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Shutdown Technologies, Elysium and UFOs. The new revolutionary concept of what could be happening

Shutdown Technologies, Elysium and UFOs. The new revolutionary concept of what could be happening 1

Many technologies powerful enough to shut down entire industries have been invented in the modern history of mankind, but all of them were either discredited or hushed up, and subsequently forgotten, washed out of the sources, and the inventors suddenly died tragically, or simply became silent. For example, perpetual motion machines based on magnets, cold thermonuclear fusion and transmutation of substances, mercury as a source of many breakthrough technologies, etc.  

No one has ever refuted all these inventions strictly scientifically, but for all sorts of different reasons they were not allowed into the life of mankind. 

Shutdown Technologies, Elysium and UFOs. The new revolutionary concept of what could be happening 2

The Hypothesis reasoning

What if the leading world powers are working on a new generation of weapons today in deep secrecy an we are moving into the area of ​​conscious interaction with the noosphere, where there is an impact on the consciousness of other people not only through the media, but also through the information space.

A shocking reasoning could be ‘injected’ here about the height of flights above the ground, in conjunction with climatic and stratospheric weapons. If we take as an example a globe with a diameter of approximately 1.4 meters, if we look at scale, then planes fly over this globe at an altitude of only 1 millimeter. Can you imagine what you can see on a globe with a diameter of 1.4 meters from a height of 1 mm? 

You used to think that “I can see everything from above, you just know it.” And astronauts on this scale fly over the globe at a height of 2-3 cm. You won’t see much either. 

What if there are very vast territories on earth, for example, somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean, over which no one ever flies ? After all, the routes of the aircraft are strictly regulated. The satellites fly all the time in the same orbit in which they were placed at launch. Surely, the orbit is coordinated at the international level, i.e. controlled.


Have you seen the movie “Elysium”? It shows the Earth in complete ruin, the powerless live on it, unhappy people-slaves, who are kept in tight-knit robotic guards. A bleak future – overpopulation, hunger, crime and bad ecology. At this time, other people, such as a certain “elite”, live on an artificial satellite planet. 

There they have an earthly paradise, there are all the achievements of science and technology, they never get sick and in general, they are blissful and live a very, very long time. They control human slaves on earth remotely with the help of especially trusted individuals from among the same slaves.

Important issues are raised in the movie and questions are asked, most of which must be answered by the viewer himself. What is more important – satiety, well-being of the “elite” of mankind, or a decent, albeit not rich, life for most people? What is a person willing to do for the sake of survival? And what can he do for the sake of his friends and family? How to maintain order amid devastation and anarchy? What is the price to pay for orderliness and stability? What is more important, the well-being of relatives or a reform of society, which can give another chance to humanity? And who has the right to decide what is right and useful here and what is not?

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So where are we heading for?

What if all these supposedly rejected and lost shutdown technologies, as well as many others, and in general, no one from our humanity knows about them, that if they are actually perfectly used now and already in general for a long time? 

What if all these “aliens” and UFOs are not a figment of the imagination, but reality? It’s just that centuries-old villains have long chosen several large islands, or even a whole continent with a wonderful climate, and built a paradise there based on these technologies, live there happily for 400 years and fly over us on their UFOs and circle laughing? 

Here, they manipulate presidents and governments with the help of their emissaries like Bill Gates, Schwab, Queen Elizabeth and other offal. From time to time they steal from us adults and children for their experiments and research, and even for comfort and entertainment, because it has long been known that every year many thousands of people disappear on the earth without a trace, and no one subsequently finds them.

They periodically repair emissaries, treat them – we see how long they all live, and no cancer or Alzheimer’s will take them. Recently, as if, Prince Philip died a month before his century, but no one saw him in his grave – probably, he is already resting in Elysium from his hard work on Earth.

And so it happens

They went to their plan for a long time, for many centuries. The Templars and Illuminati, the Vatican and all sorts of Freemasons and Cabalists (their name is Legion) were used as tools. Now they decided that the moment had come. The world must be finally rebuilt according to the script of the film Elysium, everything is ready for this. The pawns are in place, the structures are in place, laws are issued. 

Shutdown Technologies, Elysium and UFOs. The new revolutionary concept of what could be happening 3

They no longer need many people-slaves, so people need to be greatly reduced.

They will just now play out of boredom, with the remnants of humanity in all sorts of ways. Different vaccines will determine the different fate of people. Somewhere, they will arrange a society of hunger games and will place bets on who will survive. They will also arrange the island of Dr. Moreau with all sorts of chimeras of people and will visit it as a zoo. Their fantasy is exuberant, life is long.


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