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Aliens & UFO's

Sky watcher records a fleet of huge UFOs around the Sun

Sky watcher records a fleet of huge UFOs around the Sun 7

What’s going on around the sun? What are these huge objects that move near, above and around the Sun? On the afternoon of December 15, 2019, the sky observer Shadab Shaikh from Mangalore, southern Karnataka, India, while testing his camera, a Canon 700D / Canon 55-250mm with solar filter (ND 10stop filter), recorded huge UFO around the sun.

The sky watcher in this period is testing telescope and photographic equipment to prepare, film and photograph the solar eclipse (94%) which will be visible from Mangalore on 26-12-2019.

Sky watcher records a fleet of huge UFOs around the Sun 8

During the test he shot a 30-second video of the Sun and after the clip was copied to his PC he noticed 11 UFOs (like circular light spheres) that moved in front of and around the sun.

Sky watcher records a fleet of huge UFOs around the Sun 9

Some of the UFOs seem to move fast and others seem to move slowly. Some in a straight line and others in a curved path and a UFO even passes in front of the sun, then makes a U-turn and moves in the direction from which it just arrived. What could be the reason why so many alien ships show themselves near the sun?

Sky watcher records a fleet of huge UFOs around the Sun 10

UFO experts have always remembered that the Sun is a large Stargate, where a singularity takes place almost once a week, that is, a black hole (worm hole). Extraterrestrial civilizations who want advanced access to our solar system, with black holes as large as Earth, can do so through the STARGATE of our Sun.

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