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Aliens & UFO's

Sky watcher observes “Alien Spaceships” passing in front of planet Jupiter

Sky watcher observes "Alien Spaceships" passing in front of planet Jupiter 7

On the evening of December 13, 2019, the famous Sky watcher and UFO hunter nicknamed “BruceSeesall”, while using his CGXL1400 HD telescope with a Nikon D-850 camera mounted on the telescope, filmed more alien spaceships as they cross facing the planet Jupiter.

  Sky watcher observes "Alien Spaceships" passing in front of planet Jupiter 8

Everyone now knows BruceSeeSall, known for previous UFO recordings in deep space like UFOs near the Orion Nebula, showed that these alien spaceships probably driven by advanced extraterrestrial races often follow a fixed flight path in space.

Sky watcher observes "Alien Spaceships" passing in front of planet Jupiter 9

Sky watcher observes "Alien Spaceships" passing in front of planet Jupiter 10

The video below shows the alien spaceships coming from the right with respect to the video, which cross the planet Jupiter to disappear again in deep space. Many UFO experts agree that in space there are cosmic highways where spaceships of various ET races fly. Unfortunately the elite of power does not want us to know about all this, so it is kept secret from us. A great deception perpetrated by the powerful around the world. Earth is nothing but a planet of cosmic detention !!


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Aliens & UFO's

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