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Shamanic initiation and the ways of the afterlife in the North American tradition

Similarly to the European tradition, the North American one recognizes in the period of the winter solstice, the “gateway” to the world of the dead and spirits and, therefore, the time suitable for youth initiations and masked ceremonies, including the Iroquois of the “False Faces” and the kwakiutl face of the “Cannibal Spirit”. These beliefs and practices, as well as the analysis of shamanic journeys to the “Village of Spirits”, allow us to understand the doctrines of the native peoples of North America on the various souls that make up the human being and on the relationship maintained by the living with the world of spirits. 

It is known as in the European tradition, the period of the year of the so-called “winter crisis”, which runs approximately from the beginning of November (Samhain/ Halloween / Feast of the Dead) in January / February, stands out for a series of beliefs and rites that have to do with the Other World and initiation. Whether we analyze the Roman Saturnalia, the Celtic ceremonies or the Yule of the Norse, as well as a series of walking rituals that remained alive in the medieval period to reach us (Romanian Calusari, Austrian Krampus, etc.), i topoi recurring of this period of the year are always the same: momentary withdrawal, pending the start of the new year, to a chaos and uncertainty; confusion of social roles; contacts between the world of the dead and that of the living; cult complex “of the visitor”; initiation of young people to secret brotherhoods; processions and dances with masks that personify the demons and spirits of the dead, and so on.

Less known is the fact that the native peoples of North America, whose religious culture is attributable to the area of ​​shamanism and animism, contemplate extremely similar ritual beliefs and practices during the same period of the year, which we intend to analyze in this article. We will first deal with the initiatory winter ceremonies, and then try to frame the actual initiatory experience and the consequent “spirit” journey of the neophyte in the “village of spirits”. Finally, we will try to define the characteristics ascribed by the North American tradition to the Other World and we will report some esoteric doctrines regarding the survival of the soul (or rather, of souls) to physical death and their access consequent to other dimensions.

71Zffe-Ri-L._SL1000_Iroquois ceremony of the False Faces

The most illuminating ritual tradition of these winter rituals that has come down to us thanks to ethnographic studies is in all probability that of the Iroquois of the subarctic area. In Mid-Winter ceremony of the latter, an initiatory lodge known as there Society of False Faces performs public rituals of exorcism for diseases, tornadoes, raging winds and witchcraft, chasing negative powers from the village, or therapeutic rites based on dream experience. The “False Faces” – in contrast to the “Real Faces”, ie the living – represent at the same time the spirits of the forest and those of the ancestors: they are addressed by calling them “grandparents” or “thunder”. It seems that the members of the “False Faces” brotherhood are only imitations of the “Sun Faces”, spiritual entities that roam deep in the forests, on the extreme edges of the world. The head of the “False Faces” is said to live on the ends of the earth, that is

“At the far end of the world, in that remote and mysterious area, where the ordinary and supernatural world merge and intersect. »

As often happens in other geographical and cultural areas, the members of the initiatory society obtain thanks to certain ritual practices the “dominion over the fire”: they handle hot, non burning coals and use the ash of the coals themselves as medicine, rubbing it on the sick patient’s body . Another variety of brotherhood members wear masks made with dry corn leaves and are defined as “Straw Faces”: they personify the spirits connected to agriculture and the fertility of the fields. The masks of the “False Faces” are instead carved from walnut wood, the sacred tree of Iroquois shamanism (and also the “witch tree” and fairies in the medieval European tradition;.

Iroquois False Faces

Also at Kwakiutl On the Pacific coast, a winter ceremony is celebrated that involves the participation of tribal members of certain masked medical lodges (the “Society of the Cannibal”), impersonating the terrifying and fatal forces that approach the world of the living during the Winter Solstice, when the power of the sun is at its nadir. Among the main characters of this ritual, which also has an initiatory value for the young people of the tribe, there is the dancer who personifies the “Cannibal Spirit” (Hamatsa), from which the members of the initiatory brotherhood were owned. The house of the god is located on the edge of the world (in the far north), that is to say in the farthest place conceivable by the world of men.

The “cannibalistic” value of the initiating god-spirit is probably to be connected to well known topos also in other parts of the world (Siberia, South America, Australia, etc.) of the “Initiatory dismemberment” by spirits or demons, who then “magically” reconstruct the body of the neophyte thus giving him supernatural powers (the same role is played in kwakiutl initiations, as we will see, even by wolves, who must be considered as a “mask” worn by spirits to interact with humans). The so-called is also erected in this ceremony “Cannibal Pole”, obtained from a young cedar tree, mirror image of the young neophyte who must go through a transformation process.

The rituals that allow the spirits of the other world to enter our world during this limited period of time of the “winter crisis” are manifold and are different according to the various Amerindian tribes. At the Cree tribe of the subarctic, for example, the latter they are recalled inside the tepee through the upper opening; their arrival causes the tent to shake (this is why we speak of “Ritual of the Trembling Tent”) and everyone present can hear distinctly whispers and deafening noises, a sign that the supernatural powers have been recalled in the manner prescribed by tradition and that they are now present among the bystanders, to give them advice and visions. During the “Bladder Festival”, also held around the winter solstice, the spirits of the seals, who were believed to reside in their vesques, in the houses of the village, were invited to ensure their periodic return the following season.

