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Signs of the end of times: is humanity really superfluous on planet Earth

Signs of the end of times: is humanity really superfluous on planet Earth 1

Even the ancients said that those who live in an era of change are not lucky. And it seems that all of humanity is now in the unenviable position that we are witnessing a great cosmic reset. How does it manifest itself and how does it affect people? And what needs to be done in order not to become superfluous on this planet?

Secrets become apparent

The world is changing, and all changes come from space. Everything that happens in the higher spheres is reflected and will be reflected on Earth. Every day we are getting closer to a new era, which is called the Age of Aquarius. This is the era of information, when a huge amount of knowledge, now hidden, will be revealed to people.

The transition from one era to another can be compared to the rebirth of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. But for this, the caterpillar must first go through the death of the cocoon. And this process is very difficult, because we, the people, will have to go through the unknown. We do not know what is ahead of us, how the transformation will take place.

Time to wake up

We can say that we are now at the end of time. New trends create new laws. More and more people are awakening, but many are still in deep sleep. Not everyone will wake up and enter the new era.

The forces that control the world are watching our every move. People are deprived of the opportunity to freely say what they think. These forces have been using technology for a very long time in order to completely brainwash the townsfolk.

Those in power are afraid that more and more people are awakening and trying to tell the truth, because the truth has the ability to awaken others. We live in a matrix, an illusory world, the Awakened destroy it.

And this is the reason why we are now seeing so many destructive processes. Wars, provocations, conflicts, catastrophes are trying to distract people from what is really happening around.

Many people think that the end of the world is near and in a way they are right. The global disease and all sorts of restrictions introduced in almost every country give reason to think that things can’t get any worse. At the same time, this is the beginning of something new. And all we can do in this situation is to accept the changes that are coming.

In many countries, restrictions are beginning to be lifted, but in fact this is an external disguise, because if the reins are not loosened, then people will go out to protest, as, for example in Canada.

Dark forces viciously oppress us

Now there is a great division between the material world and the spiritual. The spiritual world contains vibrations of love. The material has low vibrations of guilt, grief, sadness, aggression and hatred, this world is controlled through fear.

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The bulk of people are stuck in the material world, based on fear. Their goal is to get as many values ​​as possible, to provide for themselves. The dark forces that are currently ruling our planet need only this. They provoke further division of people on various grounds – religious, national, political, belonging to a particular state.

Love of the Creator

Dark forces are opposed by light, spiritual ones. The love of the high fifth dimension is the love of the Creator. This love is not the same as the earthly love we are accustomed to. The love of the physical world exists as long as there is attraction, passion, material interests between people.

The love of the Lord (Creator, Supreme Being, the Almighty) is the force of attraction of the cosmos. When this love touches us, everything dissolves in it, it is purified. The person is transformed to a higher level.

When this love touches one person, it spreads through him and touches thousands of people. This chosen person has to go from a caterpillar to a butterfly, as if he dies in a cocoon, in order to be reborn later.

That person was Jesus Christ.

This love brings harmony with God, the cosmos, the universe. It raises people to the highest vibrations, awakens them, leads to global transformations and ascension.

Unfortunately, humanity has not yet grown to this level of love. Many talk about this love, but only a few have touched it.

Why God allows the existence of evil, troubles and bad people

God, of course, is able to stop, for example, a murderer from a bad deed – and probably the sinner will believe and live a godly life. But he will do this not because of his heart, but because of the compulsion to do good, under the fear of God.

God, however, gave us free will and reason, and wants us to do good not under pressure, not out of fear of God’s wrath, not because of the promise of posthumous euphoria, but because we ourselves want it.

He does not stop even the most evil people, because otherwise they would not become good on their own, but only because of his intervention. They have to figure it out for themselves or not. But in any case, it must happen, manifest in the world.

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That is why it is funny and bitter to see people waging wars, human hands pressing the triggers of machine guns, and God is being blamed for the war. Do not blame God for our deeds. Take responsibility now.

The earth is tired of enduring

Another sign of the end times is nature, which speaks to us through various changes. We see natural disasters and weather anomalies everywhere. The planet itself is trying to attract the attention of man.

If people do not draw the necessary conclusions, then a very harsh response will follow from our planet. People should realize that we are coming here for a very short period of time. We are guests on this planet, and we must abide by the rules of the place we come to, namely, the laws of nature.

We imagined ourselves to be kings, to whom the law was not written. The earth has endured for a long time, but her patience is not unlimited. Nature and the Earth are tired of ungrateful and impudent guests.

Look for the Light within yourself

The matrix we live in is an energy vampire. In this matrix, everything is arranged against the Divine rules. It is absolutely not normal to be transformed into something else dictated by ‘teleformation’, a propaganda which goes against the Divine plan and the laws of nature.

We did not come into this world to be remade to please someone. The Lord did not give us bodies so that someone would later lead us into an illusory race for material goods and contribute to the violation of moral laws.

It’s time to wake up and understand that the matrix of illusions is not where a person should live. This does not mean that you need to completely abandon material wealth. It is necessary to bring balance, harmony into this world – the spiritual and material must be balanced.

The whole material system is built on lies, and it has already begun to collapse. All spheres of life are now in collapse. And this is not the limit, the situation will be aggravated. More and more signs will appear saying that it is necessary to disconnect from this system.

This deceitful system is increasingly causing people to experience depression, fear and panic. It was built by dark forces and contains very dense negative energies.

Imagine that you are in a room in which there is absolute darkness. You don’t see anything. This is the system of our material world. True knowledge and the Divine conductor is Light. Look for interaction with your Divine beginning, with your soul. Expand your consciousness, use your intuition, listen to your inner voice.

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Work on oneself gradually leads to Light. The Inner Light will illuminate the road, you will see where to move in a dark room.

In order for us not to be superfluous on our planet, it is necessary to transform spiritually and live according to the laws of the universe, and not follow the forces of evil.


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