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Secrets of the Holy See: Vatican Secret Service

The United States Department of State has warned the Vatican of possible attacks. According to experts, the goal of the terrorists is St. Peter’s Basilica. It is visited daily by more than 50 thousand people. Authorities reassured parishioners and tourists, saying that the level of training for the security service in the Vatican is very high.

But who really protects the shrine of the Catholic world? Does the Pope have his own CIA style security service, and what do these people do?

The Vatican was not always the way we know it. Until the 19th century, it had an area of ​​about 16 thousand square kilometers. But the unification of Italy liquidated the papal state. The pontiff Pius the Ninth refused to accept the loss of land and power. Catholics were banned from participating in the elections and called to boycott the state.

A difficult problem for the church was solved by the Nazis. More precisely, Mussolini, who signed the Lateran agreements, which led to the creation of the modern Vatican.

Vatican Territory after the signing of the Lateran Accords
Vatican Territory after the signing of the Lateran Accords

According to the researchers, Italy paid the church one billion 750 million lire of compensation. At that time it was huge money. Mussolini simply could not do without the assistance of the church and desperately needed the support of the Vatican.

Officially today, the Vatican is a theocratic monarchy. The order on the territory of the country since 1506 has been supported by the papal guard, consisting of hired Swiss guardsmen. But do they only guard the peace of the Holy See?

Experts say that there is an organization called “Opus Dei.” This is a kind of unified information and intelligence center that accumulates information, selects the best employees who will organize, carry out operations and influence the course of any events taking place in the most private way. But of course, no one will give accurate information.

Researchers included monks of the Order of the Jesuits, Dominicans, and figures of various charitable organizations, including the famous Red Cross, which, according to some historians, after the end of World War II took an active part in concealing Nazi officers.

It is surprising. The SS men fled along the same routes, through the same monasteries, with the help of the same Catholic priests who had previously saved Jews who had fled from Germany. Here is a historical paradox.

Catholic priests were repeatedly expelled from various states on charges of espionage, and some were sentenced to an exceptional sentence.

But did the clergy really work as special agents? Did anyone manage to uncover the papal conspiracy and penetrate the holy of holies of the Vatican? What were they looking for there?

Vatican Archives

The Vatican Archive, officially known as the Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum , was built in 1612 by Pope Paul V and is a really huge source of information collected by the church for hundreds of years.

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The private archive of the Pope of Rome with the length of racks with documents of 85 km, 40 of which, according to unverified data, are the largest collection of occult literature in the world. Access to materials is open only to a narrow circle of scientists.

Here you can find priceless records such as an almost 200-meter scroll containing details of the trial of the Templars , accused of heresy and blasphemy of 1307; as well as a handwritten protocol detailing the trial of the astronomer Galileo Galilei in the 17th century; the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, which states that Mary was conceived without sin, scratched on a piece of parchment, dated 1854.

It is believed that anyone who tries to enter without permission will be excommunicated. Some believe that in these walls you can find the answer to the most complex puzzles of history.

Records of the Vatican, the theory of the supernatural, the secrets of the world. Photo taken from a free source.
Records of the Vatican, the theory of the supernatural, the secrets of the world.

There are opinions that some of the most secret books in the world are stored there, access to which is available only to the Masonic circle.

There are rumors that there are ancient manuscripts that describe the history of 2000 or more years. They are written by Isaiah (one of the biblical prophets). These manuscripts were allegedly found in the caves of Qumaran and after that were hidden by the Vatican from the public. They concealed knowledge of quantum physics and they could answer many different questions that scientists have not yet found answers to.

The Vatican Archive is often called the Vatican Secret Archive, mainly due to the incorrect translation of the Latin word secretum , which is actually closer in meaning to “personal” or “private”, and not “secret” or “confidential,” as many think, but it may also be related to the history of the archive, its inaccessibility and secrecy from the outside world. Archival documents over the centuries have been almost completely banned and closed from all the uninitiated, even from church officials and cardinals. The latter were allowed to use the archives since 1881, and then only with a limited list of materials.

