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NASA warns that something is about to explode on the Sun 5


Astronomers have been observing the Sun for centuries, but strong flares have not yet been predicted. Therefore, the fact that scientists are now warning...

Has NASA discovered Hell? It is in the Cancer constellation, and it is unimaginably creepy 6


NASA announced the discovery of “biblical hell” – the most terrible and unimaginable place in the universe. This is where the new James Webb...

The Impossible Star 31 The Impossible Star 32


Astronomers today are puzzled by a star that by conventional wisdom should not exist. Scientists who have studied the star’s elemental composition discovered a...

The Mystery of the Dark Rift 33 The Mystery of the Dark Rift 34


There is so much speculation going on right now about what it will mean for us to collectively pass through the “Dark rift”,  a...