NAA Photo Lot 24
Cannibal kwakiutl ceremony

The temporary arrival of these spirits into the world of men is not univocal: in a specular way, in this period of the year, the living are initiated into mystery practices and, consequently, in turn manage to access the Other World or the world of the dead and spirits. It is believed that, during the initiation and the consequent astral “journey”, the shamans arrive in another dimension, which is presented as dark and abysmal, a sort of “cosmic womb” from which the power of Manitu and his innumerable messengers is emanated as from a primordial source. A sacred song by the Kwakiutl of the north-western area reads:

“I was taken away, far inland, to the edge of the world because of the magical power of heaven, the treasure. »

During the initiation ceremony ojibwa, members of the Society of Medicine, “hit” neophytes by projecting a shell into them, which is magically “thrown” by means of the “medicine bag”. The initiate falls as dead, then is brought back to life by the brotherhood: now he has new powers and knowledge and is considered in all respects “reborn“. For Kwakiutl they are gods, and quartz crystals are projected into the body of the neophyte by the spirits (often in the form of a wolf) to give him supernatural powers: the same belief can be found sensationally at the opposite end of the Pacific Ocean, in Australia.

Shamans, in the trance phase, visit other worlds than ours: in spirit they go to the upper skies or the lower worlds, where they meet and dialogue with the spirits, recover the patient’s lost soul and objects lost by tribal members. Some descriptions of shamanic journeys are entirely identical to those of the Siberian tradition: in a tale of the Paiute of the Rocky Mountains, for example, it is understood that the soul leaves the body in the form of a “small insect” and that he is preparing to leave the tent, a symbol of the body, coming out of the smoke opening on the roof (which is also in the Mongolian-Siberian gher or yurt), symbol of the upper wall of the skull. It comes back often that the idea that “power” is somehow a “spiritual double” of the natural person (perhaps similar to daimon Greek gods), dwelling in a dark and abysmal dimension connected to the dream, which the shaman can rejoin during his ecstatic “flights”.

Kwakiutl shaman possessed by the Cannibal Spirit

In some tribes of the Rocky Mountains the spirits appeared in anthropomorphic and zoomorphic form to children aged 8-10 years; the experience was forgotten for about 15 years, after which the subject fell prostrate in a state of illness and starvation. At this point you had to entrust it to a medicine man who, with due rituals, would initiate him and allow him to firmly gain shamanic powers.

In the subarctic area, there are testimonies and tales of shamans trained and initiated by flocks of wild animals, such as wolves, bears and partridges, who hold the same role and the same function recognized to the spirits in Austroasian, Altaic-Siberian and Turkish-Mongolian shamanism. These initiatory kidnappings also generally occurred in the winter, in the days of the Mid-Winter ceremony.

Between Kwakiutl, the neophyte is approached and kidnapped by the helping spirits, who often appear in animal form (wolves, killer whales, loons). Initiation involves a period of confinement in the forest (and, specularly, in the “dark” dimension of spirits), in which he is detained, instructed and endowed with supernatural powers by the initiating spirits. Neophytes were thought to come invaded by the mysterious and terrifying power that emanated supernatural beings, temporarily transforming them into wild beings with fearsome and disturbing characteristics.

Costume of a Yup’ik shaman

With the Yup’ik Eskimos, there are tales of humans who would have gone to live in underwater residence of seals; but the latter turn out to be not real animals, but “people” of different sizes: according to the tradition of Alaska’s native peoples, the contemporary animal species would be descendants of past humanity, transformed following a conscious infringement of ritual prescriptions.

The Hopi talk about a “Snake Village”, located near the underground abode of the spirits of the dead, where a member of their tribe would come and marry a bride-snake, who as in European legends of the “Fairy bride” (ex. Melusina) she joined him and bore him a son, placing taboo as a condition. Just as in the medieval European tradition, once this taboo is violated (e.g., the man spies on the woman in the act of taking a bath), the snake bride immediately leaves her husband taking her son away. According to the legend, the famous snake dance of the Hopi – studied among others by Amy Warburg – it was established following this union: the dancers would impersonate the descendants of the child born from the union of their mythical ancestor with the snake wife.

At the Kwakiutl, salmons are also particularly sacred: it is said that shamans and twins are reincarnated salmons. In this we can perhaps glimpse a parallelism with the Celtic tradition, where salmon symbolized wisdom. (According to the Lakota, twins and sacred people reincarnate very easily and are already born in possession of intellectual maturity;). It is believed that at night the soul of the shamans abandon the body and travel with the souls of the “salmon” (which however appear in all respects as human – or superhuman) until they reach the village of Mäêsila, at the extreme limit of the world, where all the souls of men arrive (in ecstatic states and after death).

These mythical entities have characteristics in common with the spirits of the dead, but even more with the fairies of the European tradition: it is said that their souls are always around, around us, but that we cannot see them. It is also believed that the soul of man during the day is small, but when night falls and we fall asleep, it becomes large and can travel far.

Mask of a False Iroquois Face

The world of the dead (often referred to as “Spirit village”) looks like a exact duplication of the human one, but on the contrary: yet another variation of the topos well known also in the European area of the Other World as an “inverted world”. Sometimes the afterlife is described as A big garden, in which it is always day. In many stories, the “Land of Spirits” seems a perfect homologue of “Land of the Fairies” European (Fairyland or Elfame): in it a multitude of people dance and play, disappearing along with all the vision with the first rays of the sun. Other topoi dear to the European tradition can be found in the stories centered on the journey to the underworld, including the recommendation of never eat food offered by the entities of the “world below” nor of turning around back during the ascent to ours.

