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Solar Cycle 25 and the second sign prophecy: seismic activity is increasing on the Sun

Solar Cycle 25 and the second sign prophecy: seismic activity is increasing on the Sun 1

For 30 years, the Sun has really changed a lot, and many have paid attention to this for a long time. So, the most characteristic example is the rapid yellowing of paper, which was left on the windowsill or in the garden on a rocking chair. In the 1980s, it took a couple of weeks of direct sunlight for a newspaper to turn yellow, but now it shrinks in a day as if it had been sunbathing all summer. 

All this is a well-known fact and what is new in it is that young people began to complain about the change in the Sun, for whom the anomalous sun from childhood was, as it were, a variant of the norm.

Thoughts on why this is happening are very different: the thinning of the ozone layer, the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field, some processes on the Sun, 5G towers, vaccination complications, and so on. In other words, whoever has an interest in a specific topic – he somehow associates it with the sun. 


Anomalies on the Sun are growing every day, and some hefty concentric circles have already gone through the star. And now the circles appear almost every day and each time they are more and more visually obvious. 

Recently, reported the upsetting news that the Sun has once again ejected an X1.5 class ultraviolet flare. The birthplace of the ejection was the sunspot AR3006. This was the twentieth outbreak in a week:

Solar Cycle 25 and the second sign prophecy: seismic activity is increasing on the Sun 2

Solar Cycle 25 is rapidly intensifying and there are many more solar quakes ahead. The mysterious ripples could tell researchers a lot about the magnetic underpinnings of sunspots and how they cause the most powerful flares. 

The topic of “sunquakes” appears in the scientific literature from time to time for a long time and is very confusing to everyone who has at least a general idea of ​​the theory of the structure of stars. For example, how can seismic waves “travel in the bowels of the sun” like traveling through the Earth’s core? 

The density of matter inside the Sun is close to that of a neutron star, and it takes millions of years for light to break through from the center of the Sun to the surface. But a seismic wave, which is basically electromagnetic (atoms press against each other with an electric field, transmitting a wave of increased pressure) cannot be faster than the speed of light. 

The speed of 250,000 miles per hour for a seismic wave on the surface is also very strange. The speed of sound in hydrogen at atmospheric pressure is approximately 4,000 kilometers an hour, and the visible part of the Sun is just hydrogen, and very rarefied. Suppose someone by some miracle formed hydrogen atoms on the surface of the Sun into a crystal having the hardness of a metal. But in iron, the speed of sound is no more than 40,000 kilometers per hour. Faster sound and any seismic wave does not fly anywhere. 

Finally, what is this seismic wave that is accelerating? It goes against all the rules of physics. As the wave propagates, it only loses its energy and the earthquake, which only grows with distance from the epicenter, of course, everyone would like to see. 

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But no one, of course, asks academicians anything about this. Once the academicians mention a “sunquake”, then it is so and it remains only to come up with some sun-faced Richter scale for them. For example, the scale of the name Ra.

If we look at everything closely, we see the melting of the rings of Saturn, the increase in the temperature of Uranus and Neptune, changes in the pattern of the atmospheric whirlpools of Saturn and Jupiter, the pattern of which has been constant since the invention of the telescope. Plus, climatic and seismic wonders on Earth and the Sun.

All together, this again makes us think about the presence in the solar system of some new radiating object. Are we talking about a neutron star, which, due to its 20 kilometer diameter, cannot be seen in any telescope? If some planets hang around this star, will we sooner or later see them?

The second sign prophecy

There is a fragment of a secret medieval text about the End of the World, about which many have not heard:

Here is the second sign: God will send warmth into the world and it will be greater than the wrath of heat with consumption and fever. One hides in deserted places and descends into earthen caves to cool off, the other will ask how the righteous man can be saved from the heat, and the third asks that his soul leave this world as soon as possible.  

This is one of the 10 signs of the arrival of the “Messiah“ in the world and as one of the options for this heat, thermonuclear war is also considered, however, thermonuclear processes are also taking place on the Sun and so far it is very similar that they somehow did not go according to plan. 

More precisely, they are just following the Plan, but only the Plan was not written by people and can only hope that the final stage of the heat will come at least not this summer.  


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