To gain access to these isolated archives and islands of knowledge, you must be a qualified, recognized scientist or researcher who has undergone a thorough examination by the Holy See, sometimes taking several years.

If someone is fortunate enough to gain access, they enter through a single, well-guarded entrance, after which the lucky ones must indicate exactly what they are looking for in the vast collection. You can get only three documents listed in one of the thick, frighteningly massive catalogs that are handwritten in Latin or Italian. If the visitor could not decide what exactly he wants to see for a certain period of time under strict control, he leaves the archive until the next day to try again. And even if he knows what he wants, it’s not a fact that he will be given access to documents, since many materials from the archive are strictly prohibited.

There are opinions that various religious artifacts are stored in the secret archives of the Vatican, such as the legendary Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, the True Cross, the crown of thorns and the Shroud of Turin in the original. There is also the assumption that the archives contain extensive information about the mystery of the true nature of the genealogy of Jesus Christ and evidence of Christ’s mundane existence, as well as evidence of his alleged miracles, while some, on the contrary, believe that there is evidence that Jesus did not exist at all. There are many other mystical and magical secrets supposedly buried in secret archives. According to conspiracy theorists, there are also numerous magical texts and spell books.

Conspiracy and intrigue theories revolving around the Vatican’s secret archives are numerous and sometimes even transcend human logic. Alien bodies and space technology, treasure maps, the world’s largest collection of pornography, documents on systematic child abuse and sexual abuse in the church, and much more. The beauty of all this is that there is no way to prove or disprove any of the above, and the sheer secrecy and exceptional nature of the archives makes it an ideal breeding ground for purulent conspiracy theories that will probably never disappear and cannot really be debunked.

In the entire history of the modern papacy, only the Soviet agent Joseph Grigulevich, aka Theodor Castro, managed to enter the territory of the forbidden storage. He headed the embassies of Costa Rica in Italy, in the Vatican and Yugoslavia. This is the only case in history when an illegal intelligence officer led the embassies of other states.

Experts call him a scout who was lucky and said that Stalin wanted to get rid of him. Theodore lived to be 75 years old. He wrote many books about the Vatican and the papacy, but no one has ever published the main work – secret reports.

Joseph Grigulevich (left)
Joseph Grigulevich (left)

But what are the goals of the Pope? Why does he need his own spy network? According to one version, the main task of every pontiff ascending to the throne is the return of power to the Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church is trying to exert its political influence on the state. So, for example, she destroyed the Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

A series of scandals is associated with the Vatican Bank.

It is believed that for the sake of its creation one of the largest Italian banks of the second half of the XIX century was destroyed. And its director, Roberto Calvi, allegedly brought the scores to life on the London bridge. In 1984, the Vatican paid the bank creditors $ 224 million, with the condition of the official rejection of any claims.

Political scientists note that since 1991, the Vatican and the pontiff personally intervene in all political conflicts – from the Middle East to Yugoslavia and Ukraine. Since March 2013, Pope Francis became the head of the Vatican, and Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the world. For 4 years at his post, he has already tried to establish relations with China, has actively entered into negotiations between Palestine and Israel, and has also shown interest in the affairs of Iraq and Syria.

But what goals does he really pursue?.



The Montana base incident: UFO disconnects 16 nuclear missiles

In central Montana, on Thursday morning, March 16, 1967, an E-Flight nuclear missile crew was located underground at the Echo-Flight Mission Control Center (LCC) in a fortified bunker.

During the early morning, there were several reports from security patrols that they had seen a UFO. A UFO was spotted directly above one of the E-Flight (LF) launchers above the mine. It turned out that at least one security officer was so scared by this meeting that he never returned to the Security Service.

