020

Another strange sound in the sky March 14, 2020

A strange dim drum sound in the distance in Australia on March 12, 2020

Scary sounds from the sky March 8, 2020

Sky metal noises over Denmark

Strange Sounds in the Sky of Ontario Canada March 6, 2020

Mysterious sky sounds in the USA March 4, 2020

Strange heavenly earthquakes in Arkansas March 4, 2020

What is the cause of these anomalies. What happens over the Earth in its atmosphere and in its bowels? The precursors of what events are these sounds? Pole overturn? Or is it a consequence of the activities of aliens?

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Bizzare & Odd

The Ten Biggest Mistakes of Medicine

© CC BY-SA 2.0, Otis Historical Archives National Museum of Health and Medicine

Heroin, mercury, blood release, and surgical procedures that turn patients into apathetic zombies. Swedish Illustrerad Vetenskap offers a peek into the terrible archive of medicine. Here are ten of the biggest mistakes doctors made from antiquity to the 20th century – and only one of them brought not suffering, but pleasure.

Take a look at the terrible archive of medicine and get acquainted with the ten most terrible medical errors in history.

10. Orgasm against female hysteria – used until 1980

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, some women suffered from “hysteria”. Doctors treated this ailment with the help of a massage apparatus, which brought them to orgasm.

However, the results were very unstable, and the treatment had to be repeated at intervals of several weeks.

9. Children became drug addicts – used until 1930

“Mrs Winslow’s Soothing Syrup” is the name given to the remedy that many parents gave their restless children in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The medicine contained morphine, which caused addiction in children, and even killed many.

8. Homosexuals were treated with electroshock – until 1992

For most of the 20th century, science has stated that homosexuality is a disease that can be cured.

Therefore, doctors subjected homosexuals to a variety of treatments from “homosexuals” and hypnosis to psychotherapy and electroshock.

7. Useful cigarettes – used until 1926

The tobacco plant was brought to Europe from America, where doctors began to praise nicotine for its medicinal properties.

Today, tobacco is considered the main cause of lung cancer.

6. Dependence on “medicinal” heroin – until 1910

In 1898, the German pharmaceutical company Bayer began selling heroin as a cough and tuberculosis drug.

The chemists of the company were sure that the new drug was not addictive.

5. Drilling holes in the skull – used to this day

From the Stone Age to the middle of the Middle Ages, ancient surgeons tried to treat such ailments as migraines by removing part of the cranial bone or making holes in the skull.

The idea was that through the hole evil spirits come out of the head. Such operations were incredibly painful, and the risk of developing the infection was very high, however, excavations indicate that surprisingly many patients survived.

In principle, trepanation is still used today, for example, in the treatment of the effects of cerebral hemorrhages.

4. Mercury as a medicine – used until the 20th century

For several thousand years, doctors have been convinced that virtually everything can be cured with mercury. The Chinese emperor Ying Zheng (259 – 210 century BC), for example, took liquid metal all his life, despite the fact that his tongue was swollen and his gums inflamed.

Today, doctors know that mercury disrupts the brain, increases blood pressure, harms digestion, causes breathing problems, and contributes to the development of depression and anxiety.

3. They bleed to death – until the 20th century

Doctors once believed that illnesses arise from an imbalance in the body’s main body fluids: blood, mucus, yellow bile, and black bile. Bloodletting was supposed to save the patient from an excess of one of the fluids, but often it ended very poorly.

One of the victims was the first US president, George Washington, who in 1799 allowed doctors to try to cure his throat infection with bloodletting.

The main task of the blood is the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Doctors released 3.75 liters of blood from Washington (80% of the total volume), after which he became very weak and died on the same day.

2. Poor hygiene killed millions – until the 18th century

Bathing is not only unnecessary – because of it, you can also get the plague. So doctors believed in the XVI century. “Baths and baths need to be banned, because after them the skin becomes soft and the pores open. Because of this, as we could see, plague-infected dirt enters the body and causes instant death, ”said, for example, the French court physician Ambroise Paré in 1568.

