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“Some find it hard to imagine that we are eternal beings.” Craig Hogan on the evidence of eternal life and its significance for each of us

“Some find it hard to imagine that we are eternal beings.” Craig Hogan on the evidence of eternal life and its significance for each of us 1

“If you follow the road paved with real evidence, you yourself can come to the conclusion that many eminent scientists and researchers have already reached today. This is the conclusion that we are not temporary, infirm flesh. On the contrary, we are eternal beings who only briefly use physical bodies.”

PhD Craig Hogan, who owns these words, has collected many facts confirming our immortality. The scientist provides evidence for this in his book “Your Eternal Self”. Here, Craig Hogan explains why it is so important for everyone to know about this.

“Our mind is outside our brain”

While analyzing the evidence obtained by scientists over the past two hundred years, Craig Hogan came to the conclusion that our mind is outside our brain. This is indicated by various phenomena. Among them, for example, is the widespread phenomenon of remote viewing.

“This phenomenon, which is found in one person out of a hundred, shows that the owners of this ability do not need eyes and a body to see objects both at arm’s length and hundreds of kilometers away in places where a remote-seeing person has never been, Craig Hogan explains.”

In his book, Hogan describes an experiment in which he himself became a participant. The essence of the experiment was that the scientist, using remote vision, had to describe and sketch the image of objects that were in the office of his colleague Bill Walker. The participants in this experiment were separated by one thousand miles.

In his office, Walker placed several items that Craig Hogan should have seen from his office. Hogan closed his eyes and focused on his “target”. However, none of the sketches matched the items Walker had prepared.

However, when Bill Walker returned home, he found that Hogan’s sketches looked very much like objects not from his office, but from his home. Later, Craig Hogan continued remote viewing sessions with other colleagues. The results of subsequent experiments were more successful. In his book, the scientist posted multiple sketches of objects seen at a distance. 

Another proof that our mind is outside our brain is the out-of-body experience of people who have experienced clinical death. At the same time, not only the sighted, but also the blind, including people blind from birth, talk about such experiences.

Craig Hogan gives many such examples. So, the scientist describes a case that happened to a forty-year-old woman named Sarah, who had never seen this world with her eyes. During the operation, Sarah’s heart stopped.

After this woman came to her senses, she described not only the situation in the operating room, the hairstyle of the nurse, but also named the names of the surgeons who saved her life. Craig Hogan draws attention to the fact that Sarah saw all this when her body was not capable of it because at that time, the woman was not only unconscious, but also blind.

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Doctors record similar cases in sighted patients. Craig Hogan describes the story of Maria, who also experienced clinical death. While the doctors were rescuing Maria, she felt herself rising into the air. On the windowsill of the third floor of the clinic where the patient was, the woman saw a pair of old blue sneakers. The sneakers were found exactly in the place that Maria pointed out after she woke up.

Why do we need to know that we are eternal entities

To confirm that the human mind is outside our body, Craig Hogan also refers to the ability of the mind to learn about something before the brain gains access to this information. Thanks to this ability of the mind, people can foresee certain events in their lives before they happen.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake conducted several experiments to find out if a person can anticipate that some of his acquaintances will call him. Participants in the experiment were asked to choose from a list consisting of the names of four acquaintances, the person who would call him.

According to the scientist, random guessing could not be higher than 25% of cases. However, the correct answers of the participants in the experiment amounted to 45%. This suggests that our mind does indeed have the ability to foresee.

Another study was conducted by neuroscientist Benjamin Libet. The scientist tried to measure the speed with which our brain registers someone’s touch, and received unexpected results. It turned out that the subjects felt the touch before the brain fixed them. In other words, the mind knew about touch before the brain.

These and other research findings that Craig Hogan talks about indicate that the mind is not in the brain. It is outside our body in a completely different reality. According to Hogan, another conclusion can be drawn from this – that our life continues after death. Because if we are not limited by our body, then we do not die when the body dies.

Why, then, has official science not yet recognized what Craig Hogan and many other scientists are talking about? Hogan explains this by the presence of stubborn skeptics who find it difficult to imagine that we are all eternal entities. The scientist draws attention to the fact that all important discoveries were almost always criticized by skeptics, as soon as they were made.

Thus, Pasteur’s idea that microbes cause disease was referred to as a “ridiculous fantasy.” X-rays have been called a “master trick”. Physicist Michael Faraday, famous for his discovery of electromagnetic induction, was considered a fraud by his colleagues.

At the same time, Craig Hogan says that the fact of our immortality is no longer important for science. First of all, it is important for every person. If people realize their immortality, they will begin to build their lives on the basis of eternal values. And then conflicts will stop, unity, love and compassion will reign in society.

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