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Fact or fiction

Sensational insight on future events or another fake? A curious pretext scenario of the war in Israel appeared online

Sensational insight on future events or another fake? A curious pretext scenario of the war in Israel appeared online 1

A peculiar material appeared on the Internet in video format: a voiceover speaks heatedly and confusedly in Hebrew summarizing some form of pretext of what is yet to come in the Arab-Israeli conflict. The recording was made on October 9, 2023 and although it is yet unknown if it is true or fake, we will publish this plan for the sake of comparing it with what will happen in the coming days.

The following is a war scenario with specific dates and even instructions on what date and which of the Israeli authorities will utter a predetermined phrase on air.

1. Event “A”. This is what happened in the south now.

2. Event “B”. Between Friday October 13th and Saturday October 14th, Hezbollah terrorists will infiltrate on mopeds through secret tunnels. Vehicles and passengers will be seized. Soldiers will be kidnapped to Lebanon, residents will be killed. 

Quote from the document:

“Terrorists will fight to the last, Hezbollah cuts off maritime network connections to cut off Israel from the Internet.”

Israel’s official response in the media:

“We were taken by surprise. We underestimated the intelligence on Hezbollah, and immediately after we respond with full force and complete this incident, we will draw conclusions and take responsibility for the failures.”

“In response to events on the northern front, Israel will direct its resources and forces inside Lebanon to permanently destroy the tunnels, armed forces and equipment ”

3. Event “B ” (Troops?) “will head to the “Finger of Galilee” region, civilians will be evacuated to the combat zone in the territory expropriated by the IDF to provide them with first aid on the spot.”

4. Event “G”. Between Tuesday 17 October and Wednesday 18 October. Combat drones will be launched from Syria and penetrate Israeli territory.

Iranian equipment is concentrated in firing positions, aimed at Israel.

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Future quote from the media:

“This fire technology is aimed at particularly sensitive objects on Israeli territory.”

Israeli response (future):

“The Iranian threat forces the IDF to remain on defensive alert throughout the country. Which will include response components based on new technologies, such as laser and the ability to deter enemy fire on its territory.”

5. Event “D”. Rocket fire from “Islamic Jihad” in the direction of Afula and the Hasharon region.

The decision to end the incidents is made at a meeting of the “emergency government.” This could be in a month, or in two or more.

Netanyahu’s reaction to all events:

“I have instructed our forces to remain combat ready and prepare for any escalation in any direction. Whoever bombs us and harms our citizens will not be safe. We will continue our response anywhere and in any direction.”

Upcoming speech by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant:

“Citizens of Israel! We have proven to the world that we are capable of going after anyone who threatens us: Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Islamic Jihad – they all made the grave mistake of thinking that they could attack our citizens and undermine the stability of Israel. The military operation was very important, we are able to repeat it in all directions, against everyone who threatens us.

We have a powerful force that has high capabilities. Israel’s security system is ready for any challenge, including long battles in all directions!”

Judgment Day

In any case, the armed conflict in the Middle East is just beginning, because the Israeli leadership has declared its intention to destroy every member of Hamas, and is waiting for an attack from the north.

Israel may launch a large-scale ground operation with the goal of completely occupying Gaza. Such a scenario would be the worst possible development of the situation, as the country would be drawn into a very difficult war with huge losses.

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It looks like the gates of hell were opened on October 7th and the wave of violence launched by the events of that day will not stop either at the borders of the Gaza Strip or at the state borders of Israel.

October 7th, 2023 will forever go down in the history of not only Palestine and Israel, but also the entire Middle East as one of the most tragic and dramatic days, which will be remembered with shudder, bitterly regretted and heatedly debated by more than one generation of politicians, scientists and ordinary citizens.


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