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Shocking claims cause an earthquake of several magnitudes as a “dark” aspect of the Israeli “war” is revealed

Shocking claims cause an earthquake of several magnitudes as a "dark" aspect of the Israeli "war" is revealed 1

Cecily Routman, the head of the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation, citing government sources, claimed that Netanyahu ordered the withdrawal of Israeli forces (IDF) to allow Hamas to launch its attack in order to justify Israeli retaliation against Gaza, or to do something else that will be seen along the way.

“Israel is considered the most sophisticated (military) intelligence in the world. There’s no way the government didn’t know this was going to happen,” Routman told conservative activist Lauren Witzke in an interview released Saturday.

Routman claimed that Rabbi Chananya Weissman, who is connected to top Israeli government officials, “sent a protest that, indeed, the IDF was ordered to withdraw – both the army and the air force – for seven hours while the Hamas attacks lasted”.

“And that allowed the terrorists to come in and start slaughtering and torturing the citizens,” she stressed.

“Personally, I think this situation is like a family keeping a rabid dog in their home and then blaming the dog when their baby is bitten. This should never have happened,” added Routman.

Her claims reinforce reports since October 7, in the early hours of Hamas’ attack on Israel, that the Israeli military was largely absent as Hamas stormed the border.

Alternative Israeli journalist, Efrat Fenigson, wonders in her turn what happened and Israel was caught asleep.

Fenigson claims to have served in the intelligence service of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF): 

“It is impossible that Israel did not know what was going to happen.”

Even more grist to the mill of those who support the above theory was poured by Yasmin Porat, a survivor of the bloodshed in Kibbutz Be’eri, near the border with Gaza, who claims that many Israeli citizens were killed by Israeli forces.

It happened when Israeli forces engaged in heavy fighting with Palestinian militants at Kibbutz Beeri and fired indiscriminately at both the militants and their Israeli captives, it claimed.

“They exterminated everyone, including the hostages,” she told Israeli radio. “There was very, very heavy crossfire” and even tank shelling.

Yasmin Porat, a 44-year-old mother of three, said that before this, she and other civilians were detained by the Palestinians for several hours and treated “humanely.”

A recording of her interview, from the Haboker Hazeh (“This Morning”) radio program hosted by Aryeh Golan on the state-run Kan TV station, is circulating on social media.

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The interview has been translated by Electronic Intifada, which reports that it is not included in the online edition of Haboker Hazeh for October 15, perhaps because it has been censored.


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