Some near-death experiences recorded by the ojibwa tradition they describe the world of the dead, located at the end of the “Path of the Spirits”, in a similar way to the Celtic tradition: the protagonist of these experiences meets the spirits of the deceased tribal members, who inquire about the health of their relatives and descendants and offer to the newcomer of the food that he must not accept if he does not want to remain forever in that world (Comba 230; identical topos in the European and Asian tradition). To some people who had died for a very long time it grew moss on the skin: perhaps a clue to the conceptual closeness, in archaic traditions, between the spirits of the dead and the spirits of vegetation and crops (Comba 231).

The texts of the Winnebago who narrate experiences after death recall the otherworldly paths of the Tibetan and Egyptian Book of the Dead (Comba 144). There is talk of one “Singing track” to follow that would have led the soul of the deceased to the place where the ancestors and the dead were, in the far south (Comba 239). The ojibwa they believe there is a “place of punishment” halfway from “Land of Spirits”, whence a fire is released which burns all that is wicked in the souls of the dead (Comba 164).

Corn Husk Masks Keppler
Iroquois Straw Face Masks

Generally speaking about the world of the dead in a positive, non-fearful or terrifying way (except for some pueblo tribes like the Navajo): an Ojibwa says that it is not right to cry too much for the dead, as they are in a nice place where “They are doing well”. When a tribal Crow member claims to have died, visited the afterlife and returned, he usually develops a strong nostalgia for the world of the dead, to the point of finally dying shortly after.

In other stories, e.g. of the Kwakiutl, it is said that the souls of the dead would not want to be there, and “come back to life continuously even after having been dead for a long time” (reincarnation). It is said that in this other world spirits are exactly like us, just as if they were alive. When a tribal member dies, all the objects he owns are burned so that they can be rebuilt in the other world.

Annual_report_of_the_Regents _-_ New_York_State_Museum ._ (1908) _ (19360138502)
Iroquois False Face Masks

Often, e.g. among the Crow, disembodied spirits residing in the other dimension are imagined in a condition of peace and perennial happiness, which recalls the life of the natives before the arrival of the white man. The visit to the world of the dead thus becomes, for those who experience it, comparable to a desirable escape from the world on a personal level in the face of the unacceptable current situation: a “millenarian” theme in certain aspects.

THE Crow they use a term to define the life force that remains after death, with a meaning similar to “soul“(zoé) of westerners; this term, etymologically connected with those who translate “shadow“,”ghost, ghost“And” devil or malevolent spirit “, can also refer to Life force animals and inanimate objects (eg “sacred stones”, Menicocci1 189). It is believed that the spirit of a deceased can take possession of the body of a living thing, and return to our world in the form of wind turbines (Cfr. fairies in the European tradition). Sometimes the spirits of the dead are summoned by the shaman with a ritual in their tent: in this case they manifest themselves with whispers, whispers, whirlpools and lullabies (Menicocci1 190); it is, as has been said, the so-called “Trembling Tent” ceremony widespread especially in the subarctic area.

Husk Masks Seneca Cattaraugus
Iroquois Straw Face Masks

Even the Amerindian doctrine of reincarnation has strong correspondences with the European tradition of the fairies, which are often related to the souls of the dead. THE Mandan believed that, before reincarnating again, the soul of the deceased lived together with many others in three hills called “Children’s Homes”, which closely resemble the “fairy” mounds and mounds of the Gaelic-British tradition. It was believed that in these “houses” a deceased elder would take care of souls who, at any given moment, would choose a mother to be born again in our world. It is no coincidence, exactly as in the Gaelic tradition, childless women went to these hills to pray the little guests to choose them as mothers.

It was also believed that children who died a few days after birth without receiving their first name would return to the “Children’s Homes”, from which they would then reincarnate again. Therefore, in the conception of the Mandan and other native tribal groups, there are gods “Deposits” or “reserves” of souls who belong, potentially, to the social group of the living and who await only the right moment to reincarnate within the clan, in our sublunar reality plan.

The Mandan, like other native Amerindian groups, on the other hand, contemplated the existence of multiple souls, who at the time of death would have taken different “paths”. If one in fact, as we have seen, returned to the “Children’s Homes” waiting to be reincarnated again, a second soul at the time of his passing he went to heaven, to the “Great Spirit”; a third came to the realm of the dead proper, located in the far south of the world; a fourth finally remained potentially tied to the ground plane and could be a cause of danger (Menicocci2 48), which is why it was sometimes necessary to perform certain rituals to limit the damage of unwanted “presence”.

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Cult of Aliah. How Real is the Necronomicon?

Nowadays, there are many books that somehow resonate with each other and contain a description of interaction with the entities of Chaos, supposedly living outside the commodity world. 

If one rejects modern stereotypes in the spirit of “cthulhu fhtagn” and looks at all of this from a practical point of view, one can make a reasonable conclusion that the techniques presented in this literature really work (though not always the way the reader wants, but this is a completely different story )

But who are the Ancients and what are the historical sources telling about their existence?

