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Sinister Occult Logos Used by Technology Corporations

Everywhere, we are being constantly bombarded with occult logos and symbols. Like, for instance, the occult logos used by corporations. There is an underlying sorcery connected to them, intended to have an unconscious effect on us. Remember, the insignia and hidden meaning behind corporate occult logos is seen by the corporations owning them with their products as a symbolic representation that they control a deaf, dumb and blind public who are totally unaware of what is going on. The sinister and creepy occult logos used by corporations in technology are no exception.

As with the other occult logos the recurring patterns and occulted connections of these technology logos can be recognized. Then their intended unconscious effects can be neutralized.

In reflection of this, here is a brief overview of some of the occult logos used by technology corporations.

Freemasons occult connections can be found in a number of technology-based corporate logos. The fact that there are only a limited number of Masonic symbols available and that they are frequently used by many major technology corporations makes it virtually impossible to dismiss them as mere coincidence when chosen over an infinite number of alternative deigns:

The Freemasons are a major world controller. A number of major corporations such as Wal-Mart and McDonald’s were founded by Freemasons. Many American Presidents and British Prime Ministers have been Freemasons. It’s no surprise that the Masonic influence extends itself into technology corporations…

2. X – More than just a letter in the alphabet!

X is known to be an important symbol in occult societies. In these groups X is considered to be a symbol of ‘transformation.’ (Therefore, Is X used to represent technology products because they are considered to be innovative..?)

After going through a number of rituals Freemasons reaching the 17th degree of Freemasonry are symbolised by X – the symbol of transformation… Thus, in the Marvel comics and films the X-Men mutants represent transformation with their superpowers.

Also, note that in the transformation, the X and O (circle) symbols are conveyed in the technology occult logos. It is said that X and O together represent the fusion of opposites in the dualistic nature of reality…

X also represents a symbol of death (as in the ‘Skull and Bones’). Then there’s X as in X marks the spot, symbolizing a location, mark-up, or a planned Illuminati event

Finally, X is referred to as the ‘mark of the beast.’

For details on all these features of the X symbol go here.

3. Saturn and the Cube

Saturn occult symbolism has been frequently associated with the cube. It heavily symbolises the matrix of control. For background information on this, go here.

One such sinister and creepy looking technology-based logo can be seen in a computer game called Orwell. The logo looks like Saturn’s hexagonal 6-pointed star.

The game invites you to become a virtual reality expert spy through monitoring imaginary citizen’s activities!

Indeed, these days, with so many governmental fascist snoops bent on monitoring just about every aspect of our lives, the idea of desensitizing the effects of us spying on other fellow citizens would be welcomed by our control freak government in the Orwell game.

4. 666

The association of negativity with ‘666’ symbolism originates with the ‘mark of a beast’ reference in the Bible’s book of Revelation… Some may consider the above CERN logo with the hidden ‘666’ to be fitting when considering CERN’S sinister involvement in the occult… 

Some more hidden ‘666’ symbolism. Notice the disturbing resemblance of Vodafone’s logo compared to the Klu Klux Klan’s (right).

The first Apple computer went on sale for $666.66, coincidence??

5. Pyramid One-Eye Symbolism 

Like the other symbols pyramid and one-eye occult symbolism has negative connotations.

Many surveillance technology companies have the luciferian pyramid one-eye symbolism:


Whether it’s with technology or other corporations, when these occult logos are exposed, it gives us some idea of how deep the matrix illusion programme runs. How deep the deceptive manipulations are, spun and run by those in high places who want to control us.

However, upon realization of this, we become more conscious and no longer at the effect of these logos.

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A Very Pagan Christmas Special

Explore the dark origins of Christmas with this pagan Christmas special from Macabre Mondays.

When you dig just under the surface of modern Christmas you begin to find the joyous holiday full of ghosts, monsters, and other darkness. For creeps like us it’s basically a second Halloween. Colder, yes, but with equal amounts of macabre merriment.

Macabre Mondays host Malia Miglino invites you to join her festivities as she explores the holiday’s pagan roots:

Human sacrifice, Yule logs, mistletoe…what do all 3 of these things have in common? Easy – Christmas AND Paganism. I’m breaking the door open on the origins of Christmas and Creeps, it’s DARK.

