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Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service

Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service 86

The United States Department of State has warned the Vatican of possible attacks. According to experts, the goal of the terrorists is St. Peter’s Basilica. It is visited daily by more than 50 thousand people. Authorities reassured parishioners and tourists, saying that the level of training for the security service in the Vatican is very high.

Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service 87

But who really protects the shrine of the Catholic world? Does the Pope have his own CIA style security service, and what do these people do?

The Vatican was not always the way we know it. Until the 19th century, it had an area of ​​about 16 thousand square kilometers. But the unification of Italy liquidated the papal state. The pontiff Pius the Ninth refused to accept the loss of land and power. Catholics were banned from participating in the elections and called to boycott the state.

A difficult problem for the church was solved by the Nazis. More precisely, Mussolini, who signed the Lateran agreements, which led to the creation of the modern Vatican.

Vatican Territory after the signing of the Lateran Accords
Vatican Territory after the signing of the Lateran Accords

According to the researchers, Italy paid the church one billion 750 million lire of compensation. At that time it was huge money. Mussolini simply could not do without the assistance of the church and desperately needed the support of the Vatican.

Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service 88

Officially today, the Vatican is a theocratic monarchy. The order on the territory of the country since 1506 has been supported by the papal guard, consisting of hired Swiss guardsmen. But do they only guard the peace of the Holy See?

Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service 89

Experts say that there is an organization called “Opus Dei.” This is a kind of unified information and intelligence center that accumulates information, selects the best employees who will organize, carry out operations and influence the course of any events taking place in the most private way. But of course, no one will give accurate information.

Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service 90

Researchers included monks of the Order of the Jesuits, Dominicans, and figures of various charitable organizations, including the famous Red Cross, which, according to some historians, after the end of World War II took an active part in concealing Nazi officers.

It is surprising. The SS men fled along the same routes, through the same monasteries, with the help of the same Catholic priests who had previously saved Jews who had fled from Germany. Here is a historical paradox.

Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service 91

Catholic priests were repeatedly expelled from various states on charges of espionage, and some were sentenced to an exceptional sentence.

But did the clergy really work as special agents? Did anyone manage to uncover the papal conspiracy and penetrate the holy of holies of the Vatican? What were they looking for there?

Vatican Archives

The Vatican Archive, officially known as the Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum , was built in 1612 by Pope Paul V and is a really huge source of information collected by the church for hundreds of years.

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The private archive of the Pope of Rome with the length of racks with documents of 85 km, 40 of which, according to unverified data, are the largest collection of occult literature in the world. Access to materials is open only to a narrow circle of scientists.

Here you can find priceless records such as an almost 200-meter scroll containing details of the trial of the Templars , accused of heresy and blasphemy of 1307; as well as a handwritten protocol detailing the trial of the astronomer Galileo Galilei in the 17th century; the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, which states that Mary was conceived without sin, scratched on a piece of parchment, dated 1854.

It is believed that anyone who tries to enter without permission will be excommunicated. Some believe that in these walls you can find the answer to the most complex puzzles of history.

Records of the Vatican, the theory of the supernatural, the secrets of the world.  Photo taken from a free source.
Records of the Vatican, the theory of the supernatural, the secrets of the world.

There are opinions that some of the most secret books in the world are stored there, access to which is available only to the Masonic circle.

There are rumors that there are ancient manuscripts that describe the history of 2000 or more years. They are written by Isaiah (one of the biblical prophets). These manuscripts were allegedly found in the caves of Qumaran and after that were hidden by the Vatican from the public. They concealed knowledge of quantum physics and they could answer many different questions that scientists have not yet found answers to.

The Vatican Archive is often called the Vatican Secret Archive, mainly due to the incorrect translation of the Latin word secretum , which is actually closer in meaning to “personal” or “private”, and not “secret” or “confidential,” as many think, but it may also be related to the history of the archive, its inaccessibility and secrecy from the outside world. Archival documents over the centuries have been almost completely banned and closed from all the uninitiated, even from church officials and cardinals. The latter were allowed to use the archives since 1881, and then only with a limited list of materials.

To gain access to these isolated archives and islands of knowledge, you must be a qualified, recognized scientist or researcher who has undergone a thorough examination by the Holy See, sometimes taking several years.

Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service 92

If someone is fortunate enough to gain access, they enter through a single, well-guarded entrance, after which the lucky ones must indicate exactly what they are looking for in the vast collection. You can get only three documents listed in one of the thick, frighteningly massive catalogs that are handwritten in Latin or Italian. If the visitor could not decide what exactly he wants to see for a certain period of time under strict control, he leaves the archive until the next day to try again. And even if he knows what he wants, it’s not a fact that he will be given access to documents, since many materials from the archive are strictly prohibited.

Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service 93

There are opinions that various religious artifacts are stored in the secret archives of the Vatican, such as the legendary Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, the True Cross, the crown of thorns and the Shroud of Turin in the original. There is also the assumption that the archives contain extensive information about the mystery of the true nature of the genealogy of Jesus Christ and evidence of Christ’s mundane existence, as well as evidence of his alleged miracles, while some, on the contrary, believe that there is evidence that Jesus did not exist at all. There are many other mystical and magical secrets supposedly buried in secret archives. According to conspiracy theorists, there are also numerous magical texts and spell books.

Conspiracy and intrigue theories revolving around the Vatican’s secret archives are numerous and sometimes even transcend human logic. Alien bodies and space technology, treasure maps, the world’s largest collection of pornography, documents on systematic child abuse and sexual abuse in the church, and much more. The beauty of all this is that there is no way to prove or disprove any of the above, and the sheer secrecy and exceptional nature of the archives makes it an ideal breeding ground for purulent conspiracy theories that will probably never disappear and cannot really be debunked.

Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service 94

In the entire history of the modern papacy, only the Soviet agent Joseph Grigulevich, aka Theodor Castro, managed to enter the territory of the forbidden storage. He headed the embassies of Costa Rica in Italy, in the Vatican and Yugoslavia. This is the only case in history when an illegal intelligence officer led the embassies of other states.

Experts call him a scout who was lucky and said that Stalin wanted to get rid of him. Theodore lived to be 75 years old. He wrote many books about the Vatican and the papacy, but no one has ever published the main work – secret reports.

Joseph Grigulevich (left)
Joseph Grigulevich (left)

But what are the goals of the Pope? Why does he need his own spy network? According to one version, the main task of every pontiff ascending to the throne is the return of power to the Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church is trying to exert its political influence on the state. So, for example, she destroyed the Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

A series of scandals is associated with the Vatican Bank.

Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service 95

It is believed that for the sake of its creation one of the largest Italian banks of the second half of the XIX century was destroyed. And its director, Roberto Calvi, allegedly brought the scores to life on the London bridge. In 1984, the Vatican paid the bank creditors $ 224 million, with the condition of the official rejection of any claims.

Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service 96

Political scientists note that since 1991, the Vatican and the pontiff personally intervene in all political conflicts – from the Middle East to Yugoslavia and Ukraine. Since March 2013, Pope Francis became the head of the Vatican, and Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the world. For 4 years at his post, he has already tried to establish relations with China, has actively entered into negotiations between Palestine and Israel, and has also shown interest in the affairs of Iraq and Syria.

Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service 97

But what goals does he really pursue?.



Subconscious Games: Eliza Müller’s Martian Language

Subconscious Games: Eliza Müller's Martian Language 100

The Swiss psychologist Theodore Flournoy did not know that, having accepted an invitation from a colleague to attend a seance, he would spend five years of his life studying the secrets of the medium’s subconscious. A tall, beautiful woman sat at a round table, glaring at those who came.

Eliza Müller recently turned 33 years old, but she never got married. At the end of the 19th century, this was considered a tragedy. Eliza did not take money for the sessions, earning good money in the accounting department of a famous trading house. Talking about her, Flournois hid her real name, giving Frau Müller the pseudonym Helen Smith.

During the session, she was transformed, falling into a trance. Her eyes opened wide, her gaze rushed into space or wandered senselessly. At this moment, Eliza’s dilated pupils did not react to the bright light, and her face turned into a lifeless mask. A few minutes later, Eliza began to speak on behalf of the “spirit” that had infiltrated her – Cagliostro, Marie Antoinette, Victor Hugo and other celebrities.

At the same time, her voice completely changed, imitating those whose “spirit” was embodied in her. Sometimes Eliza spoke in a normal voice, describing the visions that appeared to her. In a trance, Frau Müller spoke to only one of those present, answering his questions. The rest of the people did not exist for her.

When Cagliostro moved into Eliza, she stood up, proudly straightening herself up, and began to speak, majestically crossing her arms over her chest. Her voice became loud and low, like that of a man, and her pronunciation was similar to Italian, with ancient turns. Cagliostro answered questions familiarly, referring to the interlocutor on “you”.

Subconscious Games: Eliza Müller's Martian Language 101

Another “spirit” that entered the medium was the Indian princess Simandini, the daughter of an Arab sheikh and the eleventh wife of Prince Nayak Sivruk of the Canary Islands, who built the Chandragiri fortress in 1401.

“The real daughter of the East appeared before us,” recalled Theodore Flournoy. – She sat on the ground with crossed legs; her solemn kneeling before the invisible incense burner, full of religious feeling, her arms crossed reverently on her chest and threefold bows gave the impression of inimitable naturalness; the melancholic tenderness of her songs, the free flexibility of her serpentine movements – such a varied facial expression, distinguished by a purely exotic character, all these movements bore the imprint of originality and ease. Unwittingly, bewilderment arose, how could a woman who did not know the East at all learn them.