Let’s start with the last one. Namely, historical (at least over 100 years old) sources about the existence of the cult of Aliah do not exist. There is a book inherently close, supposedly written by the Roman soldier Tertius Sibellius in 280, it is called “Secrets of the Worm” and contains a set of very complex rituals to appeal to ancient forces (especially now from the point of view of criminal law).

I will not give here the rituals described there, but the illustrations for them are approximately the same

According to publicly available data, its author for a long time served in the legions stationed in Arabia and Egypt, where he met an Aksumite magician named Talim, whose views allegedly constituted a manuscript. According to legend, from Rome, where Sively lived after his resignation, his records were transported to Britain, where they were lost in the library of a castle. The manuscript of Sibellius was discovered already in the 17th century by a monk who took him to Rome around 1680. But despite all this wonderful story, the well-known edition of “Secrets of the Worm” was released only in 1932.

A number of moments described in The Secrets of the Worm closely echoes another no less mystical grimoire, the Book of Dagon, which, in turn, was allegedly written in the 15th century BC. by Assyrian priests. True, it became famous at about the same time as other works from this series.

But the true best-seller, telling about the Ancients, without a doubt is the unforgettable “Necronomicon” by G.F. Lovecraft. Although Abdul Alhazred is mentioned as the author in the book, Lovecraft in one of his letters debunkes the myth of the existence of a “crazy Arab”, namely:

“By the way, there is no ‘Necronomicon of the crazy Arab Abdul Alhazred’. This infernal and forbidden volume is the figurative essence of my concept, which others from the WT group also used for the background in the works.”

To Robert Bloch, May 9, 1933

But nevertheless, it is the Necronomicon (which in its essence is not only not a historical manuscript, but not even a reconstruction of any previously existing cult) which is considered to be the basis for the cult of Aliah. Since it is precisely in the Lovecraft’s work that the Ancients are most vividly and in detail described, as well as the ritual aspects of establishing contact with them are rather scrupulously conveyed. This book is also given additional credibility by the fact that it can be conditionally divided into 2 parts: 1 – the narrative of the Ancients (those same inhabitants of Chaos) and 2 – references to the Sumerian religious tradition, containing the names of the gods of the Sumerian pantheon (supposedly opposed Ancient), about which there are many real historical sources, and appeals to them.

Now let’s move on to the other half of the initially posed question – who are the Ancients?

The Necronomicon also provides its own classification of “Chaos demons,” in which a number of “small” demons like Shoggotes can be distinguished, and the names and characteristics of “elders” demons are listed:

Yog-Sothoth – Lurking at the threshold, the keeper of the gates between the worlds. Presumably, it is the embodiment of the universe.

Azathoth – Infinite Chaos, the god in the pantheon, who is the creator of the universe.

Shab Niggurath – The Black Goat of the Forests, the progenitor of the armies of Chaos and their commander in chief.

Nyarlathotep – Creeping Chaos, messenger of the Ancients. Allegedly of Egyptian origin.

Cthulhu – the Great Ancient, sleeping at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, whose awakening will cause the end of the world. According to some reports, its prototype was Tangaroa (Tangaloa, Canaloa) – the Polynesian deity of the sea.

But are the Ancients real (to what extent can this term be applicable in this case) or are they exclusively a figment of Lovecraft’s imagination?

Such popularity of books about the Ancients is explained not only by the general interest in any mysticism at the beginning of the 20th century, but also by the bright archetypal nature of the images cited in them. If the cult of Aliah did not exist in antiquity, it was worth inventing. Since it is precisely the very archetypes described by Lovecraft and his followers (which substantially supplemented the description of the pantheon of the Ancients) that are a true reflection of the Chaos of the Original.

If we delve deeper into the description of the structure of the universe, then Chaos is just that which is beyond the material (including the limits of the “subtle matters” so beloved by many esotericists) and serves as the progenitor of everything. If we consider this structure according to the criteria of entropy (degree of chaos of the system), we can distinguish several of its main zones as the level of entropy increases:

– Worlds are “divine”, where entropy is absent in principle, and where Law and Order reign.

– The worlds are “embodied”, in one of which we live, and where entropy is negligible (although it still exists).

– The worlds are “demonic.”

– The worlds of the “dead.”

– The abyss, which is the boundary and reference point of “materiality”.

– Chaos, where any kind of “materiality” is in principle absent, and everything is possible in principle.

Thus, absolutely everything can be formed in Chaos, and it is precisely this dimension where the roots go not only of dreams and innermost desires of a person, but also where the birth and existence of superhigh-speed and even gods is possible. And taking into account the number of mystics of the XX century, whose minds with a light pitch of Lovecraft overwhelmed the interest in the Ancients, as well as their followers in the person of our contemporaries, the birth and existence of these gods is quite likely.

But there remains only one unsolved question: did all this really come up with the brilliant, but still ordinary human mind of the writer, or did Lovecraft just serve as a transmitter-receiver of the information coming to him “from the edge”? Did the Ancients exist before the release of the Necronomicon? Turning to the same archetypes – yes, they could well exist thousands of years before the first publication of information about them, albeit without names and images, but they could. However, one can argue endlessly on this subject, citing both the arguments “for” this point of view and the “against” it. What is justified right now is only the assertion that they really exist, and the rituals described in the books are quite working.

Summing up, we can say that the Lovecraft cult of Alyah is a relative remake, but a remake is a worker.