After a while, the deputy calculation commander (DMCCC), 1st lieutenant, informed the calculation commander (MCCC), the captain, about the condition of the missiles in the mines when an alarm sounded. Over the next 30 seconds, all ten of their missiles issued a No-Go status report. One by one, each rocket became inoperative, From that moment, as his former rocket launcher describes:

“All hell broke loose! Among the many calls to the electronic switch. The matter was compounded by the fact that the same event happened on another launcher on the same morning (6 rockets disconnected)”.

In this case, we have a strategic nuclear missile stop coinciding with the sighting of a UFO over a missile shaft! These were missiles lost by the American nuclear deterrence forces. According to Robert Salas, who was counting that morning:

“As far as I remember, while on duty as deputy commander of a missile combat crew underground in the LSS, in the morning hours of March 16, 1967, I received a call from the sergeant responsible for the security of the facility Launch control center”.

He said that he and other guards observed unidentified flying objects in the immediate vicinity, which several times flew over the mines in which the rockets were. At that time, he could only describe them as “lights.” I did not take this message seriously and told him to continue observing and reporting if something more significant happened. I believed that this first call was a joke.

A few minutes later, the security sergeant called again. Now he was thrilled and upset, saying that the UFO hovered right behind the front gate. I ordered him to guard the fenced area. While we were talking, he had to leave, because one of the guards approached the UFO and was injured. I immediately woke up my commander, who was just resting and began reporting on telephone conversations. Immediately, our missiles began to quickly move from an “alarm” state to a “no launch” state. Some kind of signal was sent to the missiles, which made them emerge from a state of alert.

Having reported this incident to the command post, I called my guard. He said that the man who approached the UFO was not seriously injured, but was evacuated by helicopter to the base. Once at the top, I spoke directly with the guard about the UFO. He added that the UFO has a red glow and saucer shape. He repeated that it was right behind the gate and soared silently.

We sent a security patrol to check our ODS after a trip, and they reported that they saw another UFO during this patrol. They also lost radio contact with us immediately after reporting the UFO. Later that morning, we were replaced by our full-time shift crew. The missiles were still not put on alert by on-site maintenance teams.

Again, UFOs were spotted by security personnel during or around the time of the shutdown of Minuteman strategic missiles. An in-depth investigation of the incident was conducted. Full-scale field and laboratory tests were conducted at the Seattle-based Boeing plant.

Both the declassified documents of the strategic rocket wing and the interviews with Boeing engineers who tested after the investigation of the incident, confirm that no reason was found for shutting down the missiles. The most that could be done was to reproduce the effects by directly injecting a 10-volt pulse into the data line. One of the conclusions was that the only way to do this from outside the shielded system was through an electromagnetic pulse from an unknown source.

During the events of that morning in 1967, UFOs were spotted by members of the Security Service on the east side of the base and one on north. Other members of the Security Service witnessed UFO’s on the west side. These observations were reported by separate security teams at about the same time that Minuteman strategic missiles were stopped at both sites. The U.S. Air Force confirmed that all Echo flights shut off within a few seconds, one after the other, and that they did not find any reason for this.

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Ship of death. What happened to the sailors of the mysterious vessel Ourang Medan?

“The ship of death” – that is what the American sailors boarded the ship in distress called the Ourang Medan. The entire crew of the ship was dead. Eyewitnesses assured that the faces of the crew were turned to the sky and distorted by torment.

Save our souls

In June 1947, British and Dutch radio stations received a very strange SOS signal, which someone transmitted in Morse code. The message transcript read:

“This is the Dutch ship, Ourang Medan. The captain and all the officers are dead in the cockpit and on the bridge. Perhaps the whole crew is dead.” 

Then came an incomprehensible series of dots and dashes, but they still managed to decipher the end of the message. Somewhere in the expanses of the Indian Ocean, an unknown radio operator clearly tapped out:

“I am also dying.”

Despite the brevity of the message, a few distress ships managed to receive the distress signal not far from the Strait of Malacca, which separates the island of Sumatra from Malaysia. Among these ships, by a strange coincidence, there were two American ships that were the first to establish the approximate location of the ship in distress. One of them – Silver Star (“Silver Star”) – went to the rescue of “Medan”.