During the sessions, Simandini uttered words and whole phrases that no one understood. When they were recorded and contacted by specialists, it turned out that she spoke Sanskrit. Once Eliza, in a trance, wrote a few words in a strange language. Experts in oriental writing told Theodore that this is an Arabic proverb: “A little friendship is already a lot.”

At the end of the session, announced by three knocks on the table, Frau Müller gradually returned to her normal state. It did not come immediately – it was preceded by several short awakenings, alternating with falling asleep. The woman who came to her senses did not remember what happened in the trance.

Flights to Mars

Subconscious Games: Eliza Müller's Martian Language 102

On November 25, 1894, immersed in a trance, Eliza saw a bright light at a high altitude. Then she felt herself pumped.

An example of a text in “Martian language” as presented by Helen Smith

It seemed to her that her head was empty and her body was gone. Some force was carrying her up. Then Frau Müller saw a beautiful ball and was on its surface.

– Where I am? – She asked the familiar “spirit” who was nearby.

“On a planet called Mars,” he replied.

Eliza began to describe her first impressions. She saw carts without horses and wheels, which, sliding, scattered sparks; aircraft similar to coach lights; houses with water fountains on the roof; people who spoke a strange language and, greeting each other, gave clicks in the nose; children who slept in a cradle, which instead of curtains had an iron angel with outstretched wings …

Frau Müller began to visit Mars during almost every trance. Little by little, she learned to speak and write in Martian. It turned out that one of the rulers of the planet, a certain Astane, lived on Earth in a past life and was familiar with Simandini.

Once Eliza in the company of Astane attended a magnificent local celebration. Dressed in a sequined dress (she imagined it was a Martian one), she entered a large square hall, lit by lamps at the corners.

Many ornamental plants hung everywhere. In the middle of the room was a grove surrounded by small, shiny tables. Inside was a cheerful crowd of young men and women, whose hairstyles bore the appearance of a pink, blue, or green moth.

At a sign given by Astane, everyone sat down at the tables decorated with flowers. Two men placed square plates and forks without handles in front of the Martians. Then they served strange-looking dishes, but the taste was excellent. The holiday ended with dances and songs.

Even stranger things were said by Eliza about her visit to the Martian foster home. In the huge hall along the walls there were “cradles” that resembled changing tables. In each “cradle” lay a child.

Martians walked around the hall with domestic animals, which had a wide, flat, almost hairless head and large kind eyes, like those of seals. Their large udders were inserted into a square tube milking unit. The Martians now and then stuck a pipe into the mouths of babies, feeding them milk.

On the way to the solution

Subconscious Games: Eliza Müller's Martian Language 103

Trying to find out as much as possible about the past of the medium, Flournoy found the family doctor Frau Müller. After talking with an elderly doctor, the psychologist showed him a note with an Arabic proverb. The doctor replied that this was his writing style. Several years ago, he traveled to Arabia and knew Arabic well.

Every time he gave a book about travel to friends, he would add an Arabic saying to his autograph. Eliza saw one of the autographs and in a trance drew it from memory from left to right, and did not write, like a real Arab woman, from right to left.

When Flournois invited a famous linguist to the sessions, the scientist said that Simandini’s language is not real Sanskrit, but a mixture of it with words similar in sound, but at the same time meaningless. The linguist got the impression that Eliza somehow saw the Sanskrit dictionary or grammar and leafed through it out of boredom.

Frau herself, of course, had forgotten everything a long time ago, but the subconscious mind kept the words it saw in its memory and then used them during the trance, plugging the blanks with words of its own invention.

Then it was the turn to find out if Princess Simandini and her husband Sivruk existed. All historians amicably answered that these names were unfamiliar to them. Flournoy was ready to give up, but then an old book on the history of India, written in 1828, fell into his hands. Everything that the princess said to herself turned out to be exact quotes taken from there!

Flournoy was able to prove that the source of information from the “spirits” were books that Frau Müller read as a child and forgot. During her trance, her brain would extract pieces of forgotten memories and build plots from them – of course, without the knowledge of her sanity.

Scientists were presented with a fantastic game of the mind and subconscious, surpassing everything that they had previously encountered. The process, when fragments from long-forgotten memories float out and are perceived by the subject himself as something alien, otherworldly, Theodore called cryptomnesia.

Subconscious games

The scientific assault on the “Martian language” was short-lived. Linguists said that the Martian language completely copies the grammar of the French language.

“This is a language that a young child could compose by replacing every word in the French dictionary with an arbitrary combination of letters and each letter with an arbitrary sign,” the experts said. “The language is childish, but as an effort of memory it is a miracle.”