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The Mystical Roots of Anenerbe – Hitler’s Secret Organization

Anenerbe. The existence of this strictly classified organization, created with the personal participation of Adolf Hitler almost a hundred years ago, is the subject of close attention of top leaders of the USA, USSR (Russia), France, England, China … What was it: a myth, a legend that keeps dark , terrible secret knowledge of prehistoric civilizations, alien knowledge, magical secrets of otherworldly forces?

Anenerbe takes its beginning from the mystical organizations Germanenorden, Thule and Vril. It was they who became the “three pillars” of the National Socialist ideology, supporting the doctrine of the existence of a certain island – Arctida in the prehistoric times. A powerful civilization, to which almost all the secrets of the Universe and the universe were accessible, perished after a grand catastrophe. Some people were miraculously saved. Subsequently, they mixed with the Aryans, giving impetus to the emergence of a race of superhuman – the ancestors of the Germans. So, no more, no less!

Unlike the legendary Atlantis, there were no disputes about the whereabouts of the hypothetical Arctida; if it existed, it would be located in the Arctic Ocean.

Yes, and how not to believe it: after all, hints of this clearly shine in Avesta, the oldest Zoroastrian source! The Nazis sought confirmation of their racial theory around the world – from Tibet to Africa and Europe. They looked for ancient manuscripts containing information on history, magic, yoga, theology.

Everything that contained even the slightest, albeit legendary, mention of the Vedas, Arias, Tibetans. The highest interest in such knowledge was shown by the ruling elite of Germany – politicians, industrialists, the scientific elite. All of them tried to master unprecedented, higher knowledge, encrypted and scattered across all religions and mystical beliefs of the world, and not only ours.

The residence of the educational-historical society for the study of German history was located in the small provincial town of Weisshenfeld, Bavaria. The initiators of the creation of Anenerbe, besides Hitler, were the Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler, the gruppenfuhrer SS Hermann Wirth (“godfather”) and the racologist Richard Walter Dare.

G. Himmler served as president of Anenerbe

“Anenerbe” was looking for sources of “special knowledge”, those that could contribute to the creation of a superman with superpower, superknowledge. During World War II, Anenerbe receives a full carte blanche to conduct “medical” experiments to create it.

The institute conducted thousands of sadistic experiments: captive soldiers of the anti-Hitler coalition, women, children laid their lives on the altar of the fascist genetic and physiological experiments! Not only that, the masters of shoulder science cases also tormented the elite of the SS – members of the “knightly” orders: “Lord of the Black Stone”, “Black Knights of Tule” and such a Masonic order inside the SS itself – “Black Sun”.

The effect of various poisons, the effects of high and low temperatures, pain thresholds – these are the main “scientific” programs. And besides, the possibility of massive psychological and psychotropic effects, work on the creation of a superweapon was investigated. For carrying out research studies, Anenerbe attracted the best personnel – world renown scientists.

However, one should not think that everything was dumped in a heap. No, Anenerbe with German pedantry divided the work in the following areas: the creation of a superman, medicine, the development of new non-standard weapons (including mass destruction and atomic), the possibility of religious-mystical practices and … the possibility of intercourse with extraterrestrial advanced civilizations. Strange?!

Have the Anenerbe scientists achieved any significant results? It is quite possible, especially when you consider that after the defeat of the Millennium Reich, the United States and the USSR made a titanic effort to search the Anenerbe archives, all kinds of materials, employees, material assets. What was discovered was taken out in complete secrecy. Scientists have mastered new, secret laboratories of the victorious countries, where they continued to work in the same vein.

Confirmation of the achievement of certain successes by Anenerbe scientists can be seen in the huge breakthrough of the USSR and the USA in the field of atomic, electronic, aerospace and engineering technologies in the post-war period.

A well-known and indisputable fact is the commitment of the leaders of the Third Reich to various mystical practices of the East and especially Tibetan. Moreover, the Nazis began relations with Tibetan monks in the mid-20s. It remains unclear why Buddhist monks experienced such an arrangement for fascism.

Maybe they were attracted by the idea of ​​creating a superstate? But be that as it may, several historical research expeditions undertaken by the Germans in Tibet in the late 30s were crowned with complete success. The expedition members, led by Ernst Schaeffer, managed to visit the city of Lhasa, which was closed to strangers, not only that, they visited the sacred place – Jarling, and the regent Kvotukht handed Hitler a personal letter in which he called him “king”.

Having stayed in the East for three months, the expedition brought to Germany hundreds of meters of film dedicated to mystical and religious rites, many manuscripts that had been studied most thoroughly. As a result, a report laid on Hitler’s table which made him extremely excited, and the idea of ​​a super weapon, as well as the idea of ​​interstellar flights, were always plans of the Third Reich leader.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is only-noble-people-entered-the-Nazi-secret-society.jpg

After the establishment of radio communications between Berlin and Lhasa, a large group of representatives from Tibet arrived in Germany. Their corpses, dressed in SS uniforms, were subsequently discovered in the premises of the Reich Chancellery and in Hitler’s bunker. What mission was given to these representatives of the distant East, remained a secret that they voluntarily took with them to the grave.

It’s worth adding to the above that, in search of mystical documents, German scientists and special sonder teams searched not only Tibet, they exported to Germany dozens and hundreds of parchments in Sanskrit, ancient Chinese. Werner von Braun, the creator of the first rocket aircraft, once said: “We learned a lot from these papers.”

