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Spirals in the sky over Hawaii and around the world. Moving portals to other worlds?

Spirals in the sky over Hawaii and around the world. Moving portals to other worlds? 1

One of the strangest ufological phenomena is the observation of unusual objects that look like squids, manta rays and even worms crawling along the dome of our planet. However, it has never happened before to witness flying mollusks.

This was captured a few days ago in Las Vegas, Nevada. The eyewitness heard something loud, reminiscing the sound of a jet plane, and turned on his phone for recording, just in time to catch the strange object flying overhead which sounded like an airplane but looked like a clam. 

At the end of January, this was seen throughout the central territory of the United States:

Spirals in the sky over Hawaii and around the world. Moving portals to other worlds? 2

Also some kind of hefty spiral, similar to the spiral in Norway back in 2009. 

The appearance of the world-famous spiral in Norway is known to strangely coincided with the launch of the Large Hadron Collider at full capacity. 

As a result, a version was proposed in 2009, that the spiral and the collider were somehow connected, but this could not be directly proved. Nevertheless, in April 2022, it somehow coincided that the LHC started working again after repairs, and from the beginning of April a new proton gun was launched there – the so-called Linear Accelerator 4. And it must have attuned that immediately after that, the sky flared up with whirlpools of light. 

NASA and the Pentagon denied any rocket launches back then. They don’t know anything about the state of Michigan either:

And now, as it turned out, there was another spiral over the Hawaiian Islands:

The object was captured by the Mauna Kea Observatory’s Subary-Asahi observation camera, built on the volcano of the same name. 

Hawaii is somewhat far from the Cape Canaveral spaceport and it is very strange that the launch was not seen from Florida. Instead, Florida saw this:

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On April 2022, another spiral was witnessed, this time in France:

Why Ufologists are interested in these phenomena?

First of all, for their movement. Related traces in the atmosphere are left by launches of large rockets, so if people see something like this, the officials immediately talk about Space X and similar technologies. 

It is pointless to argue with the officials in such cases, since it is actually impossible to rise to clouds and see what is really there. But it is also impossible for the rocket trail to move, especially at such speed and perpendicular to the direction of the wind.

Also, the movement under the wind influence should somehow blur the trace, but here this does not happen – the structure does not lose its shape and concentration. For a rocket exhaust, this is impossible and has never been observed before. The cloud from a missile launch always hangs in one place for several minutes and then quickly disappears, but here spirals move across the sky for sometime, in some cases even for an hour, such as the Hawaii incident. 

It is extremely clear that these spirals are neither a byproduct of the military, nor of the activities of astronauts. As a result, only the non-human technology scenario remains, and therefore the question again arises: why have there been so many spirals? Are these some big transport ships coming in? Or are they some kind of portals through which something will be taken from Earth? But if you take them, then what? Or by whom? 

We do not have insiders among green men, therefore there is no answer to the questions posed. But simple logic suggests that everything will not be limited to these first spirals, that they will appear again and again, including in places where people have never heard of missile launches. Only future events will show how this atmospheric parade will end. 


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