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Shocking! Walking hologram instead of Pope Francis

Shocking! Walking hologram instead of Pope Francis 1

On April 13, 2020, first a very strange viral video began to spread on the social networks of Italy, and then around the world:

As you can see, during the official broadcast of the Pope’s speech, Francis finished the appeal, waved, turned around, took a couple of steps and disappeared. He was dissolved in the air. And now everyone wonders – what was that? 

The first thing to think about is fake. That is, image processing in a video editor. However, this assumption does not explain the fact that several people saw and recorded the “fake”:

Therefore, at the moment and in the general opinion, if we exclude the ascension option, we are talking about the hologram of the Pope. And there are technologies for allowing to show such tricks for a long time:

This begs the question: what made the Vatican show people magic tricks live? 

The most logical assumption that explains the situation is either the Pope’s poor health, or even his death.

So, already in the first days of the appearance of coronavirus in Italy, the media got information that the Pope had a cold. Then everyone was told that Pope was in quarantine. Then the Pope seemed to have recovered, but then no one really saw him again. 

The Vatican has a lot of reasons to hide the death / malaise of the Pope, first of all, the reputation of the church, because believers will not understand if the Pope, whom the Vatican presents as a saint living among sinful mortals, is suddenly the very first to die from an epidemic. 

The second unpleasant moment is the election of the new Pope. In the world of a pandemic, cities are for some reason blocked by the military, so now it’s somehow not the best time for conclaves and power struggles. 

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Finally, there is still such a moment as the prophecy about the Popes of St. Malachi, according to which the present Pope is the last and with his departure, Christianity in Europe will come to an end, while Europe will face untold calamities. Therefore, in order not to upset and frighten the believers in the Vatican, they decided to hide everything and show the Pope in digital form to the public. 

The only weak point of this theory is the use of a hologram, since it would be much easier to make a double and send it to the window to wave the handle. However, we don’t know the Vatican’s rules in this regard – it is possible and most likely there are some prohibitions on such tricks, which were written down in medieval texts. Therefore, the Vatican had no choice but to use the Blue Beam or something like that. 

It also considers the test version of the technology itself. That is, now they showed the Pope to the believers, who ascended right in front of the camera, and tomorrow they will show Mr. Obama, who will ride on the clouds riding a horse and save the world from the pandemic – conspirologists also do not exclude this option. 

Finally, the fact that we may live in the Matrix and Pope is just one of its characters can also not be discounted. There have been a lot of glitches and crashes in the Matrix lately, so another glitch may have also happened with the Vatican.

In this case, it is quite possible that there will be more glitches. For example, St. Peter’s Basil will begin to move from place to place, disappear and appear. Or the Matrix will generate a crowd of a million, cloned cardinals. What if the holograms will soon be somewhere else?


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