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Self-proclaimed “time traveler” named the fateful dates of September 2021 for humanity

Self-proclaimed "time traveler" named the fateful dates of September 2021 for humanity 1

A user with the nickname @aesthetictimewarper announced that three dates of the most important events are coming for humanity. And he knows about this, since he allegedly arrived from the year 2714.

So, on September 11, aliens will visit Earth to take about 4 thousand people to the planet Proxima B. However, this number will include only qualified employees, and also partially children.

And already on September 14, the largest hurricane in the history of mankind will hit the coast of South Carolina.

Almost two weeks later, on September 26, chimpanzees will communicate “secret information” to humanity by speaking in the language of humans. 

Nevertheless, none of the predictions cited by him has yet been confirmed. However, this does not in any way affect his audience, which is only exaggerated every day.

At the moment, 860.4 thousand users have already subscribed to it. According to his promise, when the number of subscribers reaches a million or more, he will show his face.

The video with predictions for September received almost two million views and three thousand comments. 

“I will not draw any conclusions yet, I will wait for a hurricane in the United States, I am just from South Carolina,” one of the users wrote. 

Another added:

“I am a time traveler too, and I know your predictions are wrong.”

NASA scientists have noted that time travel is impossible.

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“Although time travels at a different speed on airplanes and satellites than on Earth, we cannot use a time machine to travel hundreds or thousands of years,” the agency said.


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