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Some evidence that aliens had a hand in the appearance of man on the planet

In the world there are a huge number of unresolved and exciting issues for all of humanity. One of them concerns the appearance of man on the planet. No one knows where people came from on Earth. There is a version that our distant ancestors are monkeys, but this is extremely unlikely. Other versions are even harder to believe. Against the background of all possible hypotheses, the version of the appearance of people thanks to aliens looks the most plausible. In favor of it, one can bring some weighty evidence.

A man appeared suddenly and out of nowhere

Homo Sapiens appeared on the planet about 70 thousand years ago. It is believed that the ancestor of Homo sapiens is Homo Erectus. This is a bipedal man. But, all known studies have shown that these are two completely different creatures with an emphasis to the word “completely.”

Somehow not very much like our direct ancestors

In addition, a transitional species has not yet been found between the two species. It seems that alien creatures tried to populate the planet with a variety of hominids. Homo sapiens proved to be the fittest. All other species awaited elimination.

Brain working only by 2-10%

Probably, many have heard that a person uses his brain only by 2-10%. The remaining 98-90% are blocked for him. It is believed that if you exploit the brain to the maximum, then a person will be able to read thoughts, fly and change matter in his own discretion. In all other animals, the brain is used at 100%.

A supercomputer whose full capabilities are still closed to us

This suggests that they received it as a result of evolution, and man from alien creatures. They created the brain for Homo Sapiens in the image of their brain. But, in order to save humanity from possible troubles on their initial path of development, they simply blocked the vast majority of its capabilities. It is believed that over time the potential will be mastered, but this will happen very soon.

Images of unknown aircraft and creatures in spacesuits

They are found in various extinct civilizations. Most of them can be found in the pyramids built by the ancient Mayan people. People painted what they saw.

It is unlikely that this image was simply taken by a primitive inhabitant of the planet

Creatures arriving on flying saucers were mistaken for deities. This is understandable. Moreover, they not only flew in, but controlled their offspring and taught various skills and abilities. There is a possibility that many scientists aliens simply loaded various scientific discoveries into the brain. For example, the famous Russian chemist Mendeleev saw the Periodic table of chemical elements in a dream.

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The unique location of the earth

Earth is located in an extremely small line of life of the solar system. If you slightly move it away from the star, then the average temperature on the entire planet will drop by 50 degrees. If you move it to the sun, it will rise by 50 degrees. In both cases, life will become impossible. It seems that our planet was artificially placed in the place where it is now.

The tradition of many tribes to give skulls an elongated shape

Many tribes have a tradition of giving skulls an elongated shape. Where did they take the idea from? It is believed that the gods who flew to Earth possessed such a head shape.

The elongated shape begins to form in childhood

By the way, there is information that, as a result of excavations, it was possible to find large skulls of an elongated shape that looked like human ones. But, analyzes showed that it belonged to completely different creatures. Of course, in the official media, no one ever mentioned this.

The complex structure of the human body

The human body is an extremely complex mechanism. It is extremely difficult to believe that it appeared as a result of evolution. Even so, why haven’t there been any changes in it over the past 70 thousand years? It’s simple – it was designed by intelligent alien creatures in such a way that a person feels comfortable on the planet.

And finally: who appeared first – a man or a razor?

For all known animals on the planet that have not undergone artificial selection, hairline grows limited. In man, hair grows, and in men, beard, grows constantly. In the absence of a razor or scissors, after a few years it would have become impossible to live with an overgrown hairline. This directly indicates that man is an artificially created creature. The forefathers provided us with a razor and scissors and taught us, of course, how to use them.

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The above is just a small amount of evidence that our forefathers are aliens and, you see, they are quite convincing …


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