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Signs that we actually live inside a Matrix-type drill and it is breaking

Signs that we actually live inside a Matrix-type drill and it is breaking 1

Scientists and technologists have been debating and asking if we are living in a simulation, something like the ‘Matrix’ movies in which a character called ‘The Architect’ describes how he has designed a mathematically precise world in which humans live. their lives without being aware that they are in a world of digital dreams.

Here are some obvious indications that we are living in a world of holographic dreams of mathematical precision and some crucial signs that we are waking up.

1. Fractals everywhere:

Everything in this world, from our galaxies, to clouds, coasts, leaves, shells, body parts, neurons, are fractals created through repeated mathematical patterns that can be easily programmed and projected in a simulation from A computer using simple rules. So where is this computer that has programmed our fractal universe?

2. Sacred Geometry:

As revealed in fractals, everything has an associated geometry, which is simply mathematics that appear visually in nature, at cosmic and tiny levels, either in the movement of the planets or in the corollas of flowers, or in Atomic and subatomic structures. For example: the flower or the life and forms of merkaba. Is there really a person or AI out of somewhere, who has programmed our world in this way?

3. Great holographic design:

Fractals may indicate that the general design of the universe is holographic, a projection where each part contains the whole within itself.
The patterns we see in the physical world, whether in the large macroscopic universe of spiral galaxies or at the smallest microscopic levels of subatomic components, all indicate a holographic projection of, as if projected directly from a “superior” computer that He has simulated our world. What seems to us many billions of years of creation will be relatively a few moments or days for the simulator in parallel with the multi-religious concepts of the 7 Days of Creation of God or the Kalpas of Brahma in the dream world of Vishnu if we see time and the relative and inter-dimensional. Who is this God and where is He or She or who is projecting the world?

4. Lucid imagination and dreams:

Our mind through hypnogogic imagination and dreams can simulate reality with as much precision or better than any well-known advanced computer. With practice we can see, smell, taste, feel emotions, talk, hear, touch, walk, fly and even read books in our dreams as clearly and lucidly as we do in real life. If we wrote down our dreams every night and practiced meditation, we would be able to remember and be lucid in our dreams in order to be “alive” and “conscious” in them. Similarly, we can also master how to imagine and create a fantasy world in our waking hours by clearly seeing images, words, symbols and visions in our third eye that can be equally lucid if we are sufficiently relaxed and focused. Our mind (subconscious and conscious) can perfectly simulate reality in dream states, either in meditation or in sleep. We also have devices that can help us experience lucidity at will, although we don’t really need them. Do we all have our own internal powers to simulate reality without computers?

5. Clairvoyance:

With practice we find that our dreams are not simply images and random sensations gathered by our subconscious, but also provide symbolic or clear information regarding our past, present or future. Sometimes we can see exact visions of situations in our dreams like the ones we would experience later. Similarly, with training we can develop our meditative vision or the third eye to see our past, present or future clearly as well. This is not limited to the vision but also to all our senses, through which we can not only see but touch, feel, smell, hear and taste something of our past, distance or future as if we were really there and We can also verify that it is accurate through our direct experience over time. In this way time becomes another dimension that we experience and we can move backward or forward. Although science or physics can lead us to travel in time as shown in “interstellar,” we can also have meditative experiences of the same when we are really ready or awake. How many of us are awake beyond time?

6. Telepathy:

All minds are one mind. This can only be verified through telepathic awareness. We all have moments of telepathy although we could have easily ruled this out. We have contacted mentally to know who is about to call, what we will be told, even to give a message to someone through our mental or heart communication instead of through letters or the Internet. In our technological era we have developed a dependence on the devices, however if we continue to meditate we can be recipients or projectors of messages and visions that can reach others or us through others. The remote vision of any place or situation through long distance, psychometrics or remote vision or perception through an object, or simply the sensation of telepathic energy is possible and verified by psychics who are developing their abilities. This only indicates that we are in fact interconnected in our reality and that any separation from our minds is a mere illusion like our energy networks through space and time through all and everything. Could we all be energetically interconnected with each other through time and space?

