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Silver in color with yellowish eyes, capable of disappearing: Predators land in Peru and began hunting the local population

Silver in color with yellowish eyes, capable of disappearing: Predators land in Peru and began hunting the local population 1

Many readers have undoubtedly seen the old movie about the adventures of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the jungles of Central America. According to the plot, an elite group of special forces led by Arnie stumbled upon a clearing with torn bodies that could not be identified on their rescue mission. Realizing that the operation failed and on the way to the extraction point, it becomes clear that something invisible, merging with the forest, is hunting them. It hunts, methodically killing one after another, taking away a terrible trophy – a skull with a spine.

As insiders from special forces have long been saying, the story is based on real events – something like this really happened, and more than once, therefore, as soon as “global warming” began, ufologists joked from time to time that Predators would soon arrive again and will start hunting for the summer is hot. And although at first glance it looked like a joke, in fact, things seem to be very serious. That’s what all the regional newspapers in South America are writing about now.  

Strange events are taking place in Alto Nanay County, Mainas Loreto Province, where the Iquitu indigenous community claims to have seen creatures immune to their hunting weapons, over two meters tall, silvery in color and with huge heads. These creatures have spread fear and terror in this remote jungle community.

The first reports of these creatures appeared in mid-July. They are able to disappear into the depths of the night, making it almost impossible to find them.

“These creatures are aliens. They appear to be armored like the green goblin from Spider-Man. I shot him twice at point-blank range, but he didn’t die, but got up and disappeared,” Jairo Reátegui Ávila, the elder of the local settlement, tells reporters.

Reátegui reported that these creatures attacked the teenager and slit his throat. They are dressed in silver-colored suits that are resistant to firearms. They have elongated heads covered by a dark mask with yellow visors. They see very well in the dark and move very quickly, they are real moving specialists.

In connection with this situation, the worried population turned to the authorities and demanded a military presence for their protection. In the meantime, locals organized night patrols on a voluntary basis.

As you can see, the situation is not staged – resident crowds of several villages is clearly frightened, the men run through the jungle and shoot with shotguns at everything that moves.

This is how everything really happens. The summer is hot now, the Predators are back and started to hunt while the local TV shows this:

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