A bit of history

In 1938, an expedition headed by E. Scheffer was sent to Tibet under the auspices of Anenerbe. Schaeffer’s expedition without any problems, collecting the necessary ethnographic material along the way, reached Lhassa. An interesting letter that Quotuhtu, the Tibetan regent, wrote to Hitler:

“Dear Mr. King Hitler, Ruler of Germany. May health, the joy of Peace and Virtue come with you! Now you are working to create a vast state on a racial basis. Therefore, the sahib Schaeffer, the leader of the German expedition, who arrived now, had no difficulty in traveling through Tibet. (… ..) Accept, Your Grace, King Hitler, our assurances of further friendship! It is written on the 18th of the first Tibetan month, the year of the Earth Hare (1939). ”

Later Lhasa-Berlin radio communication was established. The regent of Tibet Kvotuhtu officially invited the Germans to Lhassa. The expedition stayed in Tibet for over two months and visited the sacred site of Tibet – Yarling.

The famous Nazi expedition to the Himalayas in 1938-1939 overgrown with an incredible amount of legends, speculation and rumors.

It should be noted that after the expedition the film was preserved (the fate of this film is interesting – it was discovered in one of the Masonic lodges of Europe after the war), shot by German operators. In addition to the buildings of Lhassa and Jarling, numerous rituals and magical practices were captured on it.

With the help of a guru, evil spirits were called forth, mediums entered into trance, hysterical dances of the monks of the Bonts – all this was captured by an impassive German cameraman. Interestingly, the Germans were interested not so much in Buddhism as in the Bon religion. The Bon religion was practiced in Tibet before the advent of Buddhism. This religion is based on beliefs in evil spirits (animated – i.e. natural) and ways to deal with them.

Among the adherents of this religion there are many sorcerers and magicians. In Tibet, where prejudice takes precedence over the minds of adherents of the Bon religion, they are considered the best in relations with otherworldly forces. It was aspects of this religion that most interested Germans. Numerous mantras, ancient texts did not slip from their attention. It is believed that the effect of mantras recited in a trance is achieved by acoustic resonance. It is the sounds of these frequencies, according to Tibetans, that they are able to tune in to the way they need to communicate with a particular spirit.

The expedition worked tirelessly on these puzzles, but the approaching storm of World War II forced the mages from the SS to hastily return home. Relations with Lhassa continued until 1943.

In 1945, during the storming of Berlin, Soviet troops would be agitated at the sight of the dead Tibetans in SS uniforms. There were many versions – Hitler’s personal protection, magicians, but once again we will touch on the topic of Tibet and explain where such “gifts” came from.

In the 1920s, a Tibetan lama lived in Berlin, known for wearing green gloves as a sign of belonging to the “green brothers.” “The Green Lama” guessed three times the number of Nazis who will go to the Reichstag in the elections. Since 1926, Tibetan colonies began to appear in Berlin and Munich. In those same years, the Green Brothers Society, akin to the Thule Society, appeared in Tibet. Between the two “twin cities” contact was established.

Many Tibetans under fascism became “court” astrologers, clairvoyants and soothsayers. One kind of them should speak of the wisdom of the East and its miraculous power. But the situation was changing and the power of magicians came inevitably to an end.

At this time, many Tibetans committed suicide, disappointed in what they had served so hard for many years. Maybe the corpses of precisely these “desperate” caught the eye of Soviet soldiers who put the last nail into the resident evil coffin … The question is quite reasonable, why did the Germans become elected for the lords of Tibet? Why was Schaeffer’s German expedition so warmly received?

Unlike most of the expeditions that visited Tibet, it was the German one that carried the idea of ​​a new world order based on racial attributes, the idea of ​​a superman … The expeditions from the USSR and England had only state tasks to introduce agents and expand their spheres of influence.

The British wanted to prevent the Soviets, with the ideas of communism, and the Soviets, in turn, wanted to expand the boundaries of their influence on China and Tibet, considering the latter as a bridgehead for penetrating India. Therefore, the Tibetans turned their eyes on the Germans with their ideas for rebuilding the world. And that is precisely why the expeditions of Blumkin and Roerich organized by the NKVD failed! Earthly goals did not attract the Tibetans ..

And quite recently, absolutely fantastic materials have appeared that Anenerbe received the lion’s share of knowledge on the development of atomic weapons and space technology from representatives of a higher civilization from Aldebaran. Communication with the “Aldebarans” was conducted from a top-secret base located in Antarctica.

When you start reading about the Nazi space project “Aldebaran”, it is difficult to get rid of the idea that all this is just fantastic. But as soon as you come across information about the same project in the name of Werner von Braun, it becomes a little uneasy. SS Standartenfuhrer Werner von Braun, many years after the Second World War, was not just someone, but one of the key figures in the American project of flying to the moon.

The moon, of course, is much closer than the planet Aldebaran. But then the flight to the moon, as you know, took place. In 1946, the Americans embarked on a search expedition. One aircraft carrier, fourteen ships, one submarine – quite impressive forces! Richard Evelyn Byrd, who led this event, code-named “High Jump”, literally stunned the journal brethren many years later:

“We examined the Anenerbe base. There I saw unprecedented aircraft capable of covering huge distances in fractions of a second. The devices were disk-shaped.” 

Equipment and vehicles were delivered to Antarctica by special submarines.

