Show of force: A mythical TR-3B was filmed over the Gulf of Mexico

In 1989-1990, triangular UFOs massively appeared in Europe. Most often, for some reason, over Belgium, from which they got the name “Belgian triangles”. And now they visited again, this time in Florida.

A certain black triangle was filmed on phone by an eyewitness on June 18, 2022. The resulting video was released by Scott Waring, a well-known virtual archaeologist and UFO blogger.

According to the eyewitness, the TR-3B did not make sound and dangled in the air above the residential buildings, as if in weightlessness motion. At the same time, it constantly changed color from brown to bright orange. 

Since TR-3B is a fairly well-known sighting, everyone knows how it looks approximately, this triangle is quite often used in computer graphics by creators of various kinds of fakes. As a result, every new video including TR-3B’s causes a lot of controversy. But not at this time. 

So, one of the first high-quality videos with craft of this type leaked online about 15 years ago and was even discussed on the pages of serious military magazines:

Another leak took place in September 2019 in Oregon, where this thing was photographed above one of the military bases:

The quality of the video from Florida does not allow to accurately identify the craft. Most likely, the Pentagon has several top secrets of this type and lit up over the Gulf of Mexico and in Oregon – this is some kind of brand new unit.

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In the 1990s they were a little different, although they also had a bright spot in the center and three smaller ones in the corners. The powering engine there is of the same type, it looks like a dim lantern, although the principle of its operation is not clear. 

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The current visitor is clearly different from those that US fighter jets have been chasing since 2004, filming the pursuit on video. It differs in form and maneuvers.

The Department of Defense, the Pentagon, the US Navy and the scientists involved in the investigation still claim they do not know what they are dealing with. They don’t say anything out of the ordinary or they are hiding something. It is believed that NASA is already involved but there are no official statements as if they avoid further exposure to the subject. Therefore, there is no hope that it will be possible to understand what is the nature of these strange triangles.

Triangle over Australia lit up with bright lights

Triangular flying objects have visited the United States before. Some were seen and photographed first over Texas, then over Kansas. Skeptics, however, believe that the latest secret RQ-180 drones may look like this. They could also be prototypes of the next-generation LSRB long-range strike bomber or new models of the SR-72 reconnaissance aircraft. Its predecessor – the famous SR-71 – flew from London to New York in less than 2 hours back in 1976. The current one is rumored to be even faster. Ufo enthusiasts, of course, have a different opinion.

UFO photographed by US astronauts through a window

The aircraft photographed in the same 2014 over Australia had no resemblance to a bomber or to any known human creation. Before he appeared, two fires flared up in the sky, which soon turned into a bright triangle. The craft moved swiftly until it disappeared. It is unlikely that the newest US aircraft would glow like that.

In 1986, a similar TR-3B like craft was photographed by the crew of the Columbia space shuttle during the STS61C expedition. NASA, however, reported that it was space debris. As always.


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