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Some evidence that aliens had a hand in the appearance of man on the planet

In the world there are a huge number of unresolved and exciting issues for all of humanity. One of them concerns the appearance of man on the planet. No one knows where people came from on Earth. There is a version that our distant ancestors are monkeys, but this is extremely unlikely. Other versions are even harder to believe. Against the background of all possible hypotheses, the version of the appearance of people thanks to aliens looks the most plausible. In favor of it, one can bring some weighty evidence.

A man appeared suddenly and out of nowhere

Homo Sapiens appeared on the planet about 70 thousand years ago. It is believed that the ancestor of Homo sapiens is Homo Erectus. This is a bipedal man. But, all known studies have shown that these are two completely different creatures with an emphasis to the word “completely.”

Somehow not very much like our direct ancestors
Somehow not very much like our direct ancestors

In addition, a transitional species has not yet been found between the two species. It seems that alien creatures tried to populate the planet with a variety of hominids. Homo sapiens proved to be the fittest. All other species awaited elimination.

Brain working only by 2-10%

Probably, many have heard that a person uses his brain only by 2-10%. The remaining 98-90% are blocked for him. It is believed that if you exploit the brain to the maximum, then a person will be able to read thoughts, fly and change matter in his own discretion. In all other animals, the brain is used at 100%.

A supercomputer whose full capabilities are still closed to us
A supercomputer whose full capabilities are still closed to us

This suggests that they received it as a result of evolution, and man from alien creatures. They created the brain for Homo Sapiens in the image of their brain. But, in order to save humanity from possible troubles on their initial path of development, they simply blocked the vast majority of its capabilities. It is believed that over time the potential will be mastered, but this will happen very soon.

Images of unknown aircraft and creatures in spacesuits

They are found in various extinct civilizations. Most of them can be found in the pyramids built by the ancient Mayan people. People painted what they saw.

It is unlikely that this image was taken by a primitive inhabitant of the planet simply
It is unlikely that this image was simply taken by a primitive inhabitant of the planet

Creatures arriving on flying saucers were mistaken for deities. This is understandable. Moreover, they not only flew in, but controlled their offspring and taught various skills and abilities. There is a possibility that many scientists aliens simply loaded various scientific discoveries into the brain. For example, the famous Russian chemist Mendeleev saw the Periodic table of chemical elements in a dream.

The unique location of the earth

Earth is located in an extremely small line of life of the solar system. If you slightly move it away from the star, then the average temperature on the entire planet will drop by 50 degrees. If you move it to the sun, it will rise by 50 degrees. In both cases, life will become impossible. It seems that our planet was artificially placed in the place where it is now.

The tradition of many tribes to give skulls an elongated shape

Many tribes have a tradition of giving skulls an elongated shape. Where did they take the idea from? It is believed that the gods who flew to Earth possessed such a head shape.

The elongated shape begins to form in childhood
The elongated shape begins to form in childhood

By the way, there is information that, as a result of excavations, it was possible to find large skulls of an elongated shape that looked like human ones. But, analyzes showed that it belonged to completely different creatures. Of course, in the official media, no one ever mentioned this.

The complex structure of the human body

The human body is an extremely complex mechanism. It is extremely difficult to believe that it appeared as a result of evolution. Even so, why haven’t there been any changes in it over the past 70 thousand years? It’s simple – it was designed by intelligent alien creatures in such a way that a person feels comfortable on the planet.

And finally: who appeared first – a man or a razor?

For all known animals on the planet that have not undergone artificial selection, hairline grows limited. In man, hair grows, and in men, beard, grows constantly. In the absence of a razor or scissors, after a few years it would have become impossible to live with an overgrown hairline. This directly indicates that man is an artificially created creature. The forefathers provided us with a razor and scissors and taught us, of course, how to use them.

The above is just a small amount of evidence that our forefathers are aliens and, you see, they are quite convincing …

Aliens & UFO's

“Canadian Roswell”: Jacques-Yves Cousteau family investigating a UFO crash near Shag Harbor

"Canadian Roswell": Jacques-Yves Cousteau family investigating a UFO crash near Shag Harbor 98
Front page of the Canadian newspaper The Chronicle Herald, October 7, 1967.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau gained worldwide fame as one of the largest and most successful explorers of the sea and depths. His grandchildren decided to devote themselves to the study of a completely different sacrament. 

Already in August, they are going to go to the waters near Shag Harbor, a small fishing village on the coast of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, in search of an unidentified flying object (UFO) that allegedly crashed into the sea here in 1967.

As reported by the Shag Harbor Incident Society, which is still investigating the case, the grandchildren of the famous explorer of the seas, Selina and Fabian Cousteau, announced their upcoming visit to the traditional UFO Conference of Shag Harbor “and said they want to take a direct part in the research and search at the alleged crash site of an unknown object”.


At about 11 pm on the night of October 4, 1967, local fishermen and residents of the village of Shag Harbor watched in the clear and moonless night sky the crash of a brightly luminous object that fell into the sea. Among the witnesses were three members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), as well as civilian pilots who were flying over the southwest coast of Nova Scotia at the time.

