Space neighbors at constellation Cetus: Astronomers have caught a strange signal in the vicinity of the solar system

The scientific astronomical community is both alarmed and delighted as they are struggling with the mystery of the planet in the constellation Cetus – a stable radio signal has been received from there.

All sorts of signals fly around space back and forth all the time. The peculiarity of what has already been repeatedly managed to catch the stars YZ Ceti from the first planet is coherence. That is, it is not only stable, but also not chaotic – changing with a certain sequence. 

The signals were in the frequency range of 2–4 gigahertz. They were received during two of the five observation sessions arranged for this purpose. Each session lasted several hours. A particularly spectacular radio burst was during the second session.

The planet seems to be suitable for an alien life – its mass is about the same as that of the Earth.

YZ Ceti is located only 12 light years from us, that is, it is one of the nearest stars. The closest after the Sun to us is the triple star system Alpha Centauri – it is about four light-years away.

According to the observations of astronomers, YZ Ceti has three whole planets, and the most interesting thing is that they are all terrestrial, that is, solid and more or less comparable in mass to ours. The signal was received from the one that is closest to its luminary, it was called YZ Ceti b. It orbits its dim sun much closer than Mercury orbits the sun. A revolution around the star manages to be done in just two days. For comparison: Mercury takes almost 88 days to do this. The mass of YZ Ceti b is 58% of the earth, that is, it is something between Mars and Venus. The mass of Mars is ten times less than the Earth. Venus is 81% of the Earth by mass.

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Scientists claim it would be very difficult to survive on this very planet as it is too close to its star – a year lasts only two Earth days. In addition, this star is a very capricious red dwarf. It gives little light, but a lot of radiation.

if an “Aurora” shines above the planet, then it has a magnetosphere. Auroras also occur on Mars and Venus, although these planets have no or almost no magnetic field. In this case, radio signals speak not so much about the presence of auroras, but rather about the presence of the magnetosphere. The stellar wind crashes into the planet, causes “northern lights”, they are just reflected from the planet’s magnetosphere and diverge through space.

How such signals are emitted: scientists explain that as a result of the interaction of a stream of charged particles from a star (stellar wind) with the magnetic fields of the luminary itself, the particles bounce off the magnetosphere of YZ Ceti b and go back to the red dwarf, and there their own magnetosphere is already waiting for them. If this world were without its magnetic shield, the stellar wind would simply bombard it without hindrance, there would be no such effect.

However, the presence of a magnetosphere is already a very weighty argument for any planet in terms of the possibility of the birth of life on it. Only the magnetosphere saves the Earth from the solar radioactive wind. 

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If the planet is lucky enough to have an atmosphere, then the magnetic field will also protect and hold it: without it, cosmic radiation will simply blow away this atmosphere. In any case, volatile substances like water vapor – we actually see on Mars. And on Venus, everything that is against radiation is the uppermost atmospheric layer, it creates the so-called induced magnetosphere but the lightest substances from Venus are still constantly flying away, and only heavy, poisonous and terrible ones remain. This, according to space researchers, is the tragedy of the Venusian greenhouse.

If it weren’t for it, God knows what would be going on here, just like it is now on Venus.


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