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Son of a gun : Case of the Miraculous Bullet

In November 1874 an unusual article appeared in the introductory volume of The American Medical Weekly, a Louisville medical journal. It was written by Dr. LeGrand G. Capers and was titled, “Attention Gynaecologists!—Notes from the Diary of a Field and Hospital Surgeon, C.S.A.” In the article Dr. Capers recounted an unusual case of artificial insemination he had witnessed on a Civil War battlefield in Mississippi, in which a bullet had passed through a soldier’s testicles, and then traveled on before hitting a woman and impregnating her. The event was said to have occurred on May 12, 1863 at around 3 p.m. at the “battle of R.” (battle of Raymond), where “Gen. G’s brigade” (Brigadier General John Gregg) of the Confederate forces fought Grant’s army led by “Gen. L.” (Major General John A. Logan).

Dr. Capers

In 1874, The American Medical Weekly ran an article by a Dr. LeGrand Capers (that’s him in the picture) who claimed he witnessed this very thing on a Civil War battlefield. Apparently there was a house very close to the Confederate lines, and a bullet (a “minnie ball”) hit a soldier, “carrying away the left testicle”, and then continued its course toward the house. One of the daughters in the house had also been hit by a stray bullet, which was lost in the abdominal cavity somewhere. Because the doctor was stationed with the army nearby, he continued to check on the wounded girl over the next several months. Around the six-month mark, he discovered that the girl was pregnant. Around the nine-month mark, she gave birth to a nine-pound baby boy.

The family was beyond embarrassed that their unmarried daughter was apparently having “indiscretions”, but the girl swore that she was a virgin. The doctor examined her and said it was true – she had never had sex. Meanwhile, the little boy was very sick and he had some incredible swelling in the groin area. The doctor decided to operate, and when he did, he pulled out a minnie ball. He put two and two together and figured out that the bullet must have picked up some semen went it ripped through the soldier’s testicle, and managed to impregnate the girl when it lodged inside of her stomach. Supposedly, the girl and the soldier ended up getting married and having two more kids. The problem? The doctor had invented the whole story in order to mock the ridiculous stories that were coming out of the battlefield. But it was taken as fact, and was even reprinted in 1959 in the New York State Journal of Medicine.

One of the most enduring urban legends of military history sometimes passed off as fact is that of the minie ball pregnancy. The evolution of the firearm brought about the muzzle loading rifled musket by the 19th century. The revolutionary bullet of that weapon was the minie ball invented in the 1840s by the French Army captains Minié and Henri-Gustave Delvigne. This type of bullet was used as early as the Crimean war and was the most popular front line infantry projectile in the Civil War. The basis of the tale is that one of these instruments of war was fired through the groin area of a Confederate soldier and subsequently ricocheted into the ovaries of a nearby southern bell whose home bordered the battlefield in question. Nine months later a baby was born and eventually the soldier, being a gentleman, married the young mother and everyone lived happily ever after.

According to Dr. Capers, who was an army doctor for the confederates, he was with his regiment as the fighting was occurring. A house stood about 300 yards behind the confederate lines, and the residents of the house (a mother, her two daughters, and their servants) were standing in front of it watching the battle and waiting to aid any fallen confederate soldiers. Suddenly Dr. Capers noticed a soldier fall to the ground, and at the same instant he heard a scream from the house. He attended the fallen soldier who had been hit in the leg by a minnie ball. Dr. Capers also noticed that the bullet had “ricochetted from these parts, and, in its onward flight, passed through the scrotum, carrying away the left testicle.”

While dressing the soldier’s wounds, the mother from the house ran up to him and urged him to attend her daughter. The doctor complied and found that the eldest daughter had been also wounded by a minnie ball. In her case, the bullet “had penetrated the left abdominal parietes, about midway between the umbilicus and anterior spinal process of the ilium, and was lost in the abdominal cavity, leaving a ragged wound behind.”
The doctor only had time to prescribe the girl an anodyne before he was forced to retreat from the house with his regiment. However, over the course of the next two months, being stationed with the wounded at the nearby village of Raymond, he was able to visit the young woman regularly and watched her fully recover from her wound. Six months later he happened to be in the neighborhood of Raymond again and visited the girl. He found that her stomach had begun to swell. Three months further on she gave birth to an eight pound son.
The family, being of strict morality, was mortified that their unmarried daughter had given birth. The daughter, however, repeatedly insisted that she was a virgin and didn’t know how such a thing could have happened. Dr. Capers examined her and found that her hymen was intact. Nevertheless he gave no credence, at the time, to her insistence that she was a virgin. But three weeks later the grandmother of the new child asked Dr. Capers to examine the boy because the child’s scrotum was dangerously enlarged and sensitive. The doctor examined the boy, decided to operate and, to his astonishment, found a minnie ball embedded inside the child.
After much reflection, trying to figure out how a bullet could have become lodged inside the child, Dr. Capers figured out the incredible series of events that must have happened. He remembered treating the young man who had suffered from a bullet passing through his left testicle. This same bullet, he determined, must have then continued on its flight, carrying with it particles of semen, before it finally came to rest in the young women’s abdomen, impregnating her, and afterwards working its way into the child’s flesh. He explained the bizarre situation to the family, and they requested to meet the soldier. The soldier and the young woman ended up marrying each other and produced two more children in a more conventional manner.
After appearing in the American Medical Weekly, this Civil War story became something of a legend. Its origins and details became obscured, but the basic outline of the tale was frequently repeated. A medical journal repeated it as true as late as 1959 (F. Donald Napolitani, “Two Unusual Cases of Gunshot Wounds of the Uterus,” New York State Journal of Medicine, 59, 1959, 491-93). But the story is not true. It was entirely invented by Dr. Capers who apparently wanted to poke fun at the numerous highly embellished, often spurious, Civil War stories then being told in the 1870s.
But the joke ended up being on Dr. Capers. The highly respectable doctor had submitted the story to the American Medical Weekly anonymously, not wishing his name to be forever attached to such a ridiculous tale. However, the editor of the journal, E.S. Gaillard, recognizing the doctor’s handwriting and also recognizing that the story was a wild-eyed fiction, turned the tables on the doctor by printing the piece but listing Capers prominently as the author. 