Despite the undertaken searches, no wreckage or bodies were found, therefore the observation is still considered inexplicable today – 51 years after the incident. True, countless government and military protocols and documents are dedicated to the incident, which is why it is considered one of the most extensively documented UFO incidents in the history of Canada.

According to the president of the research society and one of the witnesses of the incident, Lauren Wickens, Cousteau’s grandchildren will visit the scene in preparation for the filming of a series of new investigative documentaries. 

“On their arrival, Brother and Sister Cousteau will dive accompanied by local diver David Queta, who has been involved in the investigation of the incident since 1967.”

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Another TR-3B? Huge triangular UFO flew over New York

Another TR-3B? Huge triangular UFO flew over New York 99

A resident of Bronx, New York, on January 16, 2021, saw three UFOs above the houses in his area, moving synchronously in the form of a huge triangle. The brightly shining points were very clearly visible in the night sky.

The man managed to capture a triangle slowly floating in the sky on video (see below) and posted it on his YouTube channel.

Since he was a very modest blogger who had only a few subscribers, his video went unnoticed for several days by UFO lovers, until finally it was re-posted on social networks, and from there it got to news sites.

Huge triangular UFO flew over New York

The video shows how the author of the video is very surprised by what is happening, he looks up into the sky and says:

“They fly nearby and look like stars. It’s a triangle and I don’t know what it is.”

Then he tried to ask someone from the passers-by about whether they knew that it was in the sky, but they could not answer either.

On social networks, this video caused a lot of comments from curious people who offered their versions of what they saw. From the fact that someone has programmed the drones to move in the form of a triangle, to the fact that they are actually Chinese lanterns.

The lantern version was quickly criticized, as the lights move at such a high altitude that Chinese lanterns could not continue to burn so brightly.

The drone version also drew a lot of criticism, because in order to launch several large drones over residential buildings in New York, you need to obtain special permission and it is not so easy.

The most popular was the theory that what he saw was a secret American reconnaissance aircraft TR-3B, about which there have been many rumors for a long time. Allegedly, it was developed on the basis of an alien ship that fell in Roswell, it can move silently and is practically invisible to radars.

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Aliens & UFO's

Indians and aliens – “I was told that there are four aggressive species in the universe, and humans are one of them.”

Indians and aliens - "I was told that there are four aggressive species in the universe, and humans are one of them." 100

Dr. Ardi Sixkiller Clarke, professor emeritus at Montana State University, who is a native of the Cherokee tribe, has studied Indian stories about the “Star People” and collected stories of encounters between aliens and native Indians over the years.

Here is one of the stories she recorded, which she recorded from the words of a female elder named Tali:

I have seen star creatures all my life. The first time I was about 8 years old. I picked berries by the river. I watched the ship descend and land across the river. I crossed the river, stepping carefully over the rocks so as not to get my feet wet. I was curious; I’ve never seen anything like it.

As I approached, the door opened and I went inside. I remember that the star beings greeted me. There were two women. One combed my hair and said that I was beautiful. After that, I often met with them.

Sometimes I brought them flowers, sometimes stones. My grandmother told me that stones have a soul, and I tried to explain it to them. I don’t think they understood. But they taught me to heal with my hands. Star doctors taught me how to treat diseases with my hands. They taught my grandmother how to heal.

When my grandmother died, the star beings were very saddened and I was tasked with continuing her work and learning about herbs and healing people naturally and metaphysically.

They are light, tall and thin. They are much smarter than us, but they are interested in our development. They travel the stars and learn from others throughout the star system. They collect information about the aging process of earthlings. They are trying to understand why we die so young.

Star people live much longer than we do. The normal age for them is 1000 Earth years. They do not have such diseases as we do. Their civilization does not consume alcohol and tobacco.

They choose who they will be, their job and stay on it forever. They become experts in their field, which leads to many discoveries that improve their lives. Star physicians visit Earth constantly. They mostly watch, but all over the world there are “helpers” who serve them. Both my grandmother and I were their assistants.

Star people call themselves observers.

They weren’t cruel. I was told that there are four aggressive species in our universe. People are one of them.”

Dr. Clarke ends the story like this:

“For the next five plus years, I frequently visited the reservation to meet Tali. She remained strong and mobile until her death at 95. On the day of her funeral, several people saw a UFO appear and hover in the sky. I was one of them.”


In the stories of many people who have come into contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, there are references to the fact that they are just observers. It seems that some of these creatures are just curious observers of planet Earth, collecting data, as if some of them are carrying out scientific missions to bring information about other planets and civilizations back to their planet.

We are not alone in the universe. Perhaps one day we ourselves will become aliens for someone exploring another planet.

Can we change?

As for the fact that humans are one of the most violent species in the universe … We are empathetic beings with tremendous potential for good. We really can, but we do not change, and if you were an alien watching what is happening on our planet, you would probably be intimidated by how aggressive and cruel we are …

It is a pity that we are in a group of worlds characterized as aggressive, but I really hope that we will change. People can change, but only by standing at the edge of the abyss and realizing that if they do not change, human civilization will simply disappear. We are already on the edge of the abyss. We have actually destroyed the house we live in and the name of this house is Earth.

Humanity has only two ways – to change or die out.

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