Seven deadly sins, matrix and suicide: how the accumulation of low energies by the soul leads it to the Devil

According to believers, the seven deadly sins are called mortal because, succumbing to these vices, a person experiences a change in moral guidelines, which alienates him from God, that is, the human soul falls away from God, and this is the death of the soul, because without a grace-filled connection with by its Creator the soul dies.

All these sins have long been described by various church leaders, so we will consider them based on esoteric knowledge, but first, we will remember what “sin” is from a new perspective. 

“SIN is (the energetic concept of sin) the accumulation by the soul of low-range energies that do not contribute to its advancement in a positive direction. Low actions contribute to the accumulation of low energies by the soul. Excessive accumulation of negative energies by the soul leads it to the negative System (to the Devil).”

Now let’s start in order.


If pride can be a positive quality, then pride is always a negative quality. A person can be proud of his actions, creativity, creative work, etc. That is, he can be proud of what he spent a lot of effort, money and time on, something that will now please other people or is necessary for them to exist. Pride is a sense of self-worth.

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But pride is when a person has high self-esteem and he feels higher, better than other people, when he begins to despise those who are lower in status, who are poorer, less talented, not so beautiful, etc. That is, pride is the beginning of the emergence of other negative qualities, such as arrogance, selfishness, swagger, etc.

When negative energies begin to build qualities, they increase the negative part of the soul. If the negative part of the soul is greater than the positive one, then such a soul is transferred either to the Devil for development in His System, or decoded.

Positive souls who began to show pride in one incarnation run the risk of being born in the next either in an ugly body, or with hidden talents, or with a program that provides only the minimum necessary benefits for the individual to begin to show positive qualities: compassion for others like him, the desire for kindness, pity, that is, he began to improve for the better. This is how the Law of Karma works in this case.


Here we mean, of course, envy as a negative quality. That is, envy of another individual’s property, his money, wealth, his high position in society, success, fame, health, beauty, opportunity to travel, etc.

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When envy flares up in a person, he begins to wish another person harm, failure, ruin, and illness. An envious person begins to hate the success of another person, he begins to weave intrigues against him, he gossips, he can slander him in front of other people. That is, envy also pushes a person to commit unseemly acts, or even crimes, forms negative qualities, fills the soul with dark energies.


In other words, gluttony is an addiction to tasty and plentiful food. Gluttony is a temptation and test for a person. It is dangerous because a person considers it an innocent weakness that does not inspire much fear.

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With gluttony, the harmony of body and soul is disturbed, an imbalance of human energy occurs, the etheric energy body cannot cope with the growth of accumulations of the physical body. As a result, obesity begins, that is, this already leads to the formation of excessive fat deposits, which are harmful to health and are a trigger for the occurrence of many diseases.

In addition, do not forget that with obesity, an individual begins to produce energies of lower quality, which affects his subsequent karma.

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Strange as it may seem to some, gluttony manifests also in the form of refined gourmetism. Gourmet is a pleasure and passion for delicious food.

Both gluttony and gourmetism are two poles of one sin, since they make a person a slave to his eating behavior. After all, food for such people is no longer needed to maintain the life of the body, but has become the desired goal of life. A person experiences a substitution of the meaning of life: instead of the spiritual development of the soul, there is pleasure for the body.

A person must understand that when he puts his body above his soul, the body becomes an attraction for base pleasures and passions. All low pleasures (not from creativity and well-done work) also contain low energies that do not go towards building the soul. And everything that does not build the soul is considered a marriage. That is, a person, indulging his gluttony, produces defective energies, which means he develops karma.


Lust is sexual promiscuity, a violation of the norms of public morality in the field of sexual relations and primarily includes adultery, promiscuity, incest, and other sexual perversions.

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There is one very interesting, but unpleasant for many people, nuance. The fact is that in terms of the degree of sinfulness, the Higher Teachers place all illegal sexual relations higher than murder. After all, with murder, only the physical body of a person is destroyed, and with debauchery, the sinner encroaches on the eternal soul, which is the creation of God.

It is the soul that the individual spoils, as it disrupts the normal structure of its subtle structures and contributes to the production of a large amount of “dirty” energies. And with betrayal in marriage, the gene code also degenerates, the energy structure of the family is disrupted, that is, the family egregor begins to collapse. The restoration of the production of normal energies between a man and a woman after even a single betrayal lasts 5 years.

So the Highest Ones receive from the fornication of people only defective energies and “dirty” souls, and a person receives karma, since he will need to work off the entire “marriage”.


