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Shocking revelation from Reuters: “Hundreds of researchers have warned OpenAI that artificial intelligence will wipe out humanity”

The Reuters agency went ahead in a very alarming revelation, by publishing a letter from OpenAI researchers, in which they warn about the creation of a very powerful artificial intelligence that could threaten the existence of humanity!

OpenAI researchers warned the board of a breakthrough in artificial intelligence ahead of Sam Altman’s ouster.

Just before his dismissal, at a world meeting in San Francisco, Altman promised “major achievements that are just around the corner.”

“Four times in the history of OpenAI, most recently just a few weeks ago, I have had the opportunity to be in the room as we pull back the curtain of ignorance and approach the frontier of discovery, and it has been the professional honor of a lifetime to do so,” said Sam Altman.

The investigators’ letter was the real reason for Sam Altman’s temporary dismissal.

The letter and the previously undisclosed AI algorithm are key developments ahead of the ouster from the board of Sam Altman, the man behind the leaps and bounds in general artificial intelligence, sources said.

Ahead of his triumphant return late on Tuesday (11.21), more than 700 employees had threatened to quit and join partner Microsoft in solidarity with their sacked leader.

The sources cited the letter as one factor among a larger list of complaints from the board that led to Altman’s firing, among them concerns about commercializing progress in the AI ​​industry before the consequences were known.

Reuters was unable to review a copy of the letter, and the staff who wrote it did not respond to requests for comment.

Some at OpenAI believe ‘Q*’ could be a breakthrough in the quest for what is known as artificial general intelligence (AGI), a source told Reuters.

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OpenAI defines AGIs as autonomous systems that outperform humans in most economically valuable tasks.

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Given the massive computing resources, the new model was able to solve some mathematical problems, the person said on condition of anonymity.

Although AI only performed math at the level of elementary school students, those tests made researchers very optimistic about “Q*’s” future success, the source said.

Researchers see mathematics as a frontier in the development of general artificial intelligence. Currently, general AI is good at writing and translating language by statistically predicting the next word, and the answers to the same question can vary greatly.

But mastering the ability to do math—where there is only one right answer—means AI will have greater reasoning abilities that resemble human intelligence.

This could be applied to new scientific research, for example, AI researchers believe. Unlike a calculator that can solve a limited number of operations, AGI can generalize, learn and understand.

In their letter to the board, the researchers highlighted the capability and potential danger of artificial intelligence, the sources said without elaborating on the exact security concerns they cite e among computer scientists about the danger posed by highly intelligent machines, for example whether they might decide that destroying humanity was in their best interest.

The problem is that governments have made the decision to hand over almost every state function to artificial intelligence without even knowing what the consequences will be.

Perhaps after all, the “Antichrist”, the “son of perdition” mentioned in the Scriptures will not be an entity based on the biochemistry of carbon, but the artificial intelligence that will be given a terrifying power over people’s lives.

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