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‘Space Covid-19’: Are the Anunnaki already fly around us to save the world?

One of the popular and often discussed conspiracy theory versions of Covid-19 is, in general terms, the “space version”, which has many sub-options.

The main idea of ​​the “space Covid-19” is that the pandemic was organized with the intent to tighten the nuts on the eve of some “space event”: the arrival of Nibiru, the landing of aliens, the “Blue Beam” show and so on. The options for the event may be different, but the goal of preparing for it is the same: isolate people in cities, block the media, deploy an army / police, gain authority for actions that violate the constitution and human rights.

We will not explore all these fractal winding versions, but only remind of the importance of what is happening in the sky – especially in light of the fact that quite a lot has been happening there recently.

A similar event in the sky over Mexico:

Chile and the USA, beginning of March – last dates of February:

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The version of the “space Covid-19” did not appear on its own or in an empty place – it was preceded by several contactee messages, including messages made before the epidemic. According to them, at the peak of the epidemic, “Martians” will descend from heaven and begin to intensively treat everyone. Moreover, they will not appear directly from hyperspace, as in Star Wars, but will demonstrate themselves, although brazenly, but gradually.

Sounds far fetched, doesn’t it?

At first, the obvious “plate” will light up, which will cause a lot of controversy and rebuttal, then when the officials prove that it is a fake, two “plates” will appear, then four and so on. And then a second Sun may even appear. We do not know how real these contactees are as telepaths and how true their messages are, but so far the situation is developing according to a similar scenario. With the spread of the pandemic, we obviously we have not detected anything yet, so we keep our eyes wide open!


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