Wrath is an emotional state of an individual that arises in response to a threat or violation of his interests, values ​​or rights. By showing anger, a person first of all shows Evil. That is, anger can cause in a person’s soul the formation of negative qualities such as aggressiveness, dissatisfaction, irritability, malice, rage, hostility, hatred, intemperance.

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Wrath is not only the cause of some conflicts, it also kills in a person the positive feelings of love, friendship, sympathy, respect that the individual previously had for people.

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In this case, a person can not only verbally insult another, but also use violence, since there are times when he is not able to soberly evaluate his actions. No wonder they say that an angry person is terrible.

What happens to a person when he gets angry? A development of negative energies. Moreover, the stronger and longer the anger, the more negative energies a person produces. If at the same time some injuries are inflicted on another person, then karma for the actions also arises.

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Greed is a desire and immoderate desire, a tendency to obtain material goods and benefits. Many people just strive for material well-being in their lives. What’s wrong with that?

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We must understand that God gives people the opportunity to develop their talents, spirituality, and engage in creativity, and material wealth is bait and temptation that the Devil gives to a person in order to drag him into his net.

Therefore, all unexpected wealth, inheritances, winnings of large sums of money, etc. stem from the Devil, since it is He who manages material wealth on Earth and especially money.

Greed gives rise to many negative qualities in a person: greed, stinginess, insatiability for consumption, selfishness, acquisitiveness, obsession, passion for profit, etc. Greed can even push an individual to crime in order to become even more enriched, or in order not to lose already acquired wealth.

That is, wealth is one of the strongest temptations and tests that are given to man. And the sin of greed almost always gives rise to other sins, which we discussed above. 

In addition, everything in the Universe that begins to consume more than it produces, that is, begins to parasitize on others, is removed from evolution.

We need to understand that there must be some flexible equivalent between surpluses and shortcomings, since both of them equally slow down the development of the individual, because surpluses corrupt it, and shortcomings slow down development, since you only have to think about how to find means to existence.


Sloth is considered to be a state of apathy and indifference of a person to himself and to the life around him, in which there is a general relaxation of mental and physical forces, combined with extreme pessimism, the individual’s loss of taste for life. That is, sloth is boredom, melancholy, laziness and indifference all rolled into one. But if a person succumbs to despondency, then this only indicates his weak will.

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Often, in order to somehow dispel their melancholy and depression, to be distracted or at least to forget for a while, an individual has a desire to fill them with alcohol at home or in entertainment venues.

Therefore, we must remember that sloth is a choice of option in the life program, which leads to degradation. Even a stop in development by the Highest is equated to degradation. The fact is that if an individual stops developing, then this concerns only him. But the habitat, matrices of space and time, matter and subtle plans of the Earth continue to develop. This means that gradually the potential of the external world becomes greater than the potential of a person, and begins to have a depressing effect on him, which further hinders his development.

In addition, the energy that he receives for life from his Determinant is still spent on a person. Some of this energy is processed into marriage, as it does not build the soul. And part of the unspent energy begins to look for a way out, and breaks through those organs that are the most weakened or have lost their protection.

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All this leads to illness in the individual and the appearance of debt to the Higher Ones, since They also do not receive the necessary energies.

If a person cannot overcome his apathy and indifference to life for a long time, then this may turn out to be his choice of a dead-end branch in his life program, and then his life ends with premature death. And since the individual does not fulfill his life program, he also receives greater karma.

We have discussed all seven “deadly sins” above although another sin should be included here – suicide. After all, suicide for positive individuals, as the end of the life program, is never planned by the Higher Teachers.


It is an unauthorized exit from one’s development program. A person ends his life through suicide or when he is very afraid of something, or cannot withstand the trials that befall him. But it is always necessary to remember that the Highest do not send us (do not program) those tests that are beyond our strength and a person cannot withstand.

For leaving the program, the soul of a suicide bears serious punishment, because in this case the individual does not fulfill his personal program, which means that the soul has greater karma. Now, in her next incarnation, she will need to go through the situations of the new program planned for her, and also go through those situations that she did not go through in her previous life, that is, life in the new incarnation will become much more complicated.

It now becomes clear why all of the above vices were classified as “deadly sins”.

The fact is that all “deadly sins” do not allow a person to fully fulfill his personal life program; they contribute to the development of negative qualities, that is, they increase the negative part of the soul, or contribute to the production of “dirty” energies, which leads the individual to degradation and recruitment karma. This means that all these sins slow down the evolution of not only the soul itself, but also that part of the world in which the soul exists, because everything that exists is interconnected.

All these sins do not correspond to the standards of high morality and ethics, given to us by the Supreme Teachers of humanity. We must always remember the terrible danger that any “deadly sin” poses, and try in every possible way to avoid the deadly traps that they pose.

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