The question begs: why Antarctica? In the classified materials about the activities of Anenerbe you can find a very interesting answer. The fact is that there is the so-called transformer window. And the already mentioned Werner von Braun talked about the existence of disc-shaped aircraft capable of rising to a height of 4000 kilometers. Fantasy? May be.

However, the creator of the FAU-1 and FAU-2 can probably be trusted. By the way, in 1945, at a secret factory in Austria, Soviet soldiers discovered similar devices. Everything found in the conditions of the strictest secrecy has moved into the “bins” of the USSR. And the “Top Secret” signature stamp for many years reliably provided the citizens of the Country of Soviets with a calm sleep of ignorance. So, did the fascists communicate with representatives of other worlds? Not excluded.

Yes, the special archives of the USA, USSR (Russia) and England keep many secrets! In them, perhaps, you can find information about the work of the “priests” “Thule” and “Vril” to create a time machine, and when – in 1924! The machine’s operation was based on the principle of “electrogravity”, but something went wrong there and the engine was installed on a flying disk.

A drawing allegedly obtained from the constellation Aldebaran by the Vril 

However, research in this area was too slow and Hitler insisted on accelerating other more relevant projects – atomic weapons and FAU-1, FAU-2 and FAU-7. Interestingly, the principles of the FAU-7 movement were based on knowledge of the possibility of arbitrary effects on the categories of space and time!

Engaged in research in mysticism, astronautics and much more, Anenerbe actively worked on much more prosaic things, for example, atomic weapons. Quite often, in various historical materials one can find a statement about the false direction of German research, saying that they would never have received positive results. This is completely wrong! The Germans already had an atomic bomb in 1944!

According to various sources, they even carried out several tests: the first on the island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea, the other two in Thuringia. One of the explosions was carried out with the participation of prisoners of war. The total destruction of all nature was observed within a radius of 500 meters, some burned without a trace, the remaining bodies bore traces of high-temperature and radiation exposure.

Stalin found out about the tests a few days later, just like Truman. The Germans were actively preparing for the use of “weapons of retaliation.” It was for him that the FAU-2 missiles were designed. A small warhead in the presence of a powerful charge, sweeping entire cities off the face of the earth, is what you need!

Ancient India, Vedas, drawings of Vimanas

Here is just one problem: Americans and Russians are also developing nuclear programs. Will they strike back? Leading nuclear experts Kurt Dinber, Werner von Braun, Walter Gerlach and Werner Heisenberg did not rule out this possibility. It should be noted that the German super-bomb was not atomic in the full sense of the word, but rather a thermonuclear one.

Interestingly, one German nuclear engineer, Heilbronner, stated:

“Alchemists knew about atomic explosives that can be extracted from just a few grams of metal”

The German Minister of Arms added in January 1945:

“There is an explosive the size of a matchbox, the amount of which is enough to destroy the whole of New York.” 

Hitler did not have enough, according to analysts. “Anenerbe” and “Thule” were running out of time …

However, Anenerbe obtained scientific knowledge not only in the traditional way. “Thule” and “Vril” practiced methods of astral obtaining information from the noosphere by feeding experimental subjects potent drugs, poisons, hallucinogens. Communication with spirits, with “higher unknowns” and “higher minds” was also practiced very widely.

One of the initiators of obtaining knowledge through black magic was Karl-Maria Willigut. Willigut is the last representative of an ancient family, cursed by the church in the Middle Ages. The name Willigut can be translated as “god of will”, which is equivalent to “fallen angel”.

The very origin of the family, as well as its coat of arms, is shrouded in mystery, and given the presence of two swastikas in the middle of the coat of arms and its almost complete identity with the coat of arms of the Manchu dynasties, one can imagine how much this person had a great influence on the top of the Third Reich. Sometimes he was called “Himmler’s Rasputin.” In the most difficult times, Himmler sought the support of Willigut.

He read the fate of the Reich Minister on certain tablets, completely dotted with mysterious letters. Yes, the demand for black magic in Nazi Germany was always the highest. In 1939, the black magician Willigut retired. He spent the rest of his days at his family estate, terrifying locals who considered him the secret king of Germany. The mage died in 1946.

At the Nuremberg trials, when the case of the Anenerbe leaders was heard, it turned out that by the end of the war, huge amounts of money had gone into the unknown direction through the channels of this organization – something like 50 billion gold Reichsmarks. When investigators tried to find out from Wurst’s assistant, Reinhard Zuchel, what exactly this surreal amount of money was actually spent on, then he, pretending to be a “crazy guy”, kept repeating something about Shambhala and Agarta …

What are SHAMBALA and AGHARTA, some of the most enlightened investigators understood in principle, but nevertheless remained unclear what exactly the golden Reichsmarks could have related to these rather vague things … Zukhel was not “talked” to the very end of his life, which came under very strange circumstances a year later.

Aggressive materialists are simply trying to ignore obvious riddles. You can believe in mysticism, you can not believe. And if it was a question of barren spiritualistic sessions of exalted aunts and booze, it is unlikely that Soviet and American intelligence would have spent enormous forces and risked their agents to find out what was happening at these sessions. But according to the recollections of Soviet military intelligence veterans, the leadership was very interested in any approaches to Anenerba.