Therefore, for nearly 300 years, Europeans avoided soap and water, and only in the most extreme cases, they gently washed their skin if the contamination could not be removed with a dry towel.

However, aversion to water was a catastrophic mistake.

The plague was transmitted with flea bites, namely because of the uncleanliness of people, fleas spread. During the time that doctors needed to think of something better, their delusion took millions of lives.

1. Dissection of white matter: the patient became a zombie – was used until 1983

Such an eerie treatment has never received such magnificent recognition as in 1949, when Egas Moniz was awarded the Nobel Prize for the invention of “dissection of white matter” – lobotomy. Doctors of that time believed that a lobotomy cured the mentally ill, but in fact this procedure turned them into “vegetables”.

The Portuguese neurosurgeon Egash Monish in 1935 came to the conclusion that he could make patients with psychiatric illnesses calm and obedient, cutting the nerve connections in the frontal lobes.

According to his idea, the dissection of white matter allowed to separate the thinking part of the brain from the sensory. Doctors around the world have adopted the Monish method.

One of them improved the operational method so that the procedure took only six minutes. An instrument resembling an awl was driven into the frontal lobe through the cranial bone just above the eyeball, after which the doctor moved them up and down.

Then the same thing was repeated over the other eye. At least 50 thousand people underwent lobotomy.

After this, the emotional life of the majority became very limited, because it is the frontal lobes that are responsible for the person’s personality. Many, for example, began to act like little children or suffer from dementia, if not at all, turned into real zombies.

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Bizzare & Odd

The return of the Hums. Scary trumpet sounds over Eastern Europe and Argentina

On April 3, 2020, very scary news came from the city of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia: Usually, there are always a lot of questions with these “trumpet sounds”, since the videos are isolated incidents, but in this case the whole city heard it all.

And not only the city, and not only in Slovakia. Even the conspiracy theorists do not know exactly what causes these sounds, not to mention the adherents of the officials who will not say too much. Nevertheless, there are two equivalent versions of this phenomenon, unless we are talking about the trumpets of the Apocalypse:

a) Trumpet sounds are connected to some tectonic processes;
b) Trumpet sounds are made by giant alien ships.

We don’t know the mechanism of seismic tension, but we can assume that the African plate moved and began to put more pressure on the hypothetical Great Adria, an ancient lithosphere plate that floats in the mantle under Europe. If the hypothesis about the “Great Adria” is correct, then this plate extends all the way to Norway and is responsible for the Vrancea zone, as well as other mysterious seismic centers of the continent. And now earthquakes started at the base of the Great Adria, and the plate itself somewhere in the depths makes some kind of terrible sounds.

Europe is waiting for an eruption of a volcano, M9.0 or so, and based on their observed correlations of “trumpet sounds” and lithospheric incidents, adventures should be expected in the second half of April. You can also think that “trumpet sounds” are made by alien ships. This, of course, is a more calming version than mega-earthquakes, nevertheless, we also do not expect good news from the “Martians”.

Several Argentine cities report strange sounds from the sky

In recent weeks, several users and local media in Argentina have reported on trumpet sounds invading the night, some with an official explanation and others not. Neighbors of the Buenosairean locality of Olavarria for example, stated that they had heard it, while just a week ago, something similar was reported in the province’s capital, La Plata.

Finally, in the province of San Juan in the west of the country, users flocked online to report having heard the phenomenon and looking for an explanation.

In all cases, the buzzing occurred in the middle of the night early morning, and lasted for several minutes, 15 at least according to reports.

Among descriptions of the event, some compared it to “trumpets,” others to “airplane engine,” and even some were frightened that it was a bombardment. It should also be noted that, according to neighbors, the dogs were barking and were upset.

In the case of the city La Plata, it was the only place where the authorities gave an official explanation, alluding to the fact that it was an internal power outage at the YPF La Plata Industrial Complex, a situation that generated the “increase in noise and intensity of torches due to unit arrests”.

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