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Social war! Japan wants to link vaccination passports to fingerprints. in Germany, the debate began on quarantine for the unvaccinated

Social war! Japan wants to link vaccination passports to fingerprints. in Germany, the debate began on quarantine for the unvaccinated 1

A demonstration experiment of a computer system with verification of a vaccination certificate using a fingerprint scanner was launched by a group of Japanese companies together with Kyushu University.

The staff of the electronics giant Hitachi and the contractor company Kajima Corporation, together with Kyushu University, will use fingerprint identification technology in the new system.

The developers expect the system to reduce the risk of losing paper vaccination certificates and prevent such records from being tampered with.

Within the system, users register their certificates in a special application for smartphones and save their fingerprints using a Hitachi device. The system then associates the certificate and fingerprints with each other.

A fingerprint scanner, installed at the entrance to a building or any particular room, identifies the user and indicates that he has been vaccinated. According to representatives of the group of companies, the system can also associate a negative result of a recent coronavirus test with a fingerprint, which is also a reason for softening anti-coronavirus measures in Japan.

A demonstration experiment has already been carried out in the Kajima Corporation office building with the participation of the staff working there.

In the future, the group will share the findings with the government’s vaccination registration system and will consider using this system in schools, hospitals and tourist destinations.

The Japanese authorities promised their business after vaccination of all comers in November to soften antiviral restrictions for customers who are either fully vaccinated against coronavirus or have a negative result of a recent coronavirus test.

So far, we are not talking about the forced identification of all Japanese through biometrics, however, achieving the stated goal of preventing falsification of vaccination certificates in the event of the introduction of the new system will require the mandatory transition of all Japanese to biometrics. The main question in this case is whether Japanese society is ready to defend its rights while moving in this direction.

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At the same time, many experts point out that, unlike identifying a person by a changeable password or pin code, biometric data is almost impossible to change. And their possible forgery (and no biometrics recognition system is perfect) makes a person defenseless against intruders.

Debate on quarantine for the unvaccinated begins in Bavaria

The quarantine for unvaccinated residents of Bavaria was called “the last argument” (Ultima Ratio) by the head of the state parliament Ilse Aigner (CSU), the news outlet Münchner Merkur reported on October 25.

According to Merkur, quarantine for unvaccinated residents of Bavaria is “absolutely the last argument” that will be used if hospitals are filled with patients diagnosed with Covid-19.

“We will be forced to act temporarily,” Aigner said.

She believes that quarantine for the unvaccinated will protect medical staff from overload and free up emergency intensive care beds for patients with diagnoses other than Covid-19. However, Aigner demanded that the decision on each tightening be made by the Landestag after discussion. These meaures must be accepted by the population.

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has ruled out quarantine for everyone but he does not rule out the rules for access to the 2G social life (for vaccinated and those recovered from Covid)

His deputy Hubert Eivanger has a different point of view:

“We were and are for the 3G rule (admission to social life for vaccinated, ill and having a negative test ),” he said.

On October 22, Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg proposed a plan to exclude the unvaccinated from public life. This plan is tied to the occupancy of intensive care unit beds for patients diagnosed with Covid-19. The fifth point of the plan, Schallenberg proposed quarantine for unvaccinated residents of Austria.


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