7. Synchronicity:

Things happen that make us believe that there are no coincidences in life. Just as our dreams are not mere random sensations and thoughts gathered by our unconscious mind, our reality around us is also not a mere collection of random events. We can see signs of synchronicity in the way something or someone suddenly appears and we just thought about it. Just as our navigation data or daily life is secretly tracked through our phones and computers to present us with messages and announcements that are ‘relevant content’, our universe also ‘out of nothing’ presents us with relevant content based on the patterns of our mind. We can see numbers and patterns everywhere that tell us that things are less random and more interconnected than we imagine. A random choice of tarot cards could not be so random if you give us a message or an accurate picture of what is really happening or will happen in our lives. At any time we can see clear signs of a meaningful connection not only with others, but with everything in the world.

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8. Law of Attraction:

We all know that we attract what we think, what we believe and what we are. Our hidden and conscious mind is playing in our reality when we can see our life move in a way that our mind moves. Negative thoughts, attitudes, feelings and beliefs create negative experiences while positive ones create positive experiences in our daily lives. Often some practice is needed to break the negative patterns through consciousness and replace them with ideas and patterns of life or positive beliefs that transform our lives by reprogramming our consciousness. Are we the programmers of our individual or collective universe?

9. Magic Manifestation:

With enough practice of the power of our mind, emotions and visualization, we can really project situations, experiences and even real people, through our mind as if our mind were the magical computer that is creating or simulating the projection around us that we call reality . It may be difficult for skeptics to believe this, but those who practice these skills can gain direct experiences of creating or manifesting their lives not only unconsciously but very consciously at will. We no longer have the illusion that we are controlled from outside AI simulators or the gods of heaven, or that we are in another person’s dream world as a mere character. We see our own power of creation and our own life as a lucid dream that we can control at will to influence any event in our world. If something and someone can be projected in our lives at our will, then who is the creator of our universe?

10 virtual reality video games

People think that virtual reality movies and television programs will not be left behind. This type of entertainment is the closest we have come to create a completely realistic simulation, in which you can see and touch another world or another life. Isn’t it fascinating?

Or is it not? Has another civilization already created a completely realistic simulation and got us into it? Philosopher Nick Bostrom of the University of Oxford believes that it is very likely that we are living in a simulation. Bostrom bases this on the principle that all civilizations are very likely to reach a point where their technology is so advanced that they can perform simulations where participants never suspect they are in a simulation. It makes you a little paranoid, doesn’t it?

11 Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly advanced

The story of The Matrix began with humans creating computers with artificial intelligence that took over the world. In our world, artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more sophisticated every year.

Just as our ability to create video games with RV shows that civilizations are getting better at creating simulations, our ability to create AI shows that civilizations are getting better at creating independent machines. What would happen if the civilization that preceded us already created an AI so sophisticated that the machines took over the world and all of us were their sources of energy? Of course, all this is only theoretical. But it is certainly a matter of concern! I bet that after you read the rest of these messages your mind will be wandering like crazy – even through your dreams.

12 Math Runs The World
Have you ever wondered why the same numbers still appear in your math and science classes? Pi, the speed of light, Planck’s constant, the gravitational constant … the list goes on. The fact that we continue to see the same numbers and equations that govern the movement of objects points to the conclusion that our universe can actually be a computer program.

This is a somewhat circular argument. We cannot know for sure if mathematical equations make the universe work because we are in a simulation, or because this is how the universe really works. Is energy always equal to mass by the speed of light squared (E = MC²) because someone designed it that way, or because this is how things worked? We may never know.

13 We can’t observe anything too closely

Microscopes have come a long way since they were first invented. Thanks to microscopes we can observe the inside of the cells and fertilize the embryos in petri dishes. Electron microscopes allow us to really observe atoms. But when we try to get closer than that, everything looks blurry.

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We know that atoms are made up of smaller particles, but when we try to observe those smaller particles, we cannot get a clear picture. Why? Astrophysicist George Smoot believes that this is what happens when you look too closely at a computer screen: you only see a lot of blurry pixels. We may not have the technology to observe subatomic particles yet. But we also may not be able to get so close because we are in a computer program.