Eliza Müller’s subconscious was trying to get out not only in a trance state. Sometimes she switched to the “Martian language”, not noticing that the interlocutor did not understand her. There could be several such interruptions during one conversation. Even in business correspondence, Frau Müller often inserted phrases or individual letters in “Martian” without noticing the mistake.

In 1900, Flournoy’s book “From India to the Planet Mars” was published, where the author summed up the five-year work of a team of scientists. After reading it, Eliza was furious. Since then, no specialist has received permission to attend her sessions.

A year later, a wealthy American woman gave Eliza financial support so that she could quit her job and focus on developing her mediumship. Frau Müller, who is so good at drawing, has a new talent. Going into a trance, she took up brushes and painted pictures on religious themes. Eliza’s paintings are considered a prime example of art brut – art of non-professionals, which has a spontaneous character and does not depend on cultural traditions.

Frau Müller died on June 10, 1929 in Geneva. Until her last breath, Eliza believed that she was the chosen one of spirits, aliens and saints, called to bring the truth to our lost world.

Mikhail GERSHTEIN, magazine “Secrets of the XX century”

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Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can’t take water from this African lake

Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can't take water from this African lake 104

In the northeast of the Republic of South Africa is the picturesque, but mysterious and ominous Lake Funduji. The local population considers the lake sacred and tells legends about it.

Despite the problems with fresh water in Africa, the tribes never settled on the banks of the Funduji, did not fish there and did not even replenish the water supplies from this lake.

This is because, according to local legends, it is impossible to take a drop of water from Lake Funduji, and anyone who touches the water, or even more so drinks it, will soon die. Also, people made sacrifices to the mythical monster Funduji to appease him.

The general public learned about Funduji at the beginning of the 20th century, when deposits of chrome ore were found in the vicinity of the lake. When expeditions from Europe began to come to this area, the lake was finally mapped.

Scientists listened to the stories of the locals about the ominous lake and the monster, but in the course of geological research, nothing mystical was found.

Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can't take water from this African lake 105

In 1955, Professor Henry Burnside and his assistant Thacker decided to check the legend about strange water that cannot be carried away from the lake. Scientists collected water in several containers made of different materials – glass, porcelain and plastic, and walked several kilometers, intending to examine the samples.

But it was not possible to carry out the analysis: in the morning all the containers were empty. Then the scientists decided to return to the lake and take new samples. This time, Burnside dipped his finger into the water and tasted it: the taste of the water was bitter-rotten.

Throughout the day, scientists observed the containers, but no changes occurred, and by morning the vessels were empty again. Burnside intended to go back to the lake and examine water samples on site, but the plans were prevented by a sudden deterioration in his health: the professor was hospitalized, and a week later he died – as it later turned out, from intestinal inflammation.

It would seem that there is evidence of sinister legends, but there is still a scientific explanation for the phenomena of Lake Funduji. In fact, chromium ore deposits are the cause of the anomalies.

Chromium salts are very toxic to humans, and the concentration of chromium in the lake was so high that a couple of drops killed Professor Burnside.

Mysterious Lake Funduji: why you can't take water from this African lake 106

The disappearing water phenomenon is also explained by the high chromium content. At temperatures below 19 degrees Celsius, chromium particles in water crystallize (therefore, the water “disappeared” at night, when it was cooler). In fact, the liquid from the vessel does not go anywhere, but turns into a solid state, scattering along the bottom and walls of the vessel.

To be fair, some of Funduji’s riddles have not yet been solved – for example, it is not clear why a large number of crocodiles live in the poisonous lake. It is also unclear what these reptiles eat, because there are no fish in the lake, and other animals do not go there to drink.

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Descent into the Unknown: Blogger revealed the secret of the mysterious tunnel in the pyramid of Cheops

Descent into the Unknown: Blogger revealed the secret of the mysterious tunnel in the pyramid of Cheops 107

The pyramid of Cheops is one of the seven wonders of the world. This is one of the largest ancient buildings, which contains many secrets. Recently, some experts have been worried about what hides the blocked tunnel near the underground chamber.

Blogger Ben van Kerkwick, who hosts the UnchartedX YouTube channel, managed to get into the tunnel. The video is two hours long and shows the entire journey. Ben was surprised that the tunnel helped to find the descending and ascending passages, although, according to the idea, they cannot be found.

The blogger explored the Cheops pyramid with his team. All passages were covered with granite blocks. The group followed to the Great Gallery, and Ben van Kerkwick – to the underground chamber. 

Archaeologists noted that the mysterious passage crosses the rock on which the base of the pyramid is located. The blogger was struck by the skill of the engineers: the discovered 87-meter passage turned out to be perfectly straight.

The underground camera was incredibly deep. There was a mysterious door there, where it led is still unknown. This confirms the opinion that the structure keeps many secrets.

The pyramid was erected 4.5 thousand years ago for Pharaoh Cheops, who was the ruler of the 4th dynasty.

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