Social credit system implemented covertly? QR Code system in front of supermarkets

Spooky footage from Washington, DC foreshadows what’s coming soon across America and possibly Europe: a social credit system that will require shoppers to scan their QR code to shop for goods.

A concerned and frightened consumer pointed to a series of QR code scanners at the entrance of a Whole Foods in DC:

“Well, basically you can’t go to Whole Foods Market in Washington, DC unless you scan your own QR code and they’re tracking everything you do. This is the future of all grocery stores,” he said, adding “I should boycott Whole Foods.”

“Do I have to have my own QR code to get into Whole Foods?” he asked a colleague, who confirmed that he would indeed need it.

QR codes are seen by alternative media in the US as a fundamental feature of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda that will not only track your spending habits, but your health and vaccination history as part of one’s “Digital Identity”. 

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It won’t be long before this social credit model is used to monitor and control people’s movements, which is already happening in Communist China under the guise of protecting public health. Of course, in America and Europe, things will not be so easy, as the world reacts.

Britain’s ‘social credit system’ will include data from social media and CCTV systems, government documents say

The UK government has made plans to create its own social credit system based on the Chinese Communist Party model, government documents show.

In the paper, Patrick Vallance, UK Government Chief Scientist and one of the architects of Lockdown, raves about the PDA model and how such a system would work in the UK.

The document lists: Social media posts, police records, security camera data, local government records, education records, medical records, and even online purchases will all be included in the system.

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All these elements taken together, which are called “citizen data”, make up all your personal data and in fact deprive you of any privacy.


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