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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Something is moving in Jerusalem? Israelis: It’s time for the Third Temple

Something is moving in Jerusalem? Israelis: It's time for the Third Temple 1

On Thursday, Itamar Ben-Gvir (far-right Jewish Power party), a member of the Knesset (Jewish Parliament) entered the Temple Mount on the 74th Day of Israel’s Independence. During his visit, Ben-Gvir announced the will of many Jews for the construction of the third Temple and said: “It is time to build a Jewish synagogue on the Temple Mount.”

Before ascending the mountain, Ben Gvir stressed the importance of visiting the Temple Mount, writing: “On the 74th Independence Day of Israel, it is important for government officials to remember that we are an independent nation.”

In the same vein, the prestigious Jewish newspaper “Jerusalem Post” has been constantly publishing articles lately related to the Third Temple!

One of them is entitled “When blood spills on Passover and Easter (of Christians), it’s time to build the Temple”: “With more Christians coming alongside the Jews and becoming passionate about the need to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, we have a unique opportunity today.”, as typically mentioned. 

Something is moving in Jerusalem? Israelis: It's time for the Third Temple 2

Another article, the day before yesterday, is entitled “A Christian view of the coming Temple”, deliberately connecting the New Testament with the need to rebuild the Third Temple.

Something is moving in Jerusalem? Israelis: It's time for the Third Temple 3

All this at a time when incidents broke out between Jews and Muslims inside the Al Aqsa Mosque with images making the rounds of the world!

At the same time, the Palestinian Authority has asked the UN to intervene, while Israel is at odds with Russia. Something seems to be moving in Jerusalem.

A temple in Jerusalem in the end of days

Jerusalem, otherwise known as the “Holly city” as historians have called it, has always been the biggest thorn in the long-running Arab-Israeli conflict. The status of the city has been pending for decades with no visible prospect of resolution.

Palestinians claiming a Palestinian state without settlements, dream of East Jerusalem as their capital.

On the contrary, the Jews oppose the plan to divide the “eternal and indivisible” city, which, among other things, gives enormous benefits to the economy.

In Jerusalem, the monument – a symbol of Judaism and the holiest place of worship of the Jews of the world – is the Wall of Tears, located on Mount Temple, where they seek to rebuild the Third Temple of Solomon.

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In theory, construction of the Temple could begin right now, if not for one “but”: on the spot where the Israelis want to build the Temple, there is already the Dome of the Rock – an Islamic sanctuary, the third holiest Muslim site after Mecca and Medina, located next to the oldest mosque on the planet, Al-Aqsa. 

The so-called Haram al Sharif which in Arabic means “noble sanctuary” with the Dome of the Rock located in the center of the Temple Mount, in the area of ​​the Jewish Second Temple. There they say that the myth of the “sacrifice of Abraham” took place.

So either the builders will have to negotiate with the Muslims, or, even more interesting, look for a new place to build.

The first possibility seems unheard of for Muslims everywhere!

The first Temple was built by King Solomon about three thousand years ago and destroyed by the troops of Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC. The Second Temple was built during the reign of the Jewish leader Zoroabel around 520-526 BC, and destroyed in 70 AD by the Roman rulers. Both Temples stood in the same place – on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The Bible says that in the future there will be a Third Temple. In particular, Matthew 24:15 says: “Therefore, when you see the abomination of desolation, spoken of through the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place…”. The words “holy place” are a reference to the new Jewish temple that will appear in Jerusalem in the foreseeable future.

The Institute of the Temple, an organization specially created for this “project” in 1987, is dealing with issues of future construction. Now, as it became known, the employees of the Institute have already completed the Temple’s design.

In addition, at the moment, experts have already restored more than 60 sacred relics, including the priest’s breastplate and crown, the shofar musical instrument, a vessel for ablutions, and much more. The restoration of some of the main objects of worship has also been completed: the menorah, the golden table of the showbread and the infamous Ark of the Covenant.

It is Jerusalem, according to the prophecies, that is the detonator of the event that the Bible calls Armageddon. And it is in the Third Temple that the tread cord of this last war is lit. 

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