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Sixty Meter Tall Pyramid Found Off Coast of Azores Island

Sixty Meter Tall Pyramid Found Off Coast of Azores Island 1

Legends of an advanced prehistoric civilization known as Atlantis have been around since the beginning of history, but previously those who searched for it were divided whether or not it was located near the Azores, South America or elsewhere. From as far back as Plato it was suggested the original builders of the pyramids lived west of Gibraltar, but findings of Machu Picchu, and other curiosities in the Mediterranean, led people to believe it was on the other side of the Atlantic.According to Diocleciano Silva, the newly discovered Pyramid is sixty meters tall with a base of approximately 8,000 square meters. It is around forty meters below water and aligned with the four cardinal compass directions, similar to the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Azores are a chain of nine volcanic islands in three main groups that are 930 miles west of Lisbon. They are above what is known as a geological triple junction where the North American, Eurasian, and African tectonic plates meet. They were recolonized in 1941, but artifacts have been found suggesting they had been previously inhabited. Those artifacts are thought to have predated Christ by a few thousand years, but the location of the pyramid has been below water for 20,000 years since the last ice age.


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