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Shocking predictions: the Lebanese psychic made a forecast for 2021

Shocking predictions: the Lebanese psychic made a forecast for 2021 1

Each era had its own clairvoyants who could see the future. The most famous of them are Nostradamus, Wolf Messing and Vanga. However, in our time there are soothsayers who can also look into the future. Among them is the fortune teller Laila Abdel Latif from Lebanon who was born in 1958 and received her gift from her father, who could heal with the help of the Koran.

Laila received the gift of clairvoyance from her father, who was known throughout the country. She studied many esoteric practices in her youth, among them astrology and tarot cards but after a while, she realized that she sees the future without any tools.

Currently, she denies tarot cards, does not believe in astrology and shamanism. She just sees the upcoming events, and they come true. One day she told her mother that her grandfather would go on a pilgrimage and would not return, and so it happened.

Laila lives a very active life, she has a second marriage and children. In 2016, the World Refugee Fund in Lebanon appointed her as ambassador.

Laila is confident that the world will be turbulent this year. In her opinion, the situation with coronavirus infection will improve by the end of the summer thanks to medicine invented that will permanently get rid of this scourge. Also, the whole truth about this disease will come to the surface. Where it came from and by whom.

However, we should not relax, because a computer virus will replace the coronavirus. It will harm digital databases around the world.

A new currency will appear that will be stronger than the dollar.

Russia will quarrel with Iran. Israel will make peace with many Arab countries, including Lebanon.

Some “very sad events” are expected in France, possibly another terrorist attack. The world will shudder from the repetition of “September 11”.

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Also, social tension and a deterioration in the quality of life of people are expected on the planet. In some countries, unrest will continue, which may more intensely manifest in the United States and China. The Lebanese is also very concerned about a possible conflict between the US and China.

Since she lives in Lebanon, she looks more at this region. She predicts that the situation will become even more tense. an impending war in the Middle East is brewing and she begs all politicians to come to their senses and prevent this from happening.

She is confident that her predictions will help to avoid trials that could cause serious damage to the whole world.

Laila also predicts environmental problems related to climate and man-made order. The year promises to be rich in cataclysms that will worsen the economic situation.


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