Something huge escaped from a secret underground base on King George Island, Antarctica

Satellite images of Google Earth speak for themselves and show a possible entrance leading to a secret underground base located on King George Island in Antarctica. Satellite photographs show a strange anomaly about 14 meters wide that floats in the ocean right in front of the cave.

The following is distinguished when checking the time sequence in that specific position:
Year 2005 – Something seems to come out of the snow / ice wall.
Year 2007 – A large cave emerged with an entrance of 75 x 75 meters and something seems to have moved into the ocean.
Year 2019 – The cave or entrance is again completely covered by snow and ice.

The 2005 image clearly shows that something from inside the cave pushed all the ice that covered the supposed base with enormous force, resulting in the opening of a large hole 75 wide x 75 meters high.

The 2007 image shows not only a sort of path coming from the cave that leads to the ocean, but also shows a strange anomaly of about 14 meters wide that floats in the ocean right in front of the cave.

The 2019 image shows at the end that everything is again covered with snow and ice.

We know that Antarctica has many secrets related to UFOs and alien phenomena, could it be that the huge hole leads to a secret base built in a gigantic ice cave and something has broken out or even a huge object has escaped? The coordinates of the mysterious underground base are: 62 ° 0’29.99 “S 57 ° 45’14.86”

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Mysterious lights in the sky scare Arizona city dwellers

Mysterious lights hovering over the valley east of Mesa, Arizona, make residents wonder if they had a close encounter.

Mysterious lights in the sky scare city dwellers in Arizona - USA

D.J. Maier and Kerri Burnett describe what they saw:

It started moving kind of diagonal across, I was trying to figure out which way it was heading, and that’s when we noticed it started dropping things from it.

The couple say they saw the phenomenon outside their home in Mesa on Sunday around 9 pm.

They say the object seemed to come from the southeast.

Burnett said:

Began to move diagonally, I was trying to figure out where it was going, and that’s when we realized that it started dropping things from it.

The object captured on two cell phones looks like a bright orb hovering silently in the sky. Every few moments, the object appears to drop what looks to be flares towards the ground

Maier said:

And it wasn’t just us, our neighbors next door they were out, they weren’t even filming. They were more in amazement, like statues, just watching it.

And it wasn’t just us, our neighbors next door they were out, they weren’t even filming. They were more in amazement, like statues, just watching it.

Maier said:

Some said it may be an aircraft, others said aliens or a comet.

The whole event dates back to 1997 and the mysterious phenomenon known as The Phoenix Lights – a mystery that remains debated today.

The ABC15 channel team contacted several aviation experts who theorized that the lights seen on Sunday could be from parachute flares used by the military or even helicopters or other aircraft dropping flares during training.

In fact, the Outlaw Military Operations Area sits not far from where the video was shot. But video found online of those types of exercises just doesn’t seem to match.

Meier said:

There were no navigation lights. Even the military has to have navigation lights on. That’s an FAA rule.

ABC15 contacted the Federal Aviation Administration, Luke Air Force Base, and the Army National Guard, but no one knew for sure what it was.

This leaves the answer to what was captured on camera for anyone.

Maier also said:

I know what I saw, and I don’t think it was from here, and I think it was definitely something else.


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NASA has photographed a UFO in Antarctica

This new discovery is undoubtedly of great global impact for those who believe in the existence of UFOs and Extraterrestrials on our planet. The image of NASA depicting a UFO on the Antarctic continent was published on Google Earth. Antarctica has constantly aroused many mysteries, from the entrance to the Hollow Earth to the discovery of alien bases and the discovery of pyramid structures.

Even so, today all its secrets are hidden, although it begins to reveal some clues that amaze geologists, archaeologists, scientists, popularizers and even great personalities of the world. Whatever the mysteries of Antarctica, they will have to be discovered little by little. Who is not fascinated by the secrets of the most arid, windy and cold continent in the world? What is the truth about this unexplored and frozen continent? In the images provided by Google Earth we can see a silver circular object that has nothing to do with the rest of the surface.

It is clearly an artificial object and very similar to the classic flying saucer. This discovery was made by Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta and published by Sandra Andrade on her YouTube channel. This new discovery is undoubtedly of great global impact for those who maintain the existence of UFOs on our planet. The image is from NASA published on Google Earth. With this new discovery no doubt, it is of great global impact for those of us who believe in UFOs and extraterrestrials on our planet. We know that they discovered internal structures similar to the ruins of a technologically advanced ancient civilization, and it was also leaked that some frozen bodies of non-human beings appeared.

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