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“Sphere of Mosul”: US military declassified new UFO footage over Iraq. How the news were met by locals?

"Sphere of Mosul": US military declassified new UFO footage over Iraq. How the news were met by locals? 1

Over the past 10 years, many things have been seen in the skies over Iraq, from American military aircraft to missiles that still fall on Baghdad from time to time. All sorts of flying objects have become a familiar part of local life. But, according to declassified data from the US military, in 2016 something unusual even by local standards flew through the skies of Iraq, namely, a real UFO. Did the aliens make a comeback to retrieve something forgotten in Iraq and how were they met by the locals?

The video recording with the mysterious object does not last long, only about four seconds. It impossible to examine the unidentified object in detail, since only a tiny part of the filming is available online, just a few frames that were removed from the material filmed by a US reconnaissance aircraft flying over Mosul in northern Iraq. It was in 2016, when the city was controlled by terrorists, and, probably, the intelligence officer was tasked with finding the positions of the militants.

But in addition to the positions of the radicals, the intelligence officer also discovered something mysterious. Against the background of an ordinary urban landscape with buildings, roads and trees, a mysterious silvery sphere is visible in the lower right corner. 

The object was called the “Sphere of Mosul”. In the full video, it flies smoothly right under a plane, like a cursor on the screen, not gaining or losing altitude at all, and then disappears. Experts believe that by the nature of the movement of the object, it can be concluded that it was controlled by an intelligent being.

"Sphere of Mosul": US military declassified new UFO footage over Iraq. How the news were met by locals? 2
Photo: Youtube

Squares, spheres, pyramids, cigars

Information about the “Mosul sphere” was immediately transferred for study to the central office of the US Department of Defense. But even after seven years of research, experts still cannot say for sure what it is. The Pentagon has repeatedly shared materials related to US military encounters with UFOs and even developed a certain classification. 

It is believed that usually unidentified objects are of four types: spheres, pyramids, squares, or oblong objects in the form of cigars. They can gain tremendous speed without acceleration or stop moving in a fraction of a second, hang in the air, spin slowly, accelerate again at the same time and immediately disappear over the horizon.

”An operator will be zoomed in looking at a town in Syria. And all of a sudden, a little orb will go flying through the viewfinder, says a source of the British Daily Mail newspaper.

The operator’s like, ”What the hell?” And so he starts focusing on it and he just watches the orb for a while. We might get it for 30 seconds, we might watch it for 10 minutes. And then it will do something remarkable, like suddenly bolt off the screen.”

The most interesting thing is that all these videos and photographs are believed to be made public by the US intelligence services, which did not hide their interest in this topic for the past few years. Moreover, the Pentagon and the intelligence services have, according to some reports, their own task forces for the study of UFOs, and the results of their work are discussed at the congressional level, although without clear results – experts are unable to explain the mystical phenomena faced by the US military.

In last year’s US national intelligence report on UFOs, experts found a reasonable explanation for only one case, despite the fact that there were 144 of them. In total, the US authorities said on January 13 that they were investigating more than 500 cases.

"Sphere of Mosul": US military declassified new UFO footage over Iraq. How the news were met by locals? 3

No panic

It seems the Arab local media enjoyed the news about aliens, having headlines such as “Iraq in Panic”, “Aliens Attack Arab Cities”, “The End of the World is Near”. If we look at the real reactions of the Arabs, it quickly becomes evident that there really is no panic.

All the countries of the world have already managed to rob Iraq, and now it’s the turn of the aliens, Maryam, a resident of Iraq, shares her thoughts on social networks.

But Arabs are not solid skeptics who see photoshop everywhere. On the contrary, as a rule, they treat the possibility of the existence of aliens with a sufficient degree of confidence. In many ways, this comes from the Islamic perception of the world. For Muslims, the universe is one big miracle created by the Creator. The Qur’an directly calls on believers to see signs and wonders in everything, solid proof that everything was created for a reason.

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Therefore, it is not typical for the Arab East to deny miracles. Anyone who dares to radically oppose to unexplained phenomena is usually condemned by the majority. It is not for nothing that for a long time the most popular genre of poems among the Arabs was something like travel notes.

In these stories, travelers described encounters with a variety of creatures and upon returning home, few doubted their stories. Even serious geographical works, written personally on the orders of the caliphs, could not do without stories about teleports, mysterious lights in the sky and encounters with people who look like fish. Muslims can be said to live surrounded by miracles, and meeting mysterious lights in the sky is the same miracle, only extraterrestrial.

Muslims from other planets

Moreover, many Islamic theologians believe that the Qur’an speaks directly about the existence of extraterrestrials and many other worlds. There are so many of these worlds that, according to Islam, wherever a person looks, before his eyes there will be thousands and thousands of invisible worlds in which both genies and, possibly, aliens live, together with their prophets.

Among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, as well as those living creatures that He settled in them. He is able to collect them whenever he wishes, says the holy scripture of the Muslims.

In the tafsir (explanation) to this verse centuries ago, theologians said that life is probably not limited to the Earth alone and all beings from different worlds will come together when the horn of the “Last Hour” (end of the world) blows.

Rima, a Lebanese woman who in 1991, witnessed a strange turn of lights in the sky together with her family, during Ramadan (the holy month of fasting). This is almost the first thing she talks about the encounter:

I will never forget this spectacle. My parents and I were walking along the waterfront, and someone suddenly said: “Look!” Rima recalls. There was a pulsating huge cigar of pink color in the sky. Round balls briefly separated from it. They circled and then returned to the pink cigar, after which everything disappeared behind the clouds.

While the continuous “mashallah” and “subhanallah” (expressions that Muslims say when surprised) were heard around, Rima’s dad told his daughter not to be afraid, because since the aliens circled the entire universe and decided to stop right in front of the Arab Muslims of the port town of Sidon, they are probably exactly the same Muslims..

“Say hello! Say salaam alaikum to them, Rima! These are our brothers. Let them come down, let’s make a festive intergalactic prayer with them, Rima’s father joked.“


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