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Shadow man and luminous balls: Someone else controls nuclear weapons. And it’s not people

Shadow man and luminous balls: Someone else controls nuclear weapons. And it's not people 1

Former Air Force Technician Adrian Reister told the Daily Star about ‘glowing balls’ appearing over a Missouri military base and a macabre encounter with a “shadow man”. In his opinion, the encounter is directy connected with nuclear weapons.

Reister served at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri from 2003 to 2007. On duty, he possessed extensive knowledge of base-based technology. During his service, he happened to see a UFO twice.

Reister’s team provided security and verification of the safe storage and movement of nuclear weapons at the base.

During the movement of one of the nuclear warheads, a slightly luminous, spherical cloud appeared above the base, hovering at the level of the tops of the trees.

Reister did not pay much attention to it, but during the transfer of the warhead to the transport group, a bizarre “cloud” drew attention to itself with sharp movements – at first it “bounced” a little, then it moved fast to the north, then abruptly went up and disappeared. 

Some time later, he and his co-workers saw another luminous orb emitting a yellowish-white color that behaved similarly to the first one. It also “swept” over the base, as if watching what was happening below, the luminous ball disappeared silently in the sky with incredible speed.

But the strangest event happened in the summer of 2006. While working the night shift, doing a nuclear maintenance drill on a mock bomb, the nuclear technician encountered a creature he called “Shadowman”.

First he heard footsteps that didn’t sound like standard combat boots. It was more like bare foot slapping. Reister got up to see who was walking around the base barefoot at night and encountered something inexplicable.

“I saw something that is difficult to describe. It looked like a black mass with a contour resembling a person, about 6 feet high,” he said. This humanoid creature was slightly blurry and didn’t reflect any light.”

Reister was struck by the fact that on a heavily guarded base base, where the presence of strangers is down to zero, something incomprehensible “walks” freely, in top secret interior zones.

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Reister refused to comment on the details of the encounter, referring to secrecy, adding only that the nuclear weapons of humans are under whose – something (not human) control, and it is not known whether the armed forces of nuclear powers will be able to use them at all in the event of a global conflict.

You can, of course, fully dismiss this interview simply as a “joke” of a former military man, but this has happened before.

For example, the well-known case of March 24, 1967 at the Malmström Air Force Base in Montana, USA, when, while hovering over the UFO base, access to control of all nuclear missiles located there was completely disabled.

Despite attempts to restore control, this became possible only after the disappearance object, when everything started working right away. A similar incident occurred a week earlier, at a nearby nuclear missile launch control facility.

Of course, it seems that there were more such “incidents” and this gives some hope that “someone” controls the initiation of a potential nuclear conflict (in the same way as “matches are not toys for children”), but on the other hand, where is the guarantee that this unknown “someone”, does not use Mankind’s nuclear arsenals for its own, unknown purposes, including against people who, deprived of control of their own weapons, will not be able to do anything?

We are not alone on the planet, and our neighbors, who created us, are watching so that “children” do not destroy the common habitat. If one nuclear maniac were taken away, all of humanity would become calmer. But it looks like others are grazing him, dark forces. The “Prince of darkness” or “gray dwarf”, as Nostradamus called him.


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