From the ancient Romans who celebrated Saturnalia to the Vikings who poisoned human sacrifices with mistletoe to Charles Dickens ghost stories….the history of Christmas is long, varied, dark and stolen. So grab some wine, prepare a feast and settle in for a crazy night of lore and Yule while I celebrate with some of my favorite ghosts of Christmas’s past.

For more Macabre Mondays subscribe on Youtube right here.

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Satanic ‘Snaketivity’ on Display for Christmas in Illinois Capitol

The Satanic Temple of Chicago installed a sculpture of a hand holding an apple with a snake wrapped around it for the holidays.

Satanic Snaketivity on display in the Illinois State Capitol for Christmas
Snaketivity on display in Springfield, Il.

“Fill your eyes and ears with Satanic holiday cheer! The Snaketivity is here!” the Satanic Temple of Chicago posted on Instagram this week.

The “Snaketivity” is a black resin sculpture of a hand holding an apple with a snake wrapped around it. The base reads, “Knowledge is the greatest gift.” It is currently on display for the holiday season in Springfield alongside a menorah, a Christmas tree, and a Nativity scene.

More weird holiday cheer:

When the Satanic Temple announced the plan in November, they wrote that the Snaketivity would be “bringing a message to the Illinois state capital that religious freedom means freedom of representation for ALL religions… not just the ones that don’t offend Christians.”

With a plea to “Please consider what you may do to help us bring Satan to Springfield!,” the group raised $1,700 on GoFundMe for their Satanic holiday display.

Satanic Snaketivity on display in the Illinois State Capitol for Christmas

Satanic Snaketivity on display in the Illinois State Capitol for Christmas

“I suppose it is their free speech rights to do that, so I can’t deny that. But do I agree with it? Absolutely not,” one interviewee told WBMF News. “I can’t disagree with the statement in itself but when it’s coming from a satanic or a cult group, my response would be that everything about Satan is a lie.”

“I think it’s inappropriate because it’s not something that should be displayed for a lot of people to be offended by,” said another. “I would be offended by that myself.”

The statue will remain on display in the Illinois State Capitol until Dec. 29.

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Exquisite New Edition of 16th Century Occult Tome

Bring this once banned book of science and the occult back to life with a beautiful new edition from Black Letter Press.

Black Letter Press is crowdfunding an exquisitely illustrated new edition of Natural Magick by Giambattista della Porta, the 1558 book about the occult that was listed in an idex of forbidden books.

From the IndieGoGo campaign:

Natural Magick was first published in 1558. Giambattista della Porta was a magus, or a natural magician, who searched nature for similarities that would serve to build a broad template of forced understanding of seeming likenesses, looking for the great connector in the exceptional and the unusual, the stuff outside of the formerly Aristotlean world.

Porta writes in the first chapter, defining the word “magic”: “Magic took her name and original [sic] from Persia… In the Persian language, a Magician is nothing else but one that expounds and studies divine things; and it is the general name of wise-men in that country… Magic was begun in Persia by Zoroastres”. Therefore it is not a book of ceremonial magic, spells or any religious topics but an encyclopedic work of natural wonders, a gold-mine of information and clever wishfulness written at a time when science was still in its infancy. Magic is described as a specific science of natural objects.

Natural Magic concerns itself with a variety of subjects della Porta had investigated such as magic, alchemy, optics, geometry, cryptography, magnetism, agriculture, the art of memory, munitions, and many other topics, all grouped together and refined, distilled, into a compendium of natural knowledge.

While some of della Portas described Experiments on living animals and Humans might seem curious and quite cruel to the modern reader, his researches in optics were visionary. He gave the world the first published description of the convex lens and the camera obscura. Though he did not invent these, his work is perfecting and describing them, and their inclusion in Natural Magick, contributed to the dissemination of this knowledge.

The first edition of Natural Magic (1558) ended up on the spanish Index of forbidden Books due to Porta’s naturalistic approach to witchcraft and necromantic arts. A second version in 1589 was purged of the infamous – and one of the few passed on – recipes for a witches unguent. Della Porta speculates in this banned chapter, that the witches flight and orgiastic encounters with demons and the devil had a natural explanation. Hallucinogenic plants were used to create the flying ointment – a material substance with occult, but non-demonic properties.

A new edition of Natural Magick by Giambattista Dell Porta from Black Letter Press

A new edition of Natural Magick by Giambattista Dell Porta from Black Letter Press

Back this project on IndieGoGo right here.

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