Meanwhile, getting close to Anenerba was an extremely difficult operational task: after all, all the people of this organization and their contacts with the outside world were under the constant supervision of the security service – the SD, which in itself testifies to a lot. So today it is not possible to get an answer to the question whether the Americans or Russians had their own Stirlitz inside the Anenerbe.

But if you ask why, then you run into another strange riddle. Despite the fact that the vast majority of reconnaissance operations during the Second World War are declassified today (with the exception of those that subsequently led to the work of active agents in the post-war years), everything related to the Anenerbe developments is still surrounded by mystery.

But there is, for example, the testimony of Miguel Serrano – one of the theorists of national mysticism, a member of the secret society “Thule”, at whose meetings Hitler attended. He claims in one of his books that the information obtained by Anenerbe in Tibet significantly advanced the development of atomic weapons in the Reich. According to his version, Nazi scientists even created some prototypes of the combat atomic charge, and the allies discovered them at the end of the war. The source of information – Miguel Serrano – is interesting at least for the fact that for several years he represented his homeland of Chile in one of the UN commissions on nuclear energy.

And secondly, immediately in the post-war years, the USSR and the USA, which seized a significant part of the secret archives of the Third Reich, make breakthroughs in the field of rocket science, the creation of atomic and nuclear weapons, and in space research that are almost parallel in time. And they are starting active development of qualitatively new types of weapons. Also, immediately after the war, two superpowers with particular activity are engaged in research in the field of psychotronic weapons.

So the comments claiming that the Anenerbe archives, by definition, could not contain anything serious, do not hold water. And in order to understand this, you do not even need to study them. It is enough to get acquainted with what was charged with the duty of the Anenerbe organization by its president Heinrich Himmler. And this, by the way, is a total search of all archives and documents of national special services, scientific laboratories, Masonic secret societies and occult sects, preferably around the world.

A special expedition “Anenerbe” immediately sent to each country newly occupied by the Wehrmacht. Sometimes they did not even wait for the occupation. In special cases, the tasks assigned to this organization were carried out by SS special forces. And it turns out that the Anenerbe archive is not at all theoretical research by German mystics, but a multilingual collection of the most diverse documents captured in many states and related to very specific organizations.

The secrets of Anenerbe are still alive and awaiting their solution …

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Why Lilith Wasn’t the First Woman in the Bible

A lot of articles about Lilith have accumulated on the Internet. 

Allegedly the first wife of Adam was Lilith, created on a par with him. This did not please Adam and Lilith left him. After her, God created the more obedient Eve. Lilith became jealous, turned into a snake and tempted Eve with the forbidden fruit.

After the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise, Lilith became a demoness who began to tempt all pious men after Adam.

Michelangelo "The Fall and Expulsion from Paradise" XVI century

Michelangelo “The Fall and Expulsion from Paradise” XVI century

Some even begin to doubt that Michelangelo painted the image of Lilith in the form of a snake in the Sistine ChapelYes, rather it is, but this has its own explanation.

Where did the myth of Lilith come from?

Firstly, there is no Lilith in the book of Genesis and all attempts to attribute it there are pulling an owl on a globe. The word “lilith (lil)” appears only in the book of the prophet Isaiah, where it is translated as “night ghost . 

Secondly, the origin of Lilith comes from Jewish mythology. In the Talmud (commentary on the Torah), Lilith is represented in the form of a demonic being, and not the first woman.

Thirdly, the image of Lilith can be found only in Kabbalah (mystical Jewish tradition). The heyday of Kabbalah falls on the 13th century AD, just when the Renaissance appears.

Italian artists were interested in the teachings of Kabbalah, so Michelangelo’s serpent is in the form of a woman (see above). Other artists, such as Raphael, have such an image.

Rafael "Adam and Eve"

Rafael “Adam and Eve”

The assumption that Adam had a wife before Eve comes from a biblical verse:

And God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; he created male and female.

Genesis 1:27

It seems to many that this passage says that God created man and woman at the same time. Some even interpret this passage as if God created a bisexual being. But we all remember that Eve was created later than Adam, therefore, before Eve there was another woman.

However, such an interpretation is horribly naive, for the first chapter only clarifies the basic actions of God in creating the world. And in the second chapter the process of the origin of Adam and Eve is already specified, otherwise why talk about the origin of Adam, if it was already mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis?

The myth of Lilith is fully described in the Hebrew book Alphabet (8th-10th century), which is attributed to the writer Ben Sira (3rd century). Apparently, this is just a literary text, not related to the Jewish canon.

A possible prototype of Lilith on one of the Mesopotamian bas-reliefs

A possible prototype of Lilith on one of the Mesopotamian bas-reliefs

Lilith, as one of the first women, appears in the Kabbalistic book “A Treatise on the Left Emanation” (13th century), which states that Lilith was created as a demon opposing Eve, while Adam is a demon called Samael (fallen angel).

Thus, Lilith is not the first wife of Adam, from the point of view of Judaism and Christianity.  Even an analysis of the texts shows that Lilith is a purely invented image by Kabbalists that does not connect her with the “first woman”.

The only text that speaks of Lilith as the wife of Adam is a dubious Jewish story without exact authorship – the Ben Sira Alphabet.

Today, the image of Lilith is often found in cinema and computer games, for example, the last game where Lilith is the main antagonist is called Diablo IV.

Lilith in the image of a bloody demon

Lilith in the image of a bloody demon

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