14 Subatomic particles are governed by codes

You would probably need a graduate degree in quantum physics to fully understand this theory, but here is the simplest version: Protons and neutrons are made of smaller particles called quarks. According to researcher James Gates, the behavior of quarks is governed by certain rules, and those rules are very similar to the codes that are executed by web browsers and search engines. By that logic, the rules that govern the subatomic particles that compose us could actually be computer codes. However, this observation does not necessarily mean that computer codes precede subatomic codes. We may have a small problem with the egg and the chicken. Or, the similarities could be just a coincidence. But if you ask me, this could be a major problem for which we can never find the answer.

15 The measurement problem

The problem of measurement is a paradox in quantum physics that nobody has been able to explain … yet. The concept is quite confusing but the simplified version is this: Something can only be defined when it is observed. It’s the problem with Schrödinger’s Cat: until the box is opened and the cat is looked at, it is alive and dead at the same time.

Some quantum physicists think that the problem of measurement, and other paradoxes of quantum mechanics, can be explained by the fact that we are living in a simulation. Just like a video game needs a conscious player, Schrödinger’s Cat needs a conscious observer. On the other hand, the fact that we do not understand the problem of measurement does not mean that the solution is that we are living in a simulation.

16 The Big Bang makes no sense

In the StarTalk podcast, Neil deGrasse Tyson and theoretical physicist Brian Greene suggested that we are probably living in a simulation because the “Big Bang” – the explanation of how our universe formed – does not make mathematical sense.

Greene said: “We used to consider the Big Bang as a unique event that gave rise to a universe, but mathematics shows that not all that fuel is spent on a single big bang. In fact, the bang itself ends up generating more of the fuel generated by other bang, other universes. ”

The idea is that there are multiple universes, and our universe could be a simulation created by people from another universe. The idea that there are multiple universes, however, does not necessarily prove that ours is that of simulation, if any of them is.

17 We are very, very lucky to exist

In elementary school of astronomy, it is learned that the Earth is close enough to the sun to sustain life. If we were closer or further away, the planet would not be hospitable to life.

This is not the only fortunate circumstance that had to occur for life to exist. For example, if dark energy, the energy that exists in the vacuum of space, were even slightly stronger than it is today, the stars could not have formed. Without stars, there would be no planets, much less hospitable planets.

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How the hell were we so lucky that the conditions of our universe were adequate for humans to come into existence? One possible answer is that we were not lucky. Someone programmed the force of dark matter, and other variables necessary to sustain life, in a computer system.

18 There’s a guy who can actually fold spoons

Finally an example that you don’t need a physics degree to understand! Uri Geller is an illusionist famous for his trick of folding spoons, a trick that appears in The Matrix. The young man who folds the spoon tells Neo: “Don’t try to fold the spoon, that’s impossible.” Instead, just try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. ” Is Uri Geller bending spoons when he realizes that we are actually living in a computer simulation? Probably not. This video shows how it is really very easy to fold a spoon with your fingers only, making it appear that you are bending it with your mind. Sorry to tell you that, but it’s all an illusion. Watch the video for you to see for yourself and then try to surprise your friends and family with your new “skill.”

19 Mysterious disappearances happen all the time

The author, David Paulides, has spent his entire career compiling books full of cases of mysterious disappearances, in which people seem to have disappeared from the face of the Earth. Paulides does not offer a concrete explanation of all the disappearances, but makes it clear that he thinks there is more than just coincidences.

What if all these disappearances could be explained by the fact that we are living in a simulation? What if the people who have disappeared have discovered how to pick up a phone to leave the matrix? This is only one possible explanation among a lot of strange explanations (such as alien abductions and portals to alternative dimensions), but it sure is interesting and is making us scratch our heads in search of answers …

20 The burden of the brain is one thing

In The Matrix, characters can learn new skills simply by connecting to a computer. At the time the movie came out, this concept was pure science fiction. But a breakthrough in 2016 indicated that it could soon be a scientific fact.

Researchers in California discovered a way to teach people to fly a plane by transmitting a simulation to the participants using electrode caps. Of course, it is not as simple as the movie, where Neo learns Kung Fu through a computer program. The participants did not go from zero pilot knowledge to perfect knowledge only with the use of caps. But they did improve their piloting skills significantly more than the control group. This result indicates that learning through “brain load” may one day be possible.