Despite the fact that the width of the Strait of Malacca is only 40 kilometers, the length of the strait is more than 800 kilometers, so the drift ship was not immediately found. Sailors with Silver Star immediately noticed something was wrong – no one answered the greeting signals, and even a soul was not visible on the deck. Therefore, the captain of Silver Star decided to send a boat with a reconnaissance detachment to Medan.

The Americans who got on board got a terrible picture: the deck and bridge of the ship were littered with corpses. Even the dog died – apparently, the favorite of one of the officers. The radio operator who transmitted the SOS was found in the radio room – he was also dead, and his hand still lay on the transmitter. What terrified the Americans most of all was the fact that most of the dead lay with wide eyes and contorted faces, which testified to unbearable torment at the time of death. The sailors wanted to go down into the hold to inspect the cargo, but quickly abandoned this idea – an incredible cold reigned inside the ship, in some places the corridors were covered with hoarfrost.

After consulting with the captain, the Silver Star sailors decided to take the Medan in tow and deliver it to the nearest port, where it would be possible to find out the cause of the death of the sailors. But as soon as the ship was towed, a trickle of smoke appeared over the deck of the ill-fated ship – a smoldering fire began to break out. This was a paradox – despite the polar cold, fire raged inside the ship.

Photo © Andrew H. Hochheimer

The members of the Silver Star team barely had time to cut off the towing ropes and escape from the ship, when in the hold of the Medan there was such a strong explosion that the ship lifted above the water, and then it quickly sank, forever depriving the Americans of the opportunity to find out what happened.

The Research Begins

60 years later, American researchers became interested in the story of Medan. But they were surprised to find that the only document confirming the authenticity of the story of the Medan crew was a brochure published by the US Coast Guard in 1952. The brochure published the testimonies of sailors boarding the “flying Dutchman.” This proved that the story really happened.

As it turned out, the US archives confirmed the existence of the Silver Star ship. According to the papers, it was sold in the same 1947 to Grace Line and received a new name – Santa Juana. But finding documentary evidence of the existence of the Dutch vessel Ourang Medan was not so simple. Neither in the International Register of Ships, nor in the Singapore Maritime Archive, nor in the archives of Amsterdam, a ship of that name has ever been.

But it turned out that the traces of the ship must be sought in … Germany. The scientist Theodor Sirsdorfer, who devoted 50 years to the study of Medan and managed to establish the names of American ships that received the SOS signal (the second was a vessel called City of Baltimore), found a brochure by another German author – Otto Milke; the brochure was called Das Totenschiff in der Südsee (“Death Ship in the South Sea”) and was published in 1953.

In it, the author spoke in detail about the Ourang Medan ship, indicated its technical characteristics and claimed that the ship really died with the crew in 1947. Moreover, Milke shed light on the causes of the death of the ship, hinting that the fourth compartment in the hold of the ship was indeed filled with dangerous cargo, which caused the death of the crew – potassium cyanide and nitroglycerin.

Photo © Andrew H. Hochheimer

Versions for the Crew Death

But there was an even more terrible version of the death of the Medan crew, and it led from Nazi Germany to another country with a militaristic regime – Japan.

Division 731, which the Japanese called the “division of Togo,” was founded in 1932 by the Japanese bacteriologist Shiro Ishii and gained such terrible fame that people did not call it “cannibal lair”. The task of the department was to develop the deadliest bacteriological weapons and the most terrible poisonous substances.

In Harbin’s laboratories, the Japanese tested these substances on prisoners of war – Chinese and Russians, as well as on the civilian population of China – on women and children. The Japanese doctors did not stop the suffering of people – they opened the victims alive to see the effects of poisonous gases on their internal organs, froze the still alive “patients” and infected them with various combinations of infections.

Despite the war crimes of scientists, the Americans granted them immunity in exchange for research results. For transportation of toxic substances of unit 731, Medan, a ship of Sumatran or Malaysian smugglers, not registered in any of the marine registers, whose task was to take out the deadly substances to the United States, could be chartered. In the hold of the Medan, containers were leaked, the crew died, and the gas managed to disappear by the time the Americans approached.

