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Shall the world be cleansed of all garbage? Aliens will no longer be able to live on Earth, they will leave

Shall the world be cleansed of all garbage? Aliens will no longer be able to live on Earth, they will leave 1

Changes on a planetary scale have begun. This has been talked about for a long time and by absolutely everyone – seers, astrologers, scientists and even politicians. Everyone understands perfectly well that the old world cannot be returned to us.

But if some believe that only geopolitics will change and the world order will become different, then those who see and feel the new cosmic energies understand that everything is much more serious and global. Events on a planetary scale are coming and soon humanity will breathe a sigh of relief.

The eternal dance of the struggle between Light and Darkness

The subtle world invisible to us is inhabited by various entities. They often control not only the minds of individuals, but also nations, states and systems.

Earth is a very attractive planet for other civilizations. A huge number of different interests are lobbied here. Our time is an aggravation of the confrontation between these forces. We call it the struggle of Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, but in fact everything is much more complicated here – there are too many parties involved, and each has its own interests and plans.

The escalation is going on at many levels, and now the time has come when people should know the truth.

Masters of the lower world

The topic of reptilians is quite difficult to understand. There are too many skeptics among people, they say, until I see it myself, I will never believe it. Therefore, it is very difficult for us to realize that lizard-like aliens exist not only in science fiction films.

Meanwhile, there are many references to these creatures in ancient texts. The ancient Sumerians wrote about the Anunnaki, the ancient Egyptians, Mexican Indians and other people knew about them.

This is a race that is very powerful in terms of technology, and it comes to where there is something to cling to. If there is even a small hole in a person’s aura, then the forces of Darkness in the form of the same reptilians and others like them will do everything to take possession of the soul and vital energy.

Reptilians are the masters of the lower astral plane. They are also able to infiltrate human bodies and be in our world.

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Coldness, indifference to everything and powerful force emanates from such “people”. Not only seers, but also an ordinary person can feel something unearthly, completely devoid of emotions and feelings.

They are going away

In addition to the dark forces, there are also light ones. The reptilians will leave our planet in the coming years, because the frequency spectrum of vibrations is growing on Earth.

Changes on a planetary scale have begun.  This has been talked about for a long time and absolutely everyone - seers, astrologers, scientists and even politicians.  Everyone understands perfectly well that the old world cannot be returned to us.-3

This is because our section of the galaxy is turning towards the brightest star in the Pleiades constellation Alcyone. Our curators live there – this is the highest race, which is inhabited by Archangel civilizations, the Warriors of Light.

The vibrations on Earth are rising faster and faster. This is perfectly felt by people who have a lot of darkness in them, who are mired in low vibrations. All this “dirt” begins to burn, the bodies are cleansed, and not everyone can stand it.

Reptilians are not able to live in such vibrations, so they leave. They completed their mission.

Often people shy away from this topic but already many seers say that the time is coming for a mass departure of low-vibration or, as they sometimes say, “dark” ones. It seems that the events with “color” revolutions, wars, man-made disasters just lead us to the purification of Mother Earth.


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