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The Mars surface is like in Chernobyl: Indisputable evidence of a massive use of nuclear weapons on the planet 5


Today it is difficult to imagine the existence of living organisms on Mars. But the latest research has confirmed that billions of years ago, this...

A host for extraterrestrial life: Why Jupiter Isn't What It Seems 6


In recent years, more and more new discoveries have been made in astronomy. At the same time, scientists are re-evaluating existing theories, hypotheses, and data...

Living on the Moon 13 Living on the Moon 14


by Anthony Bright-Paul Temperatures on the moon are very hot in the daytime, about 100 degrees C. At night, the lunar surface gets very...

Voyager I Has Left the Solar System 15 Voyager I Has Left the Solar System 16


Ladies and gentlemen, Voyager I has left the building… Via New York Times: By today’s standards, the spacecraft’s technology is laughable: it carries an...

Distant ruins 17 Distant ruins 18


by Paul Gilster Scientists used to scan the skies for messages from alien civilisations. Now they go looking for their ruins Look on my...

Does Recession Exist? 33 Does Recession Exist? 34


Cosmologists still have no idea what dark energy is. In 1998, two astronomical research teams independently discovered what is now called “dark energy.” Saul...