However, this is only one of many versions of the death of the team “Medan”. Some researchers suggested the impact on sailors of powerful ultrasound, which can occur in the ocean and kill people. Conspiracists believed that the team was killed by the undead or met with a UFO. Scentists spoke of a cloud of methane that rose from the depths of the Strait of Malacca, covered the ship, and the crew simply suffocated without oxygen.

Photo © Historic Mysteries

The version with the Nazis was continued – the researchers found a publication in the Indonesian newspaper Lokomotiv dated February 3, 1948. It said that after the explosion on Medan, a boat with a starving man was thrown ashore on one of the Marshall Islands. This man spoke German and told the translator that the Ourang Medan actually belonged to Germany and sank 400 miles southeast of the Marshall Islands. In 1945, it supposedly transported containers of nerve gas, but, learning about the surrender of Germany, it began to hide, moving from port to port and moving on to South America. The Germans’ journey was interrupted by an accident – one of the containers was depressurized, the team died.

But there is another plausible explanation for what happened on the ship. Perhaps the smugglers’ vessel was transporting such a seemingly ordinary cargo as ammonium nitrate. This is a fertilizer that is used in the manufacture of explosives. After getting into the hold of sea water, ammonium nitrate entered a chemical reaction with water and began to decompose, releasing laughing gas, which causes drug intoxication and dulls vigilance. At the same time, a decrease in temperature occurred, since the reaction proceeds with the absorption of heat, which could explain the severe cold in the hold. And the introduction of ammonium nitrate into the reaction with any alkali that came on board could lead to the formation of ammonia, the choking from which could explain the terrible torment of the crew. Heating the fertilizer near a steam or diesel engine could lead to heating of the cargo,

Most likely, the violation of safety rules during transportation of hazardous chemicals is to blame for the death of the crew. The smugglers simply pushed the containers into the cargo compartments of the ship and went to sea, hoping for good luck. But this time she turned away from them.

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A New ‘Bermuda Triangle’ where ships become unmanageable and swim in circles

Four tankers suddenly lost control and sailed in circles in the South Atlantic, west of the southern African city of Cape Town.

Early on Sunday morning, May 31, senior officers aboard the Willowie oil tanker were called to the bridge, where they were informed that their ship and four other ships nearby were somehow mysteriously moving in a tapering spiral, the ability to steer there is no ship, and that all the ships headed for rapprochement.

It could be assumed that strong currents pushed ships in a circle, but where the ships sailed in the South Atlantic, west of the southern African city of Cape Town, there were no such currents.

After unsuccessful attempts to regain control of the ship, the crew of the tankers turned off the automation and took control of the ships in manual mode, which avoided a collision.

The incident made scientists try to find an answer about the causes of the anomalies in the area. 

Earlier, the European Space Agency discovered something else strange there.

South Atlantic magnetic anomaly is increasing rapidly

Nobody knows why, but the Earth’s magnetic field, which has lost nearly 10% of its strength over the past two centuries, is becoming especially weak in a large region that stretches from Africa to South America, affecting satellites and spacecraft.

Known as the South Atlantic Anomaly, field strength in this area has rapidly decreased over the past 50 years, as soon as the area itself has grown and moved west. 

And over the past five years, southwest of Africa, very close to the place where the Willowy sailed, a second center of the minimum intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field has arisen.

One of the assumptions regarding this weakening is that it is a sign that the Earth is moving toward a pole reversal – in which the North and South magnetic poles are inverted and swapped.

This switching will not happen immediately and at first several north and south magnetic poles will appear all over the globe.

Not everyone agrees entirely with the official explanation, and they consider that the anomaly that is occurring in the Atlantic Ocean is much more than a weakening of the magnetic field, and they believe that another “Bermuda Triangle” has been discovered and that the boats are in serious danger when navigating those waters.

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