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A Ring and an Arc in the Universe that shouldn't exist: inexplicable megastructure built by aliens? 5


Imagine a ring, which, like pebbles on the seashore, is lined with galaxies. And the diameter of this ring is an unfathomable 1.3 billion...

The sun is no more a "gift". Expect an anomaly already in 2024 as space weather is deteriorating 6


The sun can both caress and incinerate. And if in the old days people were more worried about the harvest, then in our days there...

The Impossible Star 7 The Impossible Star 8


Astronomers today are puzzled by a star that by conventional wisdom should not exist. Scientists who have studied the star’s elemental composition discovered a...

The Mystery of the Dark Rift 9 The Mystery of the Dark Rift 10


There is so much speculation going on right now about what it will mean for us to collectively pass through the “Dark rift”,  a...