Seized knowledge of humanity’s past? The huge gap in our history and evolution

According to many legends and official history, the first man on Earth appeared about 200,000 years ago, at minimum. A huge gap of time, don’t you think? 

Researchers are primarily faced with the question: why did a modern physical type arose at least 150 thousand years ago, and the culture of the Upper Paleolithic, which is associated with H. Sapiens, 50-40 thousand years ago? In addition, if modern man appeared only in Africa, then how and when did he settle in other continents?

Where does history go?

Where did 100,000 years of species history go? The most interesting thing is that, having much less knowledge about the world than we do now, the first “sapiens” were not so very different from modern people in intellectual terms. Although there were no schools, the knowledge accumulated by generations still tends to be transmitted. Adults teach children to live and survive under any system. Elders talk about the past, legends and fairy tales live in the format of oral folk art.

Speech (articulate speech) appeared in the course of human evolution between 1.7-2 million years ago, in the first homo – it was at this time that the speech apparatus was formed. According to anthropology, the main sign of the presence of a speech apparatus in a fossil individual is the styloid process of the temporal bone. Wikipedia

So, even Neanderthals had separate speech and the ability to transmit information. That is, our species had to develop for 200,000 years in order to change from horses to cars and fly into space in just 1 century? 

200,000 years is a huge gap in time and the same scientists determine that it may take a maximum of about 30,000 years for a species to evolve like ours and spread around the planet. So in reality, since the appearance of the species, we could have built 6.66 civilizations similar to ours and there is high probability that these civilizations existed.

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The early dynastic stage of the Sumerian civilization began in the 28th century BC, approximately 5,000 years ago. Their late civilization already had signs of a developed one. The city-state of Babylon, the same one, in the 24th century had a population of 150,000 people and 97 kilometers of a fortress wall.

That is, when in the 10th century AD Europe was suffocating by the plague and was frankly a miserable, dirty, smelly, vile hole, people who lived 3,000 years before that had developed sciences, medicine, astronomy, built towers as high as 90 meters. How could humanity descend from the heights of Babylon to medieval Europe?

And now to our beloved Anunnaki. Are they not to blame for the fact that the history of the development of our civilization does not move in a straight line, but along some strange sinusoid? Perhaps we develop when Nibiru is far away, and after the wandering world approaches ours and the gods descend to earth, the world plunges into darkness so that we can never compete with these alien gods?

Perhaps even, civilization itself reaches a certain level of development and self-destructs? By their own cleverness, for example, the use of I \ O looms for us, those who survive will not be able to transfer all the knowledge of the current civilization, they simply will not be able to turn on the computer!

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The period of revolution of the wandering world is 3,600 years. According to some reports, the planet will enter our solar system in 2080. What can we expect then for humanity?


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