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Seismic lightning and earth rumbles: Superficial and destructive quake activity continues with the sea receded sharply from the shores and the elites leisurely preparing for the Apocalypse

Seismic lightning and earth rumbles: Superficial and destructive quake activity continues with the sea receded sharply from the shores and the elites leisurely preparing for the Apocalypse 1

On the night of February 21, 2023, a new earthquake with a magnitude of up to M 6.5 occurred on the border between Turkey and Syria with the phenomenon of “seismic lightning” being accompanied by powerful earth rumblles.

The duration of the earthquake did not exceed 8 seconds in Latakia and therefore there was no significant damage, although it was stronger than the first earthquake.
Lightning that appears during earthquakes, or shortly before, is not a random event and is directly related to the shaking, according to recent scientific research. These are the so-called “earthquake lights” that show the parts of the earth moving away from each other.

As Rutgers University researchers report, these lightnings come from the accumulation of electric charge on the ground, around the faults.

Scary depth at 16 kilometers

The depth of the latest earthquakes according to the USGS, was 16 kilometers, which is actually spine-chilling.

As all volcanologists know, most often earthquakes occur, as it were, at a depth of 10 kilometers. The only exceptions are deep-focus earthquakes, where the system is slightly different.

Therefore, now, if the USGS writes about 16 kilometers, this indicates that they determine the localization of the epicenter almost with a slide rule by hand, with local scientists being worried about something and they monitor Turkey like Yellowstone:

However, much more frightening messages are now coming from the social networks of Lebanon, Israel as well as Tunisia. As local residents write, last Saturday, on February 19th, the sea line crept away from the coast and now has moved away by 20 meters in areas with a high coast, and went all two hundred meters in shallow water areas:

Local fishermen were the first to sound the alarm, starting to share pictures of the coast on social media.

Shoreline shifting is a traditional sign of the approach of a major earthquake. Sometimes the water is carried away from the shore by the wind, sometimes distant deformations of the bottom occur and stress relief does not occur. But now, after the sea has left and M6.5 has happened, one can not even talk about winds and tides.

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However, M 6.5 is too small of a seismic event for such a powerful movement of the sea edge. Most likely, M6.5 is only a foreshock and soon there will be an earthquake of much greater strength. So, the question arises: where?

After the earthquake on February 6th, a dense swarm began with signs of migration to the South. And now the epicenter is also much further south than it was on February 6th. Therefore, if something big happens, it could be somewhere in the area of ​​the Damascus fault. 

In theory, the sea should have receded everywhere and the entire region is now under the threat of an earthquake or even a tsunami. 

More dramatic sequel coming?

Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets who predicted the earthquake in Antioch, warned on February 19th that more intense (clustering) seismic activity may occur from around February 20 to 22, with a possible peak around the 22nd.

If it continues like this, then we may see an eschatological sequence of events from the movie ‘2012’, when entire cities fall into the faults, and pieces of the earth’s crust crawl out of the mantle like rearing ice floes. 

Conspiracy theorists think about the same, although they have their own sources of information: 

In this video, which has gone viral, the man shows a hefty cave where food is brought in huge quantities. 

Sometimes some supermarkets are designed to be above old salt or other shallow mines, which are then used to store goods. This is very convenient: trucks enter the warehouse through the tunnel and do not clutter up the entrance, where people have nowhere to put the wheelbarrow. And from time to time, hype hunters try to pass off videos of such warehouses as stockrooms in case of the Apocalypse. 

However, this video does not look like a hype. A gate with the inscription 19 looms behind the man’s back. At the same time, there are no similar gates with the inscription 18 or 20 nearby. This means that they are somewhere out of sight. As a result, to get an idea of ​​the scale of the dungeon, you need to multiply the amount of space that got into the scene by 20, at least. 

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Thus, there is a bit too much space for a Walmart store – there is enough room to store goods for stores of an entire state. But the man says that there are not goods, but food. This suggests that the great bosses know something about the future which may be upon us shortly.


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