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September 11 may have been triggered by a time traveler, according to conspiracy theorist Ty Knotts

September 11 may have been triggered by a time traveler, according to conspiracy theorist Ty Knotts 1
IBN 5100 in the Steins;Gate anime

Conspiracy theorist Ty Knotts, believes that the time traveler from 2038 went back in time and triggered the horrific events of 9/11, but he acted as part of a secret government mission.

The unfortunate events that happened to the Twin Towers at the very beginning of the 21st century have long been the subject of all sorts of conspiracy theories that people blame on everyone from President George W. Bush to the intelligence agencies who allegedly carried out controlled demolitions.

But Ty Knotts came up with an even more outlandish version that I personally have not yet heard of. In his opinion, in 2001 the whole world really witnessed a planned operation, which the special services knew about, but due to the intervention of a time traveler, they did not prevent it.

In a video posted on TikTok, the conspiracy theorist stated:

It was the time traveler from 2038 that could have caused the events of 9/11 around the World Trade Center.

Ty believes that this man was John Titor.

Stills from Ty Knotts' video
Stills from Ty Knotts' video
Stills from Ty Knotts’ video

You may have heard of a man named John Titor who claimed to have traveled back in time to 1975 in order to obtain an IBM 5-100 computer containing a lot of important information. He “borrowed” it for a secret government project, says Ty Knotts.

Allegedly, after returning to 2038, Titor gave the computer to the US government, but first he looked into 2000 and 2001 to convince the intelligence services to allow the events of September 11, which, apparently, they could easily prevent.

Titor did not explain why this is necessary. But a few years later, in 2008, Michael Phillips, who was one of the participants in this secret project, revealed some details, Knotts explains.

According to Ty, Phillips confirmed that John Titor was indeed a time traveler. Michael argued that if the events of 9/11 had not happened, a civil war could have begun in America, this would have entailed a deep crisis.

Stills from Ty Knotts' video
Stills from Ty Knotts' video
Stills from Ty Knotts' video
Stills from Ty Knotts’ video

It took Titor several months to convince the government of the correctness of the decision, and the country’s leadership allowed what happened in 2001 to happen. They saved millions of lives by doing this, so John Titor should rightfully be considered an American hero, says Knotts.


TikTok users were ecstatic about this theory, with many agreeing that it could be true, although there were those who thought it was a joke.

One user said:

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Who knows, maybe that’s what happened.

Another commented:

He watched Terminator too many times.

The third one said:

That might be true, because I saw it on The Simpsons.

The fourth one wrote:

Proved that time travel is impossible. Under no circumstances will you be able to go into the past.

Can John Titor be considered a real time traveler?

There are two possible answers here, two positions in relation to the whole story of John Titor and subsequently to Knotts’ claims. The first answer is compromise, agnostic. The second is sceptical, negative.

The first position is that with all the current level of technological development, a person, nevertheless, has no idea about many things in the world. Needless to say about such abstract, extensible concepts as time, the structure of time and movement in time. Therefore, potentially, time travel is possible, but only from the future to the past. Because it is obvious that people in the future are far superior to the current ones in terms of technological progress. A person of the past (for us the present ) is unlikely to have the opportunity to move along the timeline into the future.

The second position is banal and is based on the fact that John Titor is certainly a talented hoaxer-liar and he is not a time traveler at all.

We can definitely say, only one thing – even if John Titor’s time travel is just a hoax – this is probably the largest and most iconic hoax of the 21st century!

The last message John Titor left on the Time Travel Institute forum was about the start of World War III, on March 14, 2001, Titor wrote:

“Take a gas canister with you when you leave your car on the side of the road” .

And he never showed up again.

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