21 MIT Artificial Neural Fibers

In 2015, MIT discovered a way to send visual stimuli and drugs directly to the brain using artificial neural fibers. The researchers designed these neuronal fibers to study how the brain works; They can provide more detailed information on neuronal activity than previous brain mapping technologies. The researchers also hope to use the devices to treat neurological disorders. Which would be a great discovery that would help those with neurological disorders!

These artificial neural fibers were not designed for the purpose of implanting information directly into someone’s brain. But they could possibly be used for that purpose if necessary. This is just one more proof that we will reach the point where learning through brain loading is a reality. One day, friends. One day.

22 The Phenomenon of Multiple Personalities

The psychological condition we call “multiple personalities” is officially called Dissociative Identity Disorder (TID). Psychologists do not know for sure what causes this condition. Some think it is a side effect of traumatic experiences at an early age. While others think that it is not even a real condition; Everything is in your head.

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But one possible explanation for the DID comes from The Matrix. Do you remember how Agent Smith can take control of other people’s bodies? It is possible that people who suffer from YES really have their bodies kidnapped, so to speak, by agents. People with SID report that when an alternative personality takes control, they don’t remember anything that happened while that personality was in control. You may not remember because your body was temporarily taken hostage. Hmmm …

23 Facts of superhuman strength

In The Matrix, Neo learns that he is capable of superhuman strength and speed. That is until he discovers that The Matrix is ​​like a video game in which he can cheat. In our universe, superhuman feats happen. I’m not talking about weightlifters who lift 800 pounds after training their bodies for years. I am talking about people who are suddenly able to lift cars.

An example is Tom Boyle. When he saw a motorcyclist being hit by a car and trapped underneath, he rushed to help. Although the maximum weight he had lifted was 700 pounds, he was able to lift the car (which weighed 3,000 pounds) from the motorcyclist so that the car driver would release him. Was Tom cheating with the Matrix rules like Trinity and Neo? Well … the scientific explanation of Tom’s story is the “fight or flight” response, which pumps adrenaline into your body. But that explanation does not rule out the Matrix.

24 Fermi’s paradox

The Fermi Paradox asks the following question: If there are billions of Earth-like planets in the universe that could support intelligent life, why have we not heard from anyone else? Many of these planets are older than ours. We know this because their suns are older than ours. Wouldn’t that indicate that other intelligent species in other parts of the universe have had enough time to evolve and develop the technology needed to communicate with us?

One possible answer to the question is that they have been communicating with us, but the government has kept these communications secret. Another possibility is that we are alone because in reality we are in a simulation that does not include simulated life on other planets.


The universe seems to have been created on mathematical laws. This could reflect the coding that was used by a creative race. The Fibonacci Sequence is a simple pattern of numbers where each number is the sum of the previous two. This can be observed repeatedly throughout the universe as if it were a predetermined code. It can be easily seen in the shapes of pine cones, spiral seashells and galaxies and DNA. It is almost as if the creators of our universe had been pleased with their design and started copying and pasting.


Isn’t it interesting that we can identify certain personality traits, purposes and strengths and weaknesses of a sequence of numbers that are aligned with you from the moment they were incarnated? In Pythagorean Numerology, your natal chart and your letter of names reveal precise truths about your true project. What is most notable is that these influences are apparent in all other people who share the same number of sequences. This software developer deserves a raise!


Electron microscopes allow us to observe atoms. But when we try to get closer than that, everything looks blurry. Atoms are made up of smaller particles, but when we try to observe those smaller particles, they become blurry. The same happens when we look too close to a computer screen. We only see blurred pixels. Maybe we don’t have the technology to observe the subatomic particles yet. Maybe we can’t get so close because we are in a computer program?


If we were closer or further from the sun, the planet would not sustain life. We also know that if the dark energy, which exists in the vacuum of space, were only a little more powerful than it is today, the stars could not have formed resulting in any planet, much less habitable planets. Was this just luck or did someone create a computer program to support life?

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We are all an awake consciousness present simultaneously in our projected universe and within ourselves. While science and religions look around us to find the source of this projected holographic reality, meditation helps us to look inside and discover who we are.


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