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So how many Covid-19 Booster jabs will there be?

So how many Covid-19 Booster jabs will there be? 9
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The miscalculation of the globalists, or rather, the objective circumstances that somewhat spoil their plans, is that vaccination on the planet does not occur synchronously, but in a non orderly manner. Somewhere, someone has received a third vaccine dose, and somewhere else the first has not begun yet. As a result, the inhabitants of the earth have a rare opportunity to observe, like in a time machine, where everything is going and what will happen to them. 

This is true even within the same country. The action takes place unevenly. People who are still in the “vaccine past” have time to reflect, analyze what is happening in advanced countries, compare, draw conclusions and make the right decision.
Observations show that once you take the vaccine, you are subscribing to a lifelong duress program.

At first we were promised – vaccinate yourself once, once again and that’s it! Then a third “booster” appeared from somewhere. Now it turns out that without re-vaccination, your vaccinated status will be canceled, your QR-code will be taken away, and you will become the same as all the unvaccinated.

Well, now they gave out the cherry on the cake – you will have to get vaccinated against coronavirus annually, seasonally. The seasonal coronavirus vaccine will differ from the flu shot in only one way – it will be mandatory.

How will people perceive it? This is a vector indicating where everything will go, you just need to look at the global trend.

In Israel, citizens without revaccination are deprived of their rights and lowered to the level of those who are not vaccinated at all. Their status has been reset to the same infringed, humiliated, freedomless as before. 

In Australia and Canada, booster vaccinations are in full swing.

In Great Britain, so far only in the form of polite threats, that without a third dose, Her Majesty’s subjects might have “travel difficulties” during the Christmas holidays. As you know, at this time of the year, the British massively migrate on vacation to warm countries, or to ski resorts. Without a booster, they may not be allowed!

So how many Covid-19 Booster jabs will there be? 10
So how many Covid-19 Booster jabs will there be? 11

Here they write that booster injections can become annual to combat new strains.
So how many Covid-19 Booster jabs will there be? 12

Prominent people cautiously express their disapproval:

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So how many Covid-19 Booster jabs will there be? 13

Senior Medical Adviser Dr. Susan Hopkins said elderly and vulnerable people who were double-vaccinated against covid began dying from the virus due to the reduced effectiveness of the injection.

British authorities are worried that immunity from vaccinations will “wash away” over time, and has also acknowledged that:

The vaccinated had lowered immunity. People with a double shot show a reduced immune response to infection compared to people who did not receive the shot. This is according to the British government report for October 21, page 23 (which the media did not report at all) says:

“Recent observations from the UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who contract the infection after two doses of vaccination.”

Germany is not lagging behind either.

The German authorities have advocated the introduction of a universal booster vaccination against COVID-19. “Booster vaccinations in 6 months (after the main course of vaccination. – Ed. ) Should become the rule, not the exception,” – said the acting German Health Minister Jens Spahn on Friday, November 5, after two days of consultations with the relevant ministers of the federal states on the fight against the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Germany.”

When we look at Israel, Australia, Great Britain, we look to the future. This is how it will be everywhere, only taking into account local traditions. There is only one plan, the style of performance may vary. The point of getting covid vaccinations is regularity.

Do you agree to receive booster jabs every year, or every six months, throughout your life? If you don’